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Teresa Augello is the mother of famous American singer and songwriter Alicia Keys, and she was born under the name of Terria Joseph in Detroit, Michigan, United States. However, her family moved to Toledo, Ohio, when she was six.

In 1971, Teresa graduated from NYU’s School of the Arts (now known as Tisch) after one year at the University of Toledo. In addition to performing on stage, she has worked on independent films and television projects in the New York region. Her current occupation is as a part-time actress and a paralegal.

When she was a child, her father, Joseph L. Augello, aka “Little Joe,” worked at radio station WOHO as a DJ and news director. He also acted in radio programs such as “Lone Ranger” and “Green Hornet.” However, her mother’s name is unknown.

Alicia, Teresa’s daughter, and Teresa were judged because their skin tones differed. Cook’s father, Craig Cook, is African American, while the mother is Italian, Irish, and Scottish. That accounts for her dark complexion.

As someone with a darker skin tone, Alicia admitted to facing racism in her life. People never considered Teresa as her mother. They always suspected Teresa of being her babysitter or manager since Teresa was fairer than her daughter. It made Alicia uncomfortable because of the ridicule they received because of their race.

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Teresa Augello was born on May 8, 1950, and is now 71 years old. Teresa is currently 72 years old. Her weight is around 57 kg, and her height is 5 ft and 5 inches. Her body measurement is 32–28–32 inches. She has brown eyes, and she has red hair. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Besides being Italian and American, Teresa is also of Italian, Irish, and Scottish descent. Her grandparents originate from Sciacca, Sicily, and Lamezia Terme, Calabria.

Teresa was married to a man named Craig Cook, and after the couple’s daughter Alicia was born in 1983, she and her husband divorced. She raised her daughter as a single mother in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. More importantly, Teresa was responsible for supporting her daughter Alicia by working three jobs. Thus, Alicia and her mother share a special bond as she has witnessed her mother’s immense love and support.

Teresa Augello’s Net Worth

Her primary source of income is her acting career, which is estimated to be worth about USD 8 million. Her theatre and production house income also contribute to her income.

Teresa Augello Social Media

Unfortunately, Teresa is not available on social media accounts; however, her daughter Alicia Keys is available on a social media platform. Alicia’s Instagram has 23.9 million followers.

Teresa Augello Early Life and Family

Craig Cook was a flight attendant who was married to Teresa Cook in the late 1970s. Before marrying Teresa, Craig had a son named Cole Cook through extramarital affairs before he divorced his ex-wife. On January 25, 1981, Teresa and Craig welcomed their first child, a daughter, and named her Alicia Augello Cook.

Born on January 25, 1981, Alicia is Teresa’s daughter, an American songwriter, and singer. Professionally, she is known as Alicia Keys, although her real name is Alicia Augello Cook. At an early age, she began singing. It was a Billboard hit when she recorded Girl on fire. As a songwriter and performer, she has written many beautifully performed songs. A minor was one of her most significant compositions. Several awards have also been given to her for her songs.

As a child, Alicia faced many challenges. Growing up, she was exposed to violence, drugs, and prostitution. For protection, she always carried a homemade knife.

At 7, Alicia began taking piano lessons after a friend gave her a piano as a gift. But, despite Teresa’s persistence in letting her daughter pursue her passion for music, she begged her mother to allow her to quit.

Kerry Brothers Jr. was Alicia’s boyfriend. Both of them met in 1990. However, they ended their relationship after dating each other for 18 years. During their time, they worked together as partners.

However, amid their relationship, Timberlake and Alicia were caught kissing in 2002. There are rumors as well that they dated for a month, but that is not confirmed since Alicia dated Kerry from 1990 to 2008. The rumors of their relationship began to circulate as they were caught kissing.

Later after Alicia broke up with Kerry, she began dating Swizz Beatz. However, their friendship dates back to their teenage years. The sources said that a common friend of Swizz and Alicia encouraged them to work together by bringing them concurrently. However, Swizz was married when he was in a relationship with Alicia. Soon after Swizz’s divorce, their relationship gets stronger, and Alicia becomes pregnant after dating Swizz for two years.

Their engagement and marriage took place in 2010. Egypt was born in the same year as Alicia’s first child. After four years, in 2014, Alicia’s second child Genesis Dean was born.

It took Alicia many years to forgive her father for his absence from her early life as she saw her mother Teresa juggling financially and taking care of her. However, her relationship changed in 2006 when her paternal grandmother (Craig’s mother) fell ill, with whom Alicia maintained a warm relationship. Her anger softened after she witnessed Craig’s love for her grandmother at the time of her rapid decline in health.

In addition, Alicia once said in an interview that his son Egypt’s presence helped her to strengthen her relationship with her father. Accepting Craig into her life was more comfortable when she saw his father playing with his grandson.


To reassure her daughter of her value, Teresa worked tirelessly to fill the position. Alicia grew up with Teresa, a strict mother who instilled discipline and survival instinct in her.

With a 15-time Grammy award under her belt, Alicia recently published her autobiographical book More Myself, sharing a detailed exploration of her lifelong quest to find and live her truth.

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