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Bambi Woods is known to be a pornographic actress back in the 70s and 80s. She was also an exotic dancer back then. Her popularity came from her appearance in a movie known as Debbie does Dallas. This movie was aired in 1978.

When was Bambi Woods born?

Bambi Woods was born on July 12, 1955. She is currently 67 years old and she had a very surprising blowout in the American Porno industry after which she just disappeared from the whole thing.

Everyone was shocked because of her actions, different rumors came out but no one could confirm anything because she had just gone away on her own without anyone knowing what was going on.

Biography of Bambi Woods

Bambi Woods was very popular for the role she first played as Debbie in the adult film that was called Debbie Did Dallas. She received so many accolades for her role in the movie, also, a photo of Debbie in big blown-out clothes was out in public and posted in most theatres. They also started saying that she used to be a cowgirl.

Bambi said that she had also tried to join the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders before but she was never accepted. She also made sure that her experiences were not displayed in the film as she is only acting as a fictional character. She said that if she hadn’t mentioned all of that, they would have actually done it.

She had sex with different men in the movie, she had sex with actors like Robert Kerman and some others who were veterans, and they also were part of most of the hardcore films that were created in the US at the time.

Bambi also mentioned that she got involved in adult films because of a friend whom she owed money and couldn’t pay back, her friend was the one who got her involved in these kinds of scenes.

The producer of the movie Debbie Does Dallas was the one who created that stage name for her, the name was created while thinking about the Disney character. He said that there was nothing to it, Bambi was a deer, and a deer is in the woods, so Bambi Woods. Why not right?

Bambi started her entertainment career when the golden age of porn had almost come to an end.

This period had a lot of criminals who wanted to extort what they had. The producers of these entertainment films had to operate in a gray area.

Back then, there were no laws that required any verification and record-keeping of those involved in the films. The identities of those involved were mostly kept locked up somewhere because they had no reason to get out.

They made sure that the identities of these actors and actresses were kept locked up for their safety and so it was only to be released many years later when these people hit their prime of being famous and so they are all over the internet.

Unusual circumstances exist, no doubt. An advertisement for porn featuring a lady is boldly placed on a Times Square billboard for a minute. Then, allegedly embarrassed by her celebrity, she vanishes and is never seen or heard from again.

The Hottest Adult Film Star Of The 1970s

The film producers profited significantly from these movies, yet the compensation provided to female participants never exceeded a few hundred dollars.

A curious aspect of Bambi’s story is that she took on a TV play to settle a debt with a friend. However, she ended up squandering all her earnings and found herself unable to repay her friend. Interestingly, it was the same friend who introduced her to the world of exotic dancing.

Bambi’s rise to fame was intertwined with her financial obligations to this friend. While her fame proved to be a blessing, she didn’t perceive it as such. The film “Debbie Does Dallas” catapulted her to stardom in the 90s, resulting in her being treated like a celebrity in various New York clubs, including Studio 24 and Plato’s Retreat, where she mingled with prominent figures.

The revelation that her family became aware of her involvement in such activities deeply affected Bambi. The public perception of her solely based on her adult film career took a toll on her mental well-being, making it challenging for her to maintain focus.

Two years after her initial foray into adult films, Bambi disappeared from the scene, avoiding any further involvement in such productions or television appearances. She chose to retreat from the public eye and live a more secluded life.

Bambi’s Disappearance

An article that was published in 2005, was in an Australian Newspaper. It said that Bambi was dead and that she died from overdosing on drugs. No one knows what is true about the story and what is not.

What happened to Bambi Woods?

Later on, in the same year 2005, a documentary that came out about the movie Debbie did Dallas talked about her whereabouts. Clark had said in the interview that they used her real name(not specified on camera) to trace where her family resided.

He said that they did this in the mid-90s, and a private investigator who did the job said that she was living a normal life.

They got the information through an indirect communication system and that she was in Des Moines Iowa. It was stated that her life there was normal and that she refused to get herself involved in any publicity that related to her old life.

A woman later came forward via email two years later stating that those things said about her in the documentary was not true. No one knows where the email was from.

The only thing that she agreed to through this email was the fact that she didn’t want anything to do with the pornographic lifestyle. She also said that she just wanted to continue living her normal life.

About The Movie, Debbie Does Dallas And Bambi’s Role In It

The movie is a pornographic one that was first released in 1978, it starred Bambi Woods.

The major plot of the movie was centered around a team of cheerleaders who were dancing to earn themselves some money and get to send Debbie who was their teammate to Dallas so she could try out and join the Texas Cowgirls squad.

In real life, there was no Texas Cowgirls, it was just a fictional name that they came up with, the name was gotten from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Although the funny thing is that Bambi had tried out to join the Dallas Cowboys before in real life, but she was rejected different times after auditioning.

The film was a big hit when it made its first debut. It sold out 50k copies when it first became a videotape. It was given the honor of being the highest-sold porn video film of that time. No one before it had sold that much before.

It is said to be the biggest film release in the history of the golden porn age. Some people also boast of it being the best porn movie to be made.

The film has been loved by the public, everyone who saw this picture couldn’t have afforded to not see it. It was great acting, great writing, and great production.

So many productions were made all in the name of spin-offs, there were films like Debbie Does New Orleans, Debbie Does Wall Street and so many others too. There was also a musical too.

List of Movie she was in

Here are some of the movies associated with Bambi Woods:

  1. “Debbie Does Dallas” (1978)
  2. “Debbie Does ‘Em All” (1985)
  3. “Debbie Goes to College” (1986)
  4. “Debbie Duz Dishes” (1986)

Please note that Bambi Woods’ filmography is limited, and she was primarily active during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The movies listed above are among the most well-known and associated with her.

Film Plot

Debbie Benton was the leading cheerleader of her school’s cheerleading squad.

Based on her performance she was chosen to try out for the Texas Cowgirl cheerleading squad, this was a much bigger cheerleading squad than the one she was in.

Her parents don’t like the idea so they didn’t agree to pay for her fare to go for something like this.

Because the parents disapproved of payment, her squadmates stood beside her and accompanied her to Dallas so she could audition.

They had two weeks to raise the money, they started a company named Teen services and started using sexual means to get money from their boyfriends. One of her Teammates named Tammy had to take a job in a record store that was owned by Tony.

Debbie herself had to get a job at a store that sold sports things, it was owned by Mr. Greenfield. Other teammates like Roberta gave reasons to Mr. Hardwick as to why she could work with Mrs. Hardwick.

Annie and the last teammate agree to take a job washing Mr. Bradly’s car.

Sex Scenes

The players on the football team are raging because they haven’t had sex in a long time, Roberta’s boyfriend Rick joined his teammates and other girls to have group sex in the bathroom.

As she was working for Mr. Greenfield, the idea for her boss to see her breast would earn her 10 dollars, came up.

He saw it for 10 dollars, touched it for another 10, then sucked on it for another 20 dollars.

When they saw that the money they were making was too small, they saw that they wouldn’t make it before the deadline. They decided to start getting money by having sex. Although they do this on their terms.

Firstly, Roberta was caught masturbating while working with Mrs. Hardwick, then she was asked to have sex with both of them, and she earned herself some extra money from this.

Ricki and Annie who both wash Mr. Bradly’s car went over to wash his car even when he wasn’t at home. They managed to wet themselves and were both invited in to dry off their clothes.

They showed Mr. Bradley their naked self for 10 dollars and then he had anal sex with Annie. He also paid them for their extra services. A scene in the library had Donna and Mr. Biddle the librarian. She flirts with him a little.

She was working at the library at the time when her boyfriend came in to visit and then started trying to have sex with her behind the books, she started by having oral sex with him as they were both caught by Mr. Biddle.

She allows the man to spank her just so he doesn’t go and tell her parents about what he saw her doing.

In another scene, Hamilton was in a tennis club with his friend and Ashly when they saw Lisa and told her to have sex with both of them, she had oral sex with Hamilton while having vaginal sex with Ashly.

Another scene at the record store had Tammy who was refusing to give in to the sexual advances that Tony was giving her.

She puts a call across to Tony and she joins the both of them at the store, Tony is given a chance at anything with Lisa, and they both have oral sex with him till he ejaculates on Tammy’s Breast.

The last scene of the movie was when Debbie came to meet Mr. Greenfield at his store after it was already closed. She was dressed in the Texas Cowgirl uniform. 

Mr. Greenfield talked about how long he has had the dream of being the quarterback of the team and having sex with the lead cheerleader. She agrees to have sex with him and they start off with him giving her cunnilingus she relates to him, and they move on to penetrations.

They both had sex in different positions, starting with the missionary style, then doggy, cowgirl riding, and then back to missionary before he ejaculates. To most fans, this was the only epic moment in the film. This is why Bambi Woods became everyone’s favorite at the time.

An actress is a woman who performs in stage plays, movies, television shows, and other productions for entertainment. The purpose of an actress is to bring a character to life and portray the emotions, actions, and personality of that character to the audience through her performance.

Actresses may also be involved in the production of a performance, such as helping to develop the script or working with the director to create the final product.

Why not keep filming movies


Remember that she didn’t plan on doing any of this, she had a friend who always pushed her into these scenes.

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