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Raymond Ablack Personal Life

Raymond Ablack was born on the 12 of November in the year 1989. He is a Canadian actor of Indo-Guyanese descent because of his parents. He was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His height is around 6 feet or 1.83 in meters, or 183 in centimeters. He has an average body type and both of his eye and hair colors are black.

Raymond Ablack is currently 32 years old and his star sign is a Scorpio. He has three other siblings. He has two younger sisters named Rebacca and Cassandra, and lastly, he also has a younger brother named, Jared. A fun fact about his sister Rebecca, is that she was featured along with him in a popular Netflix show called Ginny & Georgia which was aired in 2021.

Raymond Ablack Early Life and Education

Raymond Ablack grew up to play in competitive sports like hockey. Details about his high school life were not disclosed on the internet but it was stated that Raymond Ablack attended Ryerson University which is located in Toronto, Canada. He studied there and got his Bachelor of Arts degree under the program, Radio and Television, Media Production, and also graduated with a minor in English.

After acquiring his bachelor’s degree, he then continued his studies in Stand up Comedy and Improvisation at The Second City located in Toronto as well. Besides that, Raymond Ablack also finished his 4-year specialty in arts and got himself a diploma in choral music at a Catholic arts school called Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts located in Toronto.

Raymond Ablack Career and Achievements

Raymond Ablack started off as a child actor who constantly appears in commercials and advertisements on television. After his gigs with commercials and advertisements, he won the role of Young Simba back in the year 2001 for the theatre production of The Lion King by the Princess of Wales Theatre located in Toronto. This role of his was performed for over a year.

Several years later, on the year 2007, Raymond Ablack acquired international exposure during his casting of the recurring role for the long running show called Degrassi: The Next generation. He got accepted to play the role of Sav Bhandari. Because of this, he got international recognition and also starred in the series for about 5 years and had appeared in more than a hundred of episodes of the television series. During his time of his Degrassi project, he also had a chance to have a guest spot on the series called Life With Derek.

Ever since he started his role in Degrassi, Raymond had been taking numerous opportunities or projects to boost his acting career by working on multiple productions, such as another recurring roles in the television series called Orphan Black by the famous network, BBC/Space, Defiance by SyFy, and Shadowhuters by Freeform. Besides his job a an actor, since it is of note that he learned stand up comedy before, he of course wrote and perform stand up comedy as well in Toronto.

Another one of the opportunities that Ablack seized was his role in a length back in the year 2013, with the release of Fondi ‘91. This project of his received mixed reactions from the viewers and the critics once it got released.

Next is another hit of Raymond Ablack’s career and that is the Teenagers web series which took place back in the year 2014 up to the year 2017. He portrayed the character Gabriel in this web series. Because of this web series, Raymond Ablack won an award called the Indie Series Award for being the Best Supporting Actor – Drama.

This award was given to him during the second season of the web series. And as for the third season, Raymond Ablack was nominated for another award called the International Academy of Web Television Award back in the year 2017, and he garnered yet another award in the Indie Series Award, this time, on the year 2018.

After his role in one of the hit web series, he also played yet another recurring role in another popular and most binged-watched Netflix series called Narcos. Raymond Ablack portrayed a character of DEA Agent Stoddard for the third season of Narcos. This series premiered back in the year 2017.

Next on his list of projects was when he portrayed another recurring role of the character Sunil Doshi in the show, Burden of Truth back in the year 2019. On the same year, he also co-starred with actors and actresses, Zoey Deutch, Judy Greer, Jermaine Fowler, Noah reid, and Jai Courtney in Buffaloed an American comedy drama movie. This film had its global premiere back in the 27th of April 2019 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Back in August 2019, Raymond Ablack stars ina nother popular Netflix show called Ginny & Georgia as per the announcement of Deadline. Raymond Ablack’s role was a restaurant owner and also one of Georgia’s love interest. Ablack appeared in all of the episodes of the show and this was aired on the 24th of february on the year 2021.

In the same year, Raymond Ablack also played a character in the Nteflix show called Maid. he played a supporting role with which became popular to the viewers. He appeared as a topless guy wearing a cowboy hat which guaranteed has stolen the viewers interest. This show was aired on October 1, 2021. He garnered the attention of the media and considered as one of the hearthrobs of Netflix. Also, another one in the same year, in November 2021, Raymond Ablack got casted on a romantic comedy film called Love in the Villa which is an original of Netflix.

List of Filmography and Raymond Ablack’s Roles

  • Film
  • Fondi ‘91 (2013): Anil
  • Beeba Boys (2015): Grewal’s Gangster
  • Ashes (2017): Jay
  • Acquainted (20180: Alex
  • Buffaloed (2019): Prakash


  • Television
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation (2007-2011): Sav Bhandari
  • Life With Derek (2009): Kevin
  • Degrassi Goes Hollywood (2009): Sav Bhandari
  • Degrassi Takes Manhattan (2010): Sav Bhandari
  • How To Be Indie (2011): Raj
  • Orphan Black (2013-2016): Raj Singh
  • Teenagers (2014-2017): Gabriel
  • Defiance (2015): Samir Pandey
  • Degrassi: Next Class (2016): Sav Bhandari
  • Annedroids (2016): Dave
  • Shadowhunters (2016-2018): Raj
  • Ransom (2017): Piers Allard
  • The Kennedys: After Camelot (2017): Sirhan Sirhan
  • Narcos (2017): Stoddard
  • Burden of Truth (2019): Sunil Doshi
  • Nurses (2020): Kabir Pavan
  • Ginny & Georgia (2021): Joe
  • The Wedding Ring (2021): Anthony Prentice
  • Maid (2021): Nate


List of Raymond Ablack’s Nominations and Awards

  • Indie Series Awards
  • Category: Best Supporting Actor – Drama
  • Nominated Work: Teenagers
  • Result: Won


  • International Academy of Web Television
  • Category: Best Male Performance – Drama
  • Nominated Work: Teenagers
  • Result: Nominated


  • Indie Series Award
  • Category: Best Supporting Actor – Drama
  • Nominated Work: Teenagers
  • Result: Nominated

Raymond Ablack Net Worth

In this segment, you will know about Raymond Ablack’s estimated net worth. In which in total, Raymond Ablack has a total of $1 Million up to $3 Million of a net worth as of the year 2022. His previous net worth is still currently under review as well as his annual salary.

Raymond Ablack garnered his net worth from all of the projects he has done in which are being an actor in television as well as in film. The filming industry as well as his acting is one of the primary sources of his million dollar income and net worth.

Raymond Ablack Social Media Accounts

It is of note that celebrities have their own social media accounts to keep in touch with their fans and to promote their careers and brand partnerships. Their social media accounts might be managed on their own or it could be managed by their team since these celebrities are quite busy with their schedules.

For Raymond Ablack, it is no surprise that he also have his own social media account like other celebrities do. He has an Instagram account with over 208k followers, while he is following 672 accounts, and has posted over 62 posts in his Instagram. If you are looking for his Instagram account, you can find him @raymondablack on Instagram.

Raymond Ablack Relationships, Dating Life, Lovers, and Affairs

So far, there are no reports regarding Raymond Ablack’s dating life. Raymond Ablack is keen on keeping his personal life as well as his love life private from the prying eyes of the social media. So far, though, Raymond Ablack did had his first kiss back in his senior high school days but the person he shared a kiss with was never mentioned by him nor it was ever revealed by other people. Raymond Ablack prefers not to exposed his relationship, dating life, hookups, affairs, lovers, marital life, or divorce to the world and is strictly keeping his life private.

Dating is defined as a stage of a relationship wherein a person is pursuing any romantic afflictions with different people or someone they fancy. As for celebrities, if the two of them are seen together in public, people will immediately resort to assuming that the two celebrities are together or are dating each other. It is still not clear whether they are just platonic or they are indeed on the first stages of their romantic relationship.

Facts That You May Not Know About Raymond Ablack

Actors and actresses are known to be quite exposed to the world, from their personality outside of the screen to their personal life, most aspects about them are exposed. Which is why in this segment, you will know about more facts about Raymond Ablack that you might not have known just yet.

It is no doubt that some celebrities are a completely different person off camera. Some celebrities are also no doubt talented people and their skills sometimes go beyond the acting aspect. Some celebrities are multitalented and they have mastered different skills besides acting. Some celebrities could dance, sing, play a variety of instruments, or just any other talent besides acting.

Raymond Ablack is no stranger to being multitalented of course. He could also do any other thing besides acting. The reason why some celebrities pursue other hobbies or hone themselves to master a different talent is because they want to expand their knowledge regarding different aspects in order to not only fit in a single aspect of life. The more they learn about something new or try to master their skills, the more they become more versatile with whatever they challenge or opportunity thrown at them.

  1. Raymond identifies his sexuality to be straight which is why he uses the pronouns, he/him.
  2. When he was young, he played the character of Young Simba in from the famous Disney movie, The Lion King at the Princess of wales Theatre.
  3. Starting from 2014 up to 2017, Raymond Ablack was constantly casted as a recurring role of the character Gabriel in the hit teen drama web series named Teenagers. Because of this role, he won an Indie Series Award under the category of Best Supporting Actor – Drama.
  4. He had his first kiss when he was in 11th grade.
  5. Raymond Ablack portrayed the character called Prakesh in the film called Buffaloed, a comedy-drama film. This film also stars Zoey Deutch, Judy Greer, Jermaine Fowler, Noah Reid, and Jai Courtney.
  6. Raymond also played in hockey league that are meant for competitions when he was younger and before he started his career as an actor
  7. Back in the year 2021, he started appearing in the American Netflix series called Ginny & Georgia and his role is called Joe, an owner of a local restaurant called Blue Farm Cafe. In this show, he co-starred with other actors and actresses like Brianne Howey, Antonia Gentry, Diesel La Torraca, Jennifer Robertson, Felix Mallard, Sara Waisglass, as well as Scott Porter
  8. Besides being an actor and comedian, Raymond Ablack also served as a producer to the show, Cookies Biscuits Comedy. It can be taken away that not only that Raymond Ablack is a skillful actor but he is also a great producer.

That is all about Raymond Ablack for now. Further updates will be stated here and other resources to inform you so stay tuned.

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