Who is Aiden Fucci?

Cheerleader Tristyn Bailey, who was murdered when she was 13 years old, was murdered by a 15-year-old named Aiden Fucci. Aiden Fucci will be trialed as an adult. Fucci is scheduled to go on trial in February 2023 after previously being charged with first-degree murder in the St. Johns County Courthouse. On Sunday, May 9, 2021, the Sheriff’s Office detained 15-year-old Aiden Fucci. According to WJXT, he is being kept at the Department of Juvenile Justice’s facility in Daytona Beach. 

A grand jury deliberated in secret on Thursday, May 27, 2021, and decided to charge Aiden Fucci with first-degree murder. If first-degree murder is alleged, the adult court will automatically hear the case. The only suspect in his classmate’s murder is the 15-year-old. Patriot Oaks Academy in St. Johns, Florida, was attended by both Tristyn and Aiden. The trial for Fucci was originally scheduled to take place in November 2022 but was moved to February 2023. Judge Lee Smith continued, “And I just want to make sure that everyone understands that there should not be any conflicts elsewhere in this circuit for any other trials.”

Who is Tristyn Bailey and What Happened to Her?

Tristyn Bailey was a 13- time-old competitive cheerleader who was killed by Aiden Fucci. Tristyn Bailey, 13, a seventh-grader at Patriot Oaks Academy in Saint Johns, was reported missing by her family on Sunday, May 9, 2021, and her body was not found until hours later. She entered 114 stabbings. Tristyn Bailey’s first-degree murder blameworthiness has led to the arrest of Aiden Fucci, who was 14 years old at the time of her death.

The launch of his trial is anticipated for November. Following Tristyn’s end, a picture that went viral on social media looked to have been uploaded on Aiden’s Snapchat account. And the caption quoted, “Hey folks, has anyone(sic) seen Tristyn recently?”  This caption was written beside a picture showing him standing in the reverse of a police auto while signaling a peace sign. The image is being examined as implicit substantiation in the case, according to the police.

A recent videotape from August showed Fucci and Bailey out for a perambulation the evening Bailey was taken. The new videotape substantiation allegedly depicts Fucci running by himself later that same night after first tromping with the cheerleader, according to Florida prosecutors.

According to The Daily Mail, a neighbor’s security camera captured Bailey and Fucci allegedly heading toward a wooded position in their neighborhood around night. Another shocking videotape from the State Attorney’s Office purportedly shows Fucci’s mother, Crystal Smith, drawing blood off her son’s pants, according to investigators. While deputies questioned her sprat, she was indicted of washing the pants.

When blood was discovered in the drain of his house and on his clothes, Crystal Smith was charged with tampering with evidence in connection with Bailey’s death. “We appreciate that today’s resolution is directly the consequence of the thorough and exhaustive effort from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office together with the 7th District State Attorney’s office,” the Bailey family said in a statement to News4Jax as part of the early efforts to pursue justice for Tristyn’s murder.

“We would especially like to congratulate the Criminal Investigations Unit of the SJSO and express our gratitude for the incredible global outpouring of support.” As Tristyn Bailey’s family mentioned.

Especially for those in St. Johns who have aided by the Mother’s Day search, the vigils, remembrances, and memorials, the caring and love showed by the people and businesses to raise up the memory of Tristyn and the resolve of our community serve as a beacon of light in the darkness with the press conference outlining the details of this heinous crime. As mentioned in the Celebration of Life on the Battle of the Two Wolves, “We would want to thank the Jacksonville media for protecting our privacy while we are grieving the loss of Tristyn,” according to Bailey’s family.

What was the Cause of Tristyn Bailey’s Death?

The discovery of Tristyn’s body was confirmed by St. Johns County Sheriff Robert Hardwick. On May 9, 2021, Bailey was discovered dead from stab wounds in a forested area close to her home in St. Johns County. Tristyn was stabbed 114 times, with 49 of those wounds occurring in her hands and arms, according to Florida State Attorney R.J. Larizza, who made the claim during a press conference on May 27, 2021. Larizza added that a folding buck knife, which they suspect to be the murder weapon, was found in a pond by investigators. According to sources, Tristyn was last seen on Sunday, May 9, 2021, around 1.15 am, close to the North Amenity Centre.

Her family reported her missing at 10 a.m. on Sunday, sparking a 16-hour hunt for the adolescent. Later that day, a neighbor in Durbin Crossing discovered her dead in the nearby woods. At a press conference earlier this month, sheriff Rob Hardwick said, “This is a cold-blooded murder by a person who, I’m not even going to divulge his name. He doesn’t even deserve for his name to be uttered.”

What is Some New Evidence Found Regarding the Murder of Tristyn Bailey?

A knife seemed to be found at the crime scene which matches the description of the fragment of the blade used to murder the cheerleader, Tristyn Bailey. A knife shard recovered in Tristyn Bailey’s scalp was matched with a weapon found close to her body by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, according to a laboratory study.

Bailey, 13, was allegedly killed by Aiden Fucci, 15, a classmate at Patriot Oaks Academy. In May 2021, she was discovered dead in the Durbin Crossing community in northwest St. Johns County, close to both of their residences. Her autopsy revealed 114 wounds from stabbings.

Near the area where Bailey’s body was discovered, authorities discovered a buck knife with a missing tip in a pond. Along with a knife fragment discovered in Bailey’s scalp, investigators sent the two items for analysis. After further analysis, it turns out that the fragment found on Bailey’s scalp was the same as the knife found at the crime scene. The fragment turns out to be the tip of the knife.

According to the laboratory report, the buck knife blade and knife blade tip “examinations and comparisons between the buck knife blade and the knife blade tip revealed that they are comparable with respect to color, kind of material, and striation pattern running down the width of the blade components.” It is consequently established that the “knife blade tip retrieved from the victim’s scalp and the deer knife blade was at one point a single piece.” Further comparisons of their broken edges also showed congruence of the complicated fracture contours and surface features.

Aiden Fucci’s Attorneys Requested to Lessen the Images Released to the Media

Fucci’s defense has filed a number of motions to restrict the admissibility of evidence in the case, including requests that the judge bar the jury from viewing autopsy photographs and restrict media access. On Friday morning, there will be a hearing to discuss such topics.

A memo opposing the defendant’s requests to limit media and public access has been submitted by The Record, The Florida Times-Union, and regional television stations. Circuit Judge Lee Smith stated that he might also decide to move the trial to February as early as this Friday. The date is set for November.

The Hearing of Aiden Fucci

This section will expose one of the stunning facts that were mentioned during Aiden Fucci’s hearing. It turns out that Aiden Fucci’s mother, Crystal Smith, was also implicated in the murder of Tristyn Bailey as an accessory for tampering with evidence. Cheerleader Tristyn Bailey was killed, and in the days that followed, her alleged murderer boasted of having fun in the backseat of a police cruiser and even witnessed his mother’s arrest.

13-year-old Tristyn Bailey was found dead in May with 114 stab wounds. On Thursday, Aiden Fucci, 14, who is currently facing a first-degree murder accusation, will appear in court. An autopsy revealed that Bailey had fought for her life before her death was discovered near Fucci’s home in St. Johns, Florida, on Mother’s Day. The prosecution quickly turned its attention to Fucci, a former classmate of Tristyn, and he was ultimately charged as an adult in the murder.

Footage made public in August revealed that immediately after her passing, he sent a video to Snapchat of himself “having fun in a cop car.” Another video clip appeared to show his mother Crystal Smith, who according to the prosecution, washed the blood from her son’s pants. She was then accused of tampering with evidence in relation to Bailey’s passing. R.J., a Florida attorney Before Tristyn was killed, Fucci allegedly informed friends he would kill someone within the following 30 days.

The 14-year-old clearly stated, in Larizza’s words, that he would “take someone into the woods and stab them.” Additionally, it was said that the teen’s room had a Buck knife sheath, along with a pair of blood-stained shoes and a blouse. A “homemade shank” and five pocketknives, according to the police, were also discovered. The Sun examines this case in great depth to show how it stunned the country.

The victim was also found to have “karma” on her ankle according to the report filed in July. On her left ankle, the word was inscribed in blue ink, and on the inside of her right ankle, a happy face was created. The identity of the artist who created the drawings remains unknown. Following what seemed to be a May 9 nighttime walk there with Fucci in surveillance footage, Bailey’s body was discovered in a wooded area close to a lake near her Florida home.

The Arrest of Crystal Smith

Then, Fucci’s mother was detained on suspicion of tampering with the evidence. Images of what authorities believe to be Crystal Smith cleaning blood off her son’s pants were released by the State Attorney’s Office. She is accused of washing the pants while her son was being questioned by deputies. Smith was accused of tampering with evidence in relation to Bailey’s death when blood was found in his home’s drain and on his clothes.

“Tampering with evidence is tampering with justice and cannot be excused or accepted,” state attorney R.J. Larizza declared.

What are Some of the Claims Aiden Fucci Made in Court?

Fucci allegedly told friends that he intended to “take someone into the woods and stab them” in that statement. Fucci allegedly told “many persons” that he “wanted to kill someone,” according to Larizza. Larizza stated, “He didn’t identify who it was, but he made it clear that he intended to kill someone by leading them into the woods and stabbing them, which are unquestionably the facts of this case. Interviews with Fucci’s pals concerning his remarks about wanting to stab someone are revealed in the documents.

One friend reportedly told authorities that Fucci had talked of dragging someone into the woods and stabbing them a month before Bailey was killed, according to the St Augustine Record. She alleged that Aiden would sketch graphic images of severed bodies and that Fucci “would whip out his knife and pretend to stab her with it.” The companion also allegedly claimed that Fucci would hear voices ordering him to kill people when he was agitated, according to the police report. She alleged, “Aiden knew something wasn’t right and wanted to beg for assistance.

The two had been hanging out with a few pals the night Tristyn died, according to Larizza, until they were eventually left alone together. Fucci allegedly admitted to pushing 13-year-old Tristyn to the ground after she “grabbed his penis” to the police. The claims were disclosed in new records that the State Attorney’s Office made public in August. According to reports, Fucci informed police that the two got into a fight early one morning as they were returning from a friend’s residence.

Fucci alleged to authorities that as the two passed Leith Hall Drive, Bailey “grabbed his penis,” which made him “p**sed,” and an altercation followed, showing deputies the route they traveled, according to Action News Jax. Then, according to him, he pushed her hard to the ground, where she struck her head. Fucci said in the report that he left her there. Fucci and Bailey can be seen walking together in a new video that was shot the night Bailey was slain. According to Florida’s prosecutors, the video they have as proof shows Fucci with Bailey the night of her death before running off by himself later that night.

In September, Fucci made an appearance in court while swaying in his chair and yelling, “You demons take my soul!” While calling into the court from Duval County jail, he could be seen in a stream of the hearing from St. John’s County Courthouse shaking in his chair and staring up towards the sky. The young man from Florida then clutched the phone receiver while maintaining a straight-ahead gaze. A WTLV reporter claims that he was also heard asking, “Why am I here?” In a video of their life that was shared on social media, Fucci can be heard saying, “I just want to talk to my mom and dad. What’s going on?” He asks the same question twice more.

In another tape, he exclaims, “I won’t allow you demons take my soul, demons take my soul away,” as his eyes dart about the room. Fucci has entered a not-guilty plea and is being tried as an adult. His mother posted a $25,000 bond and was freed.

What is the Complete Timeline of Aiden Fucci’s Arrest and His Court Trials?

May 9

  • This was the time when her family reported Tristyn Bailey missing.

Later May 9

  • The body of Tristyn was located.

May 10

  • At the Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Daytona Beach, Florida, Aiden Fucci is being detained after being arrested.

May 11

  • Fucci is summoned to court and given a 21-day juvenile prison sentence.

Later May 11

  • Tristyn’s death and its circumstances are described in detail by officials.

May 27

  • Fucci would be tried as an adult, according to officials. The new charge against him is first-degree premeditated murder.

June 3

  • Fucci enters a not-guilty plea in Tristyn’s slaying.

June 5

  • Fucci’s mother, Crystal Smith, turned herself into the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office after being detained for “supposedly tampering with evidence.”

August 24

  • According to the newly revealed video, Fucci was seen running after initially walking with Tristyn the night of her death. In another video, Fucci’s mother is supposedly seen cleaning what appears to be blood off her son’s pants.

September 1

  • Both Fucci and his mother have court appearances planned. Due to technical difficulties, Fucci’s court case was delayed until October 28.

And that is basically the gist of the arrest of Aiden Fucci.



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