Many people fail to set up a new relationship after divorce since they find it difficult to trust someone when the dearest person has let them down. You cannot live on not trusting anyone otherwise you will never be able to commit to any relationships qualitatively and relax a bit. Mistrust and related issues will make you self-isolated and harm your mental and physical health unless approached properly. Learn more about mistrust following the marriage termination and check out the simple tips on how to trust again after divorce.

Why You May Have Trust Issues

Almost every divorcee has complications after filing for divorce without an attorney. They have committed much and lost everything, no wonder they find it difficult to get to normal life and have to deal with a bunch of changes and challenges. And trust issues occur quite often.

Before heading your way to overcoming distrust in a relationship, it is necessary to identify the reason behind your trust issues:

  • Infidelity – when a spouse cheats on you after years of happy marriage, you may question whether your relationships were real and find it difficult to commit to new ones after that.
  • Being rejected – when you are not a divorce initiator you may feel rejected and abandoned by your ex. Your self-confidence suffers and you can hardly trust anyone to love you again.
  • Undergoing abuse – as a victim of sexual, emotional, or physical abuse, you may have trust issues after you got burnt already.
  • Drastic life events – the death of a close person, serious disease, and any other unpleasant events may make you feel disappointed and unwilling to trust the world anymore.
  • Issues from your earlier life – often trust issues grow from childhood traumas making you fail to perform well as a self-sufficient adult.

Even if you signed divorce papers long ago and are over your unhappy past, there are no guarantees you are able to build up new qualitative relationships. Mistrust may be a serious obstacle on your way. Detect it on time and deal in the best suitable way to manage to be happy again

StrategyDescriptionSteps or Tips
Open CommunicationHonest and transparent communication is key to rebuilding trust.– Share your feelings openly – Address concerns directly – Listen actively to your partner’s perspective
Setting BoundariesClearly define personal boundaries to establish a sense of safety and respect.– Discuss each other’s boundaries – Respect and honor the agreed-upon boundaries
Building Self-TrustFocusing on self-care and personal growth can enhance your own self-trust, positively impacting relationships.– Practice self-compassion – Engage in activities that boost self-esteem – Set and achieve personal goals
Patience and TimeRebuilding trust takes time, so be patient with yourself and your partner.– Acknowledge that trust won’t be rebuilt overnight – Celebrate small victories along the way
Seeking Professional HelpTherapists or counselors can provide guidance in navigating trust issues.– Consider couples therapy or individual counseling – Learn healthy communication and conflict resolution skills
ConsistencyConsistently demonstrating reliability and accountability helps rebuild trust.– Keep promises and commitments – Be consistent in your actions and words
TransparencyBeing open about your actions and decisions can foster a sense of security.– Share relevant information willingly – Be willing to explain your actions when needed
ForgivenessForgiving past mistakes, while not forgetting, is essential for moving forward.– Work on forgiving past hurts – Focus on personal growth and healing
Learning from the PastReflect on what led to the mistrust and actively work to avoid similar pitfalls.– Identify patterns that contributed to mistrust – Make conscious efforts to avoid repeating those patterns

What Are the Signs of You Having Trust Issues

You may be living without any trust in your relationships and consider it normal. But the point is similar relationships won’t last long. So it is necessary to identify the issue early and deal with it before any complications arrive. It is not only that you keep on wondering ‘will I ever trust a woman again’ but a lot more signs that you need to pay attention to if you want to deal with mistrust:

  • Feeling insecure about your partner – you cannot trust your partner fully, feel suspicious when they are not around, think they hide something from you, etc.
  • Avoiding commitment – you have once committed to relationships fully but they ended up in disappointment and a broken heart. So, you are very careful about your next relationships and fail to commit efficiently.
  • Distancing yourself – self-isolation is a typical sign of being unable to open up to your new partner and failing to trust them.
  • Fighting over nothing – constant bickering over nonsense signals unreadiness to discuss and work on real relationship issues.
  • Being secretive – you are constantly afraid of the reaction of your new partner to your words and actions so that they don’t abandon you. So you keep your opinion, your views, concerns, and more in secret.
  • Having issues with intimacy – partners who lack trust in their relationships often lack intimacy. They avoid being close or have only physical interaction without any emotions involved.

Whether you undergo the trauma of betrayal, suffer from childhood offenses, or dealt with domestic violence, you may not be able to commit to new relationships, have problems with intimate life, and feel insecure about your partner and new relationships in general. If you spot any similar relationship dysfunction, find your way to rebuild trust and change your private life for the better.

How to Deal with Mistrust

Lack of trust in relationships may lead them to come to an end soon. So if the relationships matter to you you should better find the solution to the situation. Here are some options for you:

  1. Build trust step by step – you may rush to trust a person intensely and suffer more in case of any mishap. So, you should better change your approach and learn to trust a person bit by bit while getting to know them better instead of committing fully from the very beginning.
  2. Work on self-discovery – any issue should be solved starting with understanding it. Dwell on the cause of your inability to trust people, think of why we have affairs and consider what is best for you to develop your personality.
  3. Be open about your concerns – when you have any worries related to your relationships, it is better to open up about them to your closest person. This helps you free your mind, find the best solution together and develop trust between you two.
  4. Prioritize trust – if you don’t care about trust being present in your relationship, things will hardly change. Trust should be the key core of the relationships, you should realize it and work hard to nurture it between you and your partner.
  5. Reach for professional help – if you cannot deal with the issue on your own or need an expert to guide you for a better result, don’t be afraid or ashamed to consult a therapist on trust issues.

Lack of trust is not a death sentence to your relationships. More to this if you are trying to restart your private life after divorce, this is a common issue. The only thing for you is to identify the problem and work hard to change things for the better. Eventually, you will manage to trust your new partner and reach the happiness you are worthy of.

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