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News reports that Jacob Panetta, a hockey player, was reported to have made a racial gesture. Back in Jacksonville, Florida, Having accepted an offer from the Icemen, Jacob Panetta, who was suspended after allegations that he made a discriminatory gesture toward a Black player during a game in Jacksonville, was due to rejoin the club on Friday night.

After the brother of longtime NHL player P.K. Panetta was fired, The minor league defenseman was allegedly making “monkey signals” in Subban’s direction. A day after his acts in January, 26-year-old Panetta was let go. Using social media, Panetta claimed his actions weren’t “racially motivated” and that they were instead taken as a “tough man” stance. He said he wasn’t making “monkey signals” in Jordan Subban’s direction.

After Thursday, Panetta was eligible to submit an application for reinstatement and a suspension reduction. Following his “successful competition of a learning experience in cooperation with the NHL’s player inclusion committee and ECHL suspension,” the team made the extended offer public on Friday.

As Jacob Panetta mentioned, he wanted to thank the NHL Player Inclusion Committee, the ECHL, the Icemen team, and his family for working with him and supporting him throughout the several months of his suspension. He also mentioned that it has been a positive experience for him and he looks forward to sharing his experience with his teammate, the hockey community, and the game. Lastly, he also mentioned how he wants to make a contribution to the Icemen team and the community of Jacksonville, on and off the ice rink.

The Suspension of Jacob Panetta After his Racial Gesture Towards Jordan Subban

The ECHL has placed defenseman Jacob Panetta on an extended suspension, and the Jacksonville Icemen have released him after he taunted Jordan Subban racially during a game.

Jordan Subban, the brother of New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban, made the suspension announcement, which is pending a hearing. The event was brought up on social media by Subban and a former NHL draft pick, drawing backing from his brother and numerous other well-known hockey players.

The Black defenseman was skated by Panetta during overtime of the game between the Icemen and Subban’s South Carolina Stingrays, and after the two got into a post-whistle altercation, Panetta made a racial gesture.

The first time this incident came to public attention was when Jordan quoted the Jacksonville team report, which defined the altercation as a “tough fight resulting in penalties to both teams” and discussed its origins.

P.K. Subban also mentioned that Jacob Panetta should not be so quick to erase his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Especially since it will not even change a thing and now that the hockey world knows his true colors, as well as Panetta’s hometown, does, and his family and friends know that Panetta is a fraud. After witnessing the video, the hockey community expressed their fury and contempt in response to this. The ECHL declared Panetta’s indefinite ban on Sunday after analyzing the event. The Icemen let go of Panetta, 26 after the ECHL made its announcement.

Following the announcement of his suspension and departure from the Icemen, Panetta made a statement of his own via a Twitter video, explaining that he did not intend the gesture to be offensive or racist, but rather to make fun of Subban for his “tough guy” persona. Additionally, Panetta said that after both players were sent to the locker room, he “tried to transmit” his purported purpose to Jordan Subban.

This is the same week that Krystof Hrabik was given a 30-game suspension by the American Hockey League for making a similar racist gesture toward Boko Imama. Imama expressed his anger about the event in a recent tweet. Just a few days ago, the Boston Bruins retired the jersey number of Willie O’Ree, the NHL’s first Black player, who made his debut in 1957. Now, there have been two instances of bigotry on the ice. Unfortunately, the sport still has a long way to go as evidenced by the players’ level of overt hostility and prejudice.

The Reinstatement of Jacob Panetta and His Return to Jacksonville Icemen After his Racial Mark

After 22 games and nearly two months following his extended ban for making a gesture toward a Black player on the South Carolina Stingrays, defenseman Jacob Panetta is returning to the Jacksonville Icemen, the ECHL hockey team said on Friday.

Following a confrontation with Jordan Subban of the Stingrays on January 22, Panetta was given a season-long suspension by the ECHL on January 27, with the possibility of reinstatement. In a tweet shortly after the game, Subban accused Panetta of making “monkey gestures” toward him.

Iceman CEO, Andrew Kaufmann stated that after a lot of time reflecting as well as meeting with different community leaders and hockey officials, they all have come to a better understanding and appreciation of how these different teams can work together and make the ice rink more inclusive of different people.

The 26-year-old defenseman is anticipated to join the Icemen as soon as Friday night’s game against the ECHL South-leading Atlanta Gladiators, according to the Icemen. When Panetta was initially suspended, the ECHL office stated that if he successfully completed the learning program, he would have a “conditional opportunity” to be reinstated after March 17.

After an initial disagreement between Panetta and Subban, the event took place during overtime versus the Stingrays. Panetta was seen on camera glaring at Subban, the younger sibling of NHL All-Star defenseman P.K. while extending his arms to his sides. Subban. In addition to a game punishment for instigating, officials gave Panetta 27 penalty minutes and removed him from the contest.

Later, Panetta said his motion was more of a “tough guy” gesture than a monkey signal and denied wanting to offend anyone, but he did admit that it raised “a great deal of rage and upset.”

After Panetta was suspended for the initial incident, his teammates for the Icemen jointly released a statement that was uploaded by forward Abbott Girduckis. They claimed that Panetta’s actions were not motivated by race and that he had used analogous arm motions when fighting white opponents.

One of the teammates even stated that the perceived gestures are not the basis or the entire depiction of their teammate’s persona whom they reflect and look up to so much.

Panetta’s 22-game punishment, which surpassed Emerson Clark’s 16-game penalty for physically abusing referees in February 2020, was the longest in Icemen’s history.

What is the Net Worth or salary of Jacob Panetta?

Jacob is a professional ice hockey player, almost all of them earn more than a million per season. Currently, we do not know exactly how much he made in his life but some websites are making estimations on his net worth.

What are Some of the Recent Racial Incidents that took Place in Hockey?

Several racial incidents involving hockey have occurred recently, both domestically and abroad. Krystof Hrabik, a forward for the San Jose Barracuda, was given a 30-game suspension by the lower-tier American Hockey League in January for making a monkey gesture toward Tucson Roadrunners player Boko Imama.

According to the Detroit Free Press, in Ukrainian hockey in September, defenseman Andrei Denyskin impersonated peeling a banana to mock Jalen Smereck, a Black defenceman who had previously played for the Norfolk Admirals in the ECHL. Denyskin was subsequently given a 13-game suspension by the league, and Smereck left his Ukrainian team to play in Germany.

At the time of his suspension, Belleville, Ontario native Panetta had appeared in 31 games with five goals, 12 assists, and a plus/minus of plus-6. Prior to Panetta’s suspension, the Icemen were in first place in the ECHL South with a 22-9-2-1 record; as of Saturday afternoon, they were again in third place with a 33-19-2-2 record.

What are the Statements Released by Jacob Panetta’s Teammates?

In response to backlash over an alleged discriminatory gesture made toward Jordan Subban during a game last weekend, Jacob Panetta’s now-former teammates issued a unified statement on Friday in support of the banned ECHL forward.

The lengthy “official players statement,” which was released by Jacksonville Icemen forward Derek Lodermeier and shared on Twitter, covered a wide range of subjects. It discussed why Icemen players didn’t immediately come to Panetta’s defense, what they thought of his character and the meaning behind the gesture, as well as how they felt Panetta had been unfairly treated and the backlash he had faced.

The message also called for “unity” and “solidarity” among the hockey community and offered sympathy for Jordan Subban. As of the time of writing, neither the Icemen’s official social media accounts nor their website has posted the article.

Panetta’s gesture toward Jordan Subban, a Black player for the Stingrays, on January 22 resulted in his release from Jacksonville and a 38-game suspension from the ECHL. The NHL Player Inclusion Committee will perform an education session with Panetta, who can then ask for reinstatement, according to a statement released by the league following the conclusion of its investigation.

Ex-National Hockey League Andrew Shaw Defends Jacob Panetta

The acts of his cousin Jacob Panetta, who was charged with making a discriminatory gesture toward Jordan Subban in an ECHL game between the Jacksonville Icemen and the South Carolina Stingrays, were defended by former Chicago Blackhawks and Montreal Canadiens winger Andrew Shaw on Monday.

The ex-NHL mentioned that his cousin was being judged by the media for a misinterpretation. He does agree that it was not a nice gesture but he clarified that Panetta was doing a “tough guy” pose to other players of non-color in other games. He believes that when his cousin has no intention of being racist.

Panetta lost his job with the Icemen and has been placed on indefinite suspension by the ECHL awaiting an inquiry into the online backlash to his gesture. The 25-year-old made his first public statements regarding the incident on Sunday when he published two videos in which he explained his motivations for fighting Subban and expressed regret for his actions.

Panetta then released an apology in which he stated that his actions were not meant to be racist at all and he apologizes for the pain, suffering, and anger that his actions have caused Subban, his family, his team, and to other people who were hurt and offended by the gesture. As of this release of the apology, Jordan Subban has not yet released a public response to Jacob Panetta’s apology.

Jacob Panetta’s Apology Video

Jacob Panetta, who is now a former Jacksonville Icemen and ECHL player, apologized through video on social media after receiving an indefinite suspension from the league and being released by his team for making a racist gesture toward Jordan Subban on Saturday.

Panetta apologized to Subban in a video that he shared on Twitter shortly after the suspension and release were made known to the public on Sunday. He also provided more details about what allegedly occurred on the ice.

Jacob Panetta mentioned in his apology video that he and Jordan Subban was getting into a heated argument then the linesman of the game got in between them. Once the linesman got in between them, Jacob Panetta stated that Jordan Subban was only tough once the referees got involved which is why Jacob Panetta did the “tough guy” pose or a bodybuilder-like gesture towards Subban. Jacob Panetta also clarified that he has made the same gesture towards other players of non-color in different games whenever they have confrontations in the ice rink. He also stated that there are also videos about his “tough guy” posing on other players to back his explanation.

He then followed with his expressions of regret and apologized for his actions which may have caused anger, hurt, and offense to Jordan Subban, his team, his family, and people who were hurt and offended by his gesture. He also clarified that he has no racially ill intent with his actions and words.

Panetta also stated that he understands the impact of his actions and will be a better sport next time on and off the rink. He also added that to those people who know him, he wants them to understand that he has no intention of being racist against other players of the game and in general since it was not how Panetta was raised by his parents.

Yet still, he mentioned that he will learn from his actions and take all of his actions and words to consider and know what kind of consequences will happen if he ever does this kind of behavior again.

Lastly, he stated that racism and other forms of discrimination have no place in society as well as hockey. He stated that he will give his full cooperation with the ECHL investigation about the matter and will continue to try and make amends with Jordan Subban and his family about his actions to express his regret. Then he closed off the video with thanks to those people who gave him a chance to play in Jacksonville and play professional hockey, and to his teammates for giving him the opportunity to play with them. Then he ended the video.

Panetta’s ban is in effect and awaiting an ECHL hearing.

Jordan’s tweet about the altercation just after the game set off the entire sequence of post-game activities. Jordan Subban tweeted that Jacob Panetta was a coward to fight him off when he turned his back, Jacob Panetta started doing monkey gestures at him so Jordan Subban punched him multiple times

After the incident reached the public, Jordan Subban’s brother and New Jersey Devils defenceman, P.K. Subban released a video that showed Jacob Panetta’s monkey gesture towards Jordan Subban. The tape quickly went viral, forcing the hockey community to respond and demand action from the league and organization, which resulted in Panetta’s extended suspension and later discharge from his team.

After four years in the NCAA at Colgate University, Panetta, 25, was in his second season of professional hockey. 



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