Today, we are going to show off a list of hot and sexy anime series that we have been able to compile and also tell you about sexy scenes in some or all of them.

We all know that people love to see some action in everything they watch nowadays, now we are not speaking about fight scenes or shooting scenes, a different kind of action.

Anime girls are so cute and when they offer sexy things, they are pretty interesting.

Funny thing is that you would immediately want a girlfriend if you watch these series because no man alone should see this, for your information, it could get really naughty.

what makes a hot anime girl?

Well, let’s get to it, a list that contains some of the sexiest anime series with the sexiest girls and naughty girls. This list is in no order at all. There are many ways to describe the sexiness and hotness of an anime character.

  1. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Talk about an erotic series, a particular scene where the demon lord named Takuma Sakamoto, is very powerful, well of course he is the demon lord.

In this scene, he is summoned to a parallel dimension with a similar look to his hotness and sexy appearance in the game.

In the parallel universe, he saw two girls who claim that they summoned him, they both try to enslave him but he is so powerful that it backfires and they enslave themselves with their spell.

Take a isn’t a big talker so he doesn’t know what to do next, but then he thought about what he would do in the game, and then an erotic scene was displayed.

  1. Koihime Muso

The series is like a remake of a game, an adult game if we are being precise.

Well, the major thing here is that the series has a male character who travels around the world and tries his best to help put every place he gets back in order.

He is traveling the world so yes he met a lot of people on the way, some male and female.

The female anime characters are quite popular in this series, in fact, one of the naughty scenes featured more than two female characters.

  1. Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls

This is a very interesting series, picture this, apparently, they are not in Japan, they are in an alternate form of Japan called the greater Japan.

This is another timeline in life where the Tokugawa Shogunate has continued to exist and it is on its own, not part of the world system.

With all this madness and all, skipping to the sexy part would be when a naked girl makes her way down from the sky and end up in the hands of Muneakira hands.

Outside the naked girl scene, this movie has a lot of scenes where half-naked girls are shown. Most times they appear in sexy bikinis and other revealing clothes.

  1. The Qwaser Of Stigmata

This is more of an action anime series though, and when we mean action, fighting, and whatnot.

It is about the quasar’s ability to control some elements, he fights to get a miraculous image.

Keep in mind that the quasars are a clan filled with both genders,  there are girls of course who pull off sexy things.

The virgins in this series are more seducing than the rest because they have big blossoms that could knock your socks off.

  1. The Testament Of Sister New Devil

A series with an interesting storyline, a young boy who is an only child, his father had gone and has requested a sister several times.

While he embarks on a journey living with his sister, his life had erotic impacts, one of the girls was targeted by heroes and beasts and he takes it upon himself to take care of her.

His father then grants him his wishes and takes on another wife so he could bore girls and give his sons sisters. Not until they were grown and the father traveled did he find out that his stepsisters were demons, one of them was a different creature.

Many erotic scenes came to play when characters like Maria and Yuki started coming around. A lot of nudes mostly breasts during their baths.

  1. Harukana Receive

Haruka is in high school, during the summer break, she and her roommate made plans on how to really enjoy their summer and have a lot of fun.

During their arrangements, something made them change their minds as they were challenged to play volleyball which they were not even conversant with.

It is a youthful sports kind of series, and with volleyball involved, a lot of blossoms bounce around as they play. You get to feel your eyes with their awesome curves and fresh skin.

Top 20 Sexy Anime Girls

  1. High School Of The Dead

This is basically a tragic story of the world coming to an end as it faces a pandemic that makes humans turn into zombies. Zombies attack the survivors by biting them and turning them into zombies too.

Some hot high school students were able to escape and survive but now they have to fight all their lives to stay alive. They had to find a way out of their high school building and also make it through the city.

Well, the thing with humans is that life goes on and people have certain needs, there are some lovemaking scenes and half nudity involved.

  1. Walkure Romanze

This anime series is mostly about sports, everything that happened revolved around sporting events.

We got to enjoy some naughty scenes though, especially the bathing scenes in the girl’s bathroom.

  1. Healthy Robo Daimidaler

Now, this is freaky, the main character has Hi-Ero particles that he uses for his robot, which helps energy the robot.

The freaky part is the way he gets this article, he has to do really freaky things, some pervert characteristics.

The thing is that this particular series is filled with a lot of that, skirt flipping, blossom grabbing, and whole other stuff that is just not right but naughty.

  1. Recently My Sister Is Unusual

Funny story but it is quite interesting, this is what happened, a stepbrother and stepsister are forced to stay with each other after their parents went to live abroad.

At first, they were not very fond of each other, I think they both blame each other for their parents leaving.

The funny part is when the angel came and gave the stepsister a chance to be with her stepbrother sexually in other to help the angel get to heaven.

Well, you know how it goes, a lot of naughty scenes.

  1. To Love-Ru

Another extraterrestrial story, this one involves an alien, not an angel.

Well according to the story, a young boy has these feelings for his school mate but he cannot go up to her and tell her how he feels. Your classic shy guy story.

And then a problem comes into his life, an alien comes in naked in front of him as he was bathing, she narrated a story of how she fled her kingdom because she didn’t agree to her father’s wishes and get married.

Well, she caused a little problem and now the boy is confused about who to ask because he started developing feelings for his alien friend too.

  1. Prison School

Well, it started with a school that is meant for only girls, a prestigious school that is known all over Tokyo. After some years, the new director decides to spice things up by adding boys to the school, imagine how that would be.

This isn’t even how it ends, there were only five boys admitted into the school, and now you have to imagine being in the same compound with nearly a thousand girls.

That should be heaven for those guys, well this is what it is all about, all the naughty stuff happens as time goes on in the series.

  1. High School DxD

Well, another non-human story line, Well, it involves a pervert who enjoys peeping on naked women and having erotic dreams with his imaginative women.

Well, he is a pervert so you can’t expect much, bottom line is that he got killed on his first date by a brutal angel, guessing he pissed her off.

He was reincarnated by a top-class devil who now makes him work for her alongside some other boys. The naughty things all continue from here.

  1. Goblin Slayer

This story involves goblins, they fight against goblins. These goblins attack mostly women in the series. At some point, they had to summon someone to fight the goblins, at first they summoned a goddess to come to their aid.

The goddess was strong but no expert, only the goblin slayer was able to help and get the goblins out.

The goblins do a lot in the series, especially to women, they rape women in the series, and a lot of erotic disasters also followed.

  1. Darling In The Franxx

The movie is based on what the writer says the future would be like, maybe not literally but in the film, he has come up with what the future would be like.

Well in the future, there are big robots called Franxx that have to be operated by two people, guess what, a boy and a girl are usually paired for this.

As mentioned before, these people know nothing about outside activities, all they do is go and fight wars, there is a big adversary named Klaxosaurious, and he is the cause of the war.

Well, the little erotic aspect of the film is the fact that the females have their heads placed near the genitals of the man as they ride, naughty things happen in naughty shows, right?

  1. B Gata H Kei

A lovely story, a young girl who had just one dream, something she had always looked forward to, well she always wanted to have sex and a lot of them in school too.

Now she decides to lose her virginity and then starts getting scared about it because she was the naughty type so imagine if another guy sees that she is a virgin, it will be embarrassing.

She did all she could to keep herself until she found a guy in the library who didn’t want her for sex. She made a new friend, she fell in love with this friend, and then she realized just how important love is.

  1. Omamori Himari

This has a sexy and comedy input so it is like a combo.  Well, Yuto who is a child had just lost his parents so he started living with a friend of his.

He later meets an angel kind of cat that tells her just how important she is to the world. They both embark on a journey, a scary one which later on, the sister joined them, she was the sexy one.

  1. Ikki Tousen

A beautiful girl who has lived all her life outside the city, she was always on the outskirts and has always isolated herself from other people. She tries as much as she can to keep her fighting will.

She is now forced to attend a school of warriors and has to leave her old world behind. There are a lot of sexy scenes that occurred just as clothes tear during battle and sometimes their breasts and pants are opened up.

The battle scene wasn’t all that serious like the ones seen in movies, it was sexy, funny, and other things too.

  1. Witchblade

Masane is a young lady who suffers from amnesia after a terrible accident,  she wasn’t in any harm but she was found with a baby that the people called her child.

After she left Tokyo and came back, she later came back and tried to get a life for herself. Within all these occurrences, there were some naughty scenes in between.

  1. My Wife Is Student Council President

Well before they started dating or got married, these two main characters were running against each other for office but then as you can see, the wife won.

They found out later that they were to be together.

A lot of sex scenes are involved, not just between them but the students too.

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