Competition is tough in Hollywood. Many celebrities vie for attention and roles. Because of this, it is easy to disregard actors and actresses who only show up in lesser-known films and series.

Dorien Wilson is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. Throughout the decade, his performances spiced up the movies and television shows where he appears. Yes, his name is not that popular and recognizable. But, chances are, you recognize his face and roles.

Who is Dorien Wilson? How is his family? Where did he grow up and discover his passion for acting? What are his accomplishments, awards, and assets after decades in the show business? In this article, you will learn more about Dorien Wilson.

Dorien Wilson’s biography

Dorien Wilson was born on July 5, 1963. He grew up in a military family. Since his dad works for the United States Air Force, he spent his childhood in different places. But they stayed the longest in Lompoc, California. During his high school years there, he fell in love with acting. So, after graduating, he studied at a performing arts conservatory and performed at theatres. Then, he became an acting teacher and stage actor as his career. Some of the theatre ensembles he participated in were Dreamgirls and Carousel.

His acts served as a foundation for his television career. In 1993, he appeared in Murphy Brown. Because of his impressive acting, he got called in Dream On and Goode Behavior. He received nominations and acclaim in these portrayals. Furthermore, he participated in culturally significant shows during the decade, such as Friends and Seinfeld.

Looking at his figure, he has a body of an alpha male. This image did not go unnoticed. In 2004, he got included among the year’s “best bachelors” in a leading publication. Dorien Wilson also appeared in advertisements for Sears, KFC, Saturn, and Victoza.

Dorien Wilson’s family

At first, Dorien Wilson’s loved life seems like it came from a novel. He met his would-be wife JoAnne in sixth grade. They fell in love at high school, and, in 1986, Dorien and JoAnne got married. The couple has two children: Sarita and Devin.

Unfortunately, after eight years of marriage, Dorien and JoAnne got divorced. But they remain friends. They also bond with their children nonetheless. Currently, they all reside in San Francisco.

Dorien Wilson’s net worth

Dorien Wilson does not reveal his assets and properties online. But his social media posts show that his family lives in comfort and wealth. Some websites estimate that he has a net worth of $12 million.

Dorien Wilson’s acting awards

In 1995, Dorien Wilson got his first nomination from CableACE, an award from the now-nonexistent National Cable Television Association. It was for his comedic performance in Dream On five years before. He also got nominated for the BET Comedy Award in 2004 and the Image Awards in 2002 and 2005. These recognitions are because of Dorien Wilson’s 1995 portrayal in The Parkers. But he won the Image Awards in 2001 and 2004.

Dorien Wilson’s jobs

For over two decades, Dorien Wilson has acted in dozens of roles in movies and television shows. He also became a producer in some projects. In this section, you will learn all of Dorien Wilson’s portrayals and contributions to the film industry.

  • Rise of the Tarragon is still in its pre-production stages (as of the writing of this article), but it already shows promise. This film revolves around a retired martial artist who wants to seek revenge against his rival. Dorien Wilson will play the protagonist in the Rise of the Tarragon.
  • Way Out of Bounds is yet to be released. It is about a basketball star player who receives a second chance in life. Dorien Wilson is a basketball coach in this movie.
  • Inn-Tanglement is a funny television show scheduled to get released in 2022. It is about a land developer and a hotel manager who oversee the growth of their community. Dorien Wilson portrays a professor in several episodes here.
  • You can start watching Whealthy and Wise on January 14, 2022. This comedy is about a married couple who went bankrupt as they celebrate their silver anniversary. Dorien Wilson is named Darryl Brown in this show based on actual events.
  • Although the start of The Four Points is still on June 13, 2022, we can expect Dorien Wilson’s appearance there. He is Mr. Stevens in this well-anticipated show.
  • Due Season is an inspirational movie about an orphaned girl who wants to study and succeed in life. In this story of faith and perseverance, Dorien Wilson is a chancellor. Unfortunately, Due Season is involved in a legal battle because the additional characters have not gotten paid appropriately. Once this gets settled, this film will get released on February 18, 2022.
  • Vicious is an action series released on September 15, 2021. Here, Dorien Wilson plays a character named Trevor.
  • In the 2021 film Welcome Matt, Dorien Wilson is Harold. This film shows the story of a director who cannot leave his house because of severe trauma. So he tries to finish his film’s production with the actors and the staff remotely, inside his home.
  • Dorien Wilson also appeared in Disney’s Just Roll With It This unique show provides improv comedy before an interactive audience who can influence the story. Just Roll With It is about a family with different attitudes and personalities.
  • The In The Cut comedy show is about a barber who met his son for the first time in thirty years. Dorien Wilson is the protagonist of the show, as Jay Weaver.
  • Fruits of the Heart is a 2021 inspirational movie about the struggles of a mother and her daughter. Here, Dorien Wilson is named Hurbery Humperdinck. This film is directed and written by Coke Daniels, who wrote the controversial show named
  • Dorien Wilson also appeared as Clifford Ndugu in the famous Grey’s Anatomy medical series in 2020.
  • Church Folks is a comedy show about the behind-the-scenes of a Christian congregation in Texas. Their church has been facing struggles, and it is the job of their pastor, Frank Hart (portrayed by Dorien Wilson), to fix these issues.
  • Casting the Net is a television series about three women who want to become famous actresses. Dorien Wilson appeared in an episode as a pastor.
  • Howard High is a brief television musical show shown in 2020. Here, Dorien Wilson is named Thomas.
  • Justice on Trial is a controversial movie where African-Americans sued the Justice Department for racism and discrimination in the past. Time-travelers from American history testified about their historical grievances. In this movie, Dorien Wilson is a jury member and a teacher named Boomer Stevens.
  • His, Hers and the Truth is about a generic love story. Here, Dorien Wilson is named Smith. Also, in Looking in the Mirror, he was a doctor named Lewis. In I Got the Hook Up 2, Dorien Wilson portrays the role of Captain Evans. This wild comedy movie involves a family restaurant, a gang syndicate, health inspectors, and a cartel. It won in the Urban Film Festival in 2019.
  • Going Black is a 2018 short film about a pair who wants to help their friend find a new girlfriend. Here, Dorien Wilson has a lead role as Maurice.
  • Never Heard is a 2018 Christian film where Dorien Wilson portrayed the role of Monty. This movie is about an innocent man who got imprisoned for murder. Worse, his son also wrongfully got involved in a case against drug dealers. This inspiring film shows their faith during intense tests in life.
  • Dumped is a television series that started in 2018. It shows the life of a girl who suffers from depression and heartbreak. She will strive to recover through mental strength, loved ones, and friends. Dorien Wilson appeared in an episode of Dumped as Ray.
  • The Beauty and the Baller series presents the funny life of a famous married couple outside their careers. Dorien Wilson was Mario Shaw in several episodes of the show.
  • In 2017, Conflict of Interest got shown in theaters. This emotional movie centers on Christian family values and repentance. Here, Dorien Wilson is a man named Samson.
  • Tough Love is a web series about New Yorkers who want to succeed in their careers and relationships. It got nominated in the 2017 Emmy Awards as an outstanding show. Dorien Wilson appeared as a doctor named Singleton in several episodes of the show.
  • The 2017 movie Chi-Nu Legacy portrays a freshman girl in a sorority who allegedly got raped by a famous student in their university. Dorien Wilson is Coach Benjamin in this movie.
  • Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs series follows the story of a girly cheerleader who became an American football quarterback for her school. In this show, Dorien Wilson is Coach Russel. He appeared in 26 episodes of the show.
  • A Weekend with the Family is a 2016 comedy film about a lawyer who wants to marry his Korean boss’ daughter. However, everything became complicated when their families met because of a culture clash. In this movie, Dorien Wilson is John Clancy.
  • The Grace of Jake shows the story of a Californian musician ex-convict who blames his father for his misfortunes. He traveled to a town in Arkansas, where he found love and a new life. Dorien Wilson is a reverend in this movie.
  • The 2015 movie Stalked by My Neighbor is about a mother and her daughter followed by a suspicious stalker. In this thriller movie, Dorien Wilson is a detective named Franklin.
  • Dorien Wilson is a doctor in the television series The Millers. This show, which ran from 2013 to 2015, shows the story of a divorcee stuck with his fighting parents. The Millers got nominated for the Emmy Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, and a prize from the Art Directors Guild. It won a BMI TV Music Award as well.
  • Pastor Shirley is a 2013 comedy. Here, a community learned their church would get demolished so that a mall may get constructed there. Because of this, Pastor Shirley and her fellow congregants did everything they could to stop the real estate agents. Dorien Wilson is a pastor in this movie.
  • The 2013 movie Boots shows the story of a veteran who found himself in a slum without knowing who he was. As he strives to survive, some powerful men are after him. This movie won at the Burbank International Film Festival. In this movie, Dorien Wilson is named Ben.
  • Everyday Lies is a television show about a group of Hollywood aspirants. In this 2013 series, Dorien Wilson portrays himself.
  • The movie Steppin presents the dancing competition between university fraternities. Aside from their relatable college issues, they also got involved in love, kidnapping, and other colorful subplots. Dorien Wilson is named James Brooks in
  • Peaches is a comedy stage play where Dorien Wilson is the male protagonist. In this story, he finally met the woman he had a crush on for twenty years. But this attraction will complicate his relationship with his friends and loved ones.
  • King of Sorrow is an intense 2007 movie about the love story of a drug addict and a psychiatrist who wants to end her life. In this movie, Dorien Wilson is named Sprats.
  • That’s So Raven, a series produced by Disney captures the life of a teenager who briefly sees the future. In its two years of runtime, That’s So Raven won the Genesis Award, Image Award, and Gracie Award in 2005. It also won the Kids’ Choice Award in 2004 and 2005. Furthermore, That’s So Raven got nominated for the Emmy Award, BAFTA Children’s Award, BET Comedy Award, Casting Society of America, Vision Award, and Teen Choice Award. Dorien Wilson appeared here once in 2006 as Mitch.
  • Dorien Wilson is a councilman in the 2004 comedy television series named It is about two quarreling brothers who must run their dead father’s fuelling station.
  • In the movie You Got Served, Dorien Wilson is a doctor. This film is about a pair of friends who want to win in a street dance competition. They will use the price money to make a studio.

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