How is Language Learning Similar to Doing Sports?

Most of us engage in sports, whether in school or when playing a game with friends. Some of us are also learning foreign languages to expand our skillset and travel with more ease. However, have you ever considered how language learning is similar to doing sports? On the surface, you might say they are nothing alike, but there are many things they have in common. This article explores 5 ways language learning is similar to sports, so please read until the end because you are in for a treat.

Similarities Between Language Learning and Doing Sports

If you are currently struggling to learn a new language, you might want to consider applying some of the techniques you would if you were learning a new sport. This is better explained when you consider languages and sports have the following 5 similarities:

  • You get better with practice
  • You learn by observing others
  • Having a coach is very important
  • A learning strategy is helpful
  • Learning from mistakes is key

1.    You get better with practice

When starting to learn a language for the first time, you likely won’t be very good at it. There will be periods where you struggle, and as you get better, you will face new challenges. It is the same with sports. For example, when you first learn to play basketball, you must understand the game’s rules. When earning a language, you also need to memorize grammar rules to progress. Then what you do is practice. By doing it repeatedly, you can get better in both sports and language learning.

2.    You learn by observing others

Unless you’re using language learning apps like Duolingo, your next option would be watching native speakers of the language you’re learning. Aside from the basics, there are other aspects of communicating in a foreign language that you won’t learn from a book. This is similar in sports as well. The various soccer tricks such as rabona and rainbow flick aren’t taught in most academies. You’re more likely to learn them by watching professionals play.

3.    Having a coach is very important

While it’s possible to learn by yourself, this is a process that might end up taking you much longer than necessary. For instance, if you plan to emigrate to a foreign country, you could always learn the language and translate the documents yourself, but chances are things won’t turn out very well. Instead, you can use Translation Report services at an affordable rate and then learn how the translations were carried out. A coach has the experience to guide you on what you need to learn at various stages of your development, whether you are learning Spanish or golf.

4.    A learning strategy is helpful

Learning without any plan is likely the worst way to learn anything, whether sports or language. You need a strategy to track your progress and identify areas where you need to improve. So, you can draft a simple learning schedule, and depending on how well you perform on certain days, you know where you need to focus.

5.    Learning from mistakes is key

You are bound to make mistakes when you first learn a language or a sport. This can be discouraging, but if you let it hold you back, you won’t be able to improve. You need to have a progressive mindset that pushes you to continue working on yourself. This isn’t easy to accomplish, but it builds up with time. Make sure to note where you have challenges and plan how you will improve on them.

Bottom Line

When you start learning a new language, the experience can be challenging. You will be faced with many new things to learn, and you can easily feel overwhelmed. However, it can become much easier to learn when you remember that languages, like sports, require practice, guidance, and a good strategy.

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Michael Carr is a translator and fitness instructor. He works mainly with students who need help improving their language grades or are looking to get into shape. Michael is very proud of the help he brings, so he regularly writes articles to reach a wider audience.

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