The female characters in anime series are not physically real, although this is something everyone should know.

However, they have been able to successfully give us some sexy and beautiful animated game characters even as fake as they are.

I am sure that when you stumbled onto the post, you must have recalled most of the characters that you have seen and now you are reading to see if any of your favorites are on the list.

We have been able to pick out 30 random sexy anime take characters and they are all on this list because of how sexy they are. This is a random list, they are not ranked in any order. Let’s dive right in.

  1. Saeko Busijima From The Anime Series High School Of The End Dead

Don’t get it twisted, she isn’t number one here because she is the hottest, like we said before, the list is written in random order. Saeko is an excellent character that is drawn to have a straight and glowing thigh with straight purple hair that forms a triangular fringe showing in front.

Her fringe in front hardly touches the top of her nose, she has these sexy beautiful blue eyes, sexy breasts, and the height of a model even though she is Japanese and they are not very tall people.

With her long limbs, she is able to swing her sword with so much power for a hard impact. In the series where she starred, she mostly puts on her school wear although she has switched on different clothes on different occasions.

At some point in the series, she put on an apron along with a thong while putting her hair backward forming one ponytail. This happened in Rika Minami’s house.

When she departed from Rika’s place, she immediately switched to school clothes, a female boot, heels, lace, stockings, and gloves both purple-colored.

She also had a top with a revealing skirt which showed her thing.

  1. Nelliel Tu Odelschwank, From The Anime Series Called Bleach

Nelliel is a slim-figured lady, very attractive with a good chest view.

 When she came in, she was putting on a child’s cloth until she changed into her complete form, this made the clothes tear apart and then cover a very little part of her body.

Nellie is also very strong with her being the third Espada but then was later eaten by another Espada and thrown into the desert.

She was Espada number three, this was clearly indicated on her back like a tattoo. She also puts on a kind of hollow mask.

  1. Faye Valentine, From The Series Cowboy Bebop

This character is amongst the pack that rides the Bebop spaceship, she also played the role of a trickster.

With her short and purple colored hair, she tops it all up with revealing dresses which makes her look extremely sexy. She is a smart, fast, and agile lady.

In the series, she got. Amnesia and had been in a coma for years, obviously, she owed some money. As soon as she realized that she was owed, she knew she had nothing so she ran.

She started tricking people when she woke up from her coma and then later joined spike’s team

  1. Yoko Littner, From The Series Gurren Legann

Yoko isn’t one to be messed with, a badass chick, with such sexy curves and a body.

She was born in her village named Littner and was blessed with a well-endowed body. You would fill your eyes completely as she puts on revealing clothes, for example, black-designed clothes with a bikini and leather skirt.

She seems to love firearms because she has them in stock with her major armor, a military-structured sniper.

  1. Launch, From The Series Dragon Ball

The launch is a very strange and interesting character in this anime series because of the character dysfunction it has.

The disorder here is her having two personalities, the nice one and the violent one.

She is an alternate among both personalities as the other personality appears when she sneezes.

The violent one always resorts to violence with a lot of shootings and killings. The nice one tends to act like a saint, this makes them the opposite.

What makes it so interesting is that both personalities look different and don’t remember what happens when they alternate. They are both sexy but of course, the nice one looks very attractive with blue hair and big blue eyes.

  1. Motoko Kusanagi, From The Series Ghost In The Shell

Speaking of strong and skillful fighters in the anime world, this character is not one to mess with, she is not human, she is a man-made cyborg in the movie, built with a smoking body.

Initially, she was a police officer who later went on to become a military officer who is in conjunction with the public security team.

  1. Sakaki Ryoko, In The Series Shokugeki No Soma

A very gentle female, she was one of the polar star dormitories. Her friend and roommate were quite the opposite, Ryoko has a calm way of responding to problems.

She is also a big helper because she cares a lot about other people’s feelings, her selflessness is What got her many friends, friends who saw her as a big sis, someone to look up to.

She is also very funny with a tight curve that lightens up the smiles of everyone when she passes by.

  1. Shireki Meiko, The Series Prison School

This particular one is a special one, she has it all, you name it, a slim waist holding perfectly sized buttocks, big breasts with sexy nipples, thick thighs, and attractive brown eyes.

She puts on a sexy mini-skirt which is apparently her school uniform. Of course, the mini skirt is revealing, she always puts on a purple thong.

You think that is exposing right? Well, Meiko’s top is majorly uncovered, the only non-visible part of her breast is her nipple.

  1. Merlin, The Series Nanatsu No Taizai

The character Merlin plays the role of a very powerful female and at the same time, she is very sexy.

She is mostly caught with her mage wears which have been drawn to be revealing as they should be, what good will the sexiness do if she can’t show it right? Well, she isn’t only sexy, she also possesses strong magic.

  1. Risako Nagisa, From The Series Aika R-16, Virgin Mission

Risako is a teacher in Aika’s school who is a heroine at the age of 16. We are not here to talk about Aika.

Risako as a teacher dresses formally with her hair dressed to stay up, she is strict with students and a no-nonsense person too.

Even with her strict nature, she can’t help but be seductive. She is the club advisor so she wears a bikini and teases students mostly young Gusto who is always excited to have her.

  1. Boa Hancock, From The Series One Piece

This is another sexy character busting out of the series named one piece, she is one to wear revealing clothes, especially during sports with her humungous breasts and ass showing off very well.

She is tall, slim, tiny waist, and a surprisingly black hair

  1. Cana Alberona, From The Series Fairy Tail

Fairy tale series, a lot of sexy females are in this series, we have chosen to talk about one of the sexiest ones there.

How can we describe her? Well, the usual, hot curves with breasts to die for just placed on her chest.

She has rounded-shaped hips with the same shape as the curves, she has long hair, and wears outfits that reveal her potential, these are the things that make her look. Sexy.

  1. Nico Robin, From The Series One Piece

The series is obviously one with sexy women, if you follow this series, the notice getting to us is that you must know Nico Robin because of her sexual nature.

She is tall, has amazing legs, and has slim hands. She is mostly putting on her uniform which of course gives us a great view of the marvelous breasts.

  1. Rias Gremory, From The Series High School

This is yet another beautiful anime character, she switches things up a little with her white skin and blue eyes which according to the film inherited.

She wore a number of clothes in this series, and she was known commonly for her school wears.

School wears for her was her white long-sleeve with buttons, ribbons laced on the collar area, a skirt with a cape hanging off her shoulder, and brown shoes.

  1. Rangiku Matsumoto, From The Series Bleach

In the series, her name alone made them go crazy, most of them were happy to see her mostly because of her huge breasts which she always left open.

She wore a black robe, guess it couldn’t cover those huge commodities completely. It looked extremely sexy though.

  1. Bulma, From There Dragon Ball Series


She is one of the most displayed characters in the series because she was a friend of Goku. 

She was very smart with the beauty of a goddess. She came in as the sexy and charming one who also with the help of her body and beauty make people bend to her rule.

Who wouldn’t want to bend a little for a sexy diva?

  1. Revy, From The Series Black Lagoon

Revy, is a character who played the role of a mixed-race, Chinese and American together.

She was around the verge of her 20s with good height and a smoking body, you know that perfect 20s kind of chick.

She is slender naturally but she built up some muscles and has this little buff which makes her look like a sports chick too.

  1. Mikasa Ackerman, From The Series Attack On Titan

In the series attack on titan, there are a lot of sexy characters but Mikasa tops most of them, she has that toned, agile, and muscular figure which puts her right there with the sexy ones.

Guess her love for Eren is what makes most anime lovers like her so much, they say she is a good companion. She is also an elite soldier.

  1. Leone, From The Series Akame Ga Kill

You know we always go ahead and pick out one of the best, Leone played alongside many sexy anime characters but she was spectacular.

She is very strong and conversant with combat. Her sexy body is revealed based on the kind of clothes she wears. Her figure could draw anyone’s attention.

She has this lion strength when she is in beast mode too.

  1. Orihime Inoue, From The Series Bleach

She is just a teenager though but she was created with this wonderful physique that put her on this list, her waist-length is long, with her gorgeous orange hair.

She is naturally slender, she has this surprisingly amazing curve and relatively large breasts which you all know most times the peak of beauty for most girls.

  1. Yoruichi, From The Series Bleach

Yoruichi is among the most powerful female anime characters in the series bleach. She has dark skin with the shape of an athlete.

She has this amazing body packed with all the sexy things of life and to top that, she has a very attractive face. According to the series, she takes the body of a cat whenever she chooses to go on some kind of journey.

  1. Hinata Hyuga, From The Series Naruto

Hinata Hyuga was a major character in the hit series named Naruto, in the beginning, she was a shy and relatively weak person.

She was encouraged by Naruto which now gave her the courage to become a good ninja. Hinata wasn’t that attractive because of her face, but she had a smoking body, yeah, the kind you could jump off a plane for.

  1. Erza Scarlet, From The Series Fairy Tail

The fairy tail series brings the name of Erza because she is considered one of the sexiest girls in this series.

She is among the strongest mages in her class and also among the fairy tail guild.

She comes with this amazing physique and is known mainly for her armor which was built for her, she had this sexy blue skirt with diamond earrings hanging on her ear lobes.

  1. Nami, From The Series One Piece

Yeah! Going through this list is giving you an idea right, series one piece is a must-watch now for you.

Well let’s leave that for now, Nami is a slender-looking young woman, of average height, with beautiful brown eyes and orange hair.

She is very attractive and draws a lot of attention with her beauty too.

  1. Asuna, From There Movie Sword Art Online

Asuna plays the role of Kirito’s lover in the series, Kirito wouldn’t be in love if she wasn’t beautiful to him right? Although, it isn’t all about looks.

Funny enough, she isn’t just beautiful without brains, the series is about online games and she is one of the best players.

  1. Elizabeth Liones, Nanatsu No Taizai

In a kingdom called Liones, there lived a princess named Elizabeth, she had been adopted by the king who is now her foster parent.

Well, she had this amazing beauty, she was insanely attractive and so it was no surprise when it came out that she was the reincarnation of a goddess.

  1. Lucy Heartfilia, From The Series Fairy Tail

This is another series filled with sexy women too, Lucy Heartfilia is another sexy figure, one blonde fine honey.

She has this sex appeal strategy, this could get to any man if she wants it to, she is extremely confident too.

Normally, she keeps a ponytail on the side, but that doesn’t matter though, she has this amazing blossom with a small waist and attractive hips.

  1. Esdeath, From The Series Akame Ga Kill

Here we go again, another beautiful girl with charming blue eyes matching her charming blue hair.

She had this general kind of look with her dress, long sleeves, blue scarf, and heels. Although this attire made her look like someone who could beat you, yes she can beat you up, it also gave her one sexy look also.

  1. Albedo, From The Overlord

Amazing beauty, Albedo played the role of a woman who had this undying beauty, goddess kind of look with her amazing dark-colored hair.

Albedo puts on a white attire with a silk material used to make her gloves taking up her slim hands.

When going for a battle, she straps on her full black armor and a special helmet with battle-ax and other warrior kits.

  1. Tsunade, From The Series Naruto

Tsunade isn’t just sexy in Naruto, she is very popular in the anime world because of her gorgeous physique and attractive beauty.

She once led her village in the series, she is also very strong and has healing powers.

Funny thing is that she is not a young lady, although she uses a spell to keep her intact, retain her beauty and all. Her blossoms are very large and sexy, she is just a proper sexy lady.

Let us know what you think of the sexiest anime girls of all time!

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