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 About Oscar Griffiths

Oscar Griffiths is a son of a famous American-English film, theatre, and television actor Gillian Anderson who is famously known for her roles as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully in one of the most-watched and most extended series The X-Files, and as a DSU Stella Gibson on the BBC crime drama television series The Fall.

Gillian Anderson has also seen in Sex Education the Netflix comedy-drama series portraying the role of Jean Milburn. Gillian is also famous for her role as Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of Great Britain in Netflix’s fourth season drama The Crown.

Oscar Griffiths Age, Height, Weight, Zodiac, Race/Ethnicity, Hair Color, Eye Color, Distinctive Features, Sexual Orientation, Food Habits, and Relationships

Oscar Griffiths is currently 15 years old, and he is Scorpion. Oscar Griffiths is a native of the United States and has English, German, and Irish ancestry. His birthplace is the United States.

The name of the school he attends seems unknown to us. We only know that GT Viris is his sports team. Despite not yet beginning his professional career, Oscar enjoyed riding bicycles and performing stunts.

Oscar’s height is not specified anywhere, but judging by his social media accounts, he appears taller than 5 feet. He has blonde hair and brown eyes.

There are no inputs on any online platform about his food habits and relationships. Seems like the kid is having the best of his time.

Oscar Griffiths’s Net Worth

There is a high chance that Oscar is still in high school as he is 15 years old as of now and will be celebrating his 16th on November 1st. So, he is still able to enjoy the income from his parents. His mother is estimated to have a net worth of USD 40 million. Also, her mother recently bought a home in Sri Lanka from Justin Deraniyagala, a famous painter.

A businessman by profession, his father owns several companies. According to reports, he holds a fortune worth millions of dollars.

Oscar Griffiths Social Media

Oscar Griffiths is quite famous for his bike stunt performance on his Instagram account, and his fans and followers love his social media personality. His Instagram username is @oscaregriffiths, which has more than 7.6k followers. He has shared chiefly photos of his bike stunts and racing on his Instagram. Though he has an account on other social media accounts – Twitter and Facebook, he is not active.

Oscar Griffiths Early Life and Family

Oscar’s attractive features and mother have brought him to the forefront.

Her mother, Gillian, previously dated Clyde Klotz. It was a Buddhist wedding held on the 17th hole of the golf course on New Year’s Day of 1994 in Hawaii. A monk performed the wedding rituals as the only person in attendance. The couple had their first daughter, Piper Maru Klotz, in Vancouver on 25 September 1994. They ended their marriage after three years.

It turns out Piper’s only child is strikingly similar to the star. Piper is 27 years old now and she graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and worked as an artist in London, England.

Following that, Gillian dated Julian Ozanne, whom she married in 2004 at Lamu Island, off Kenya’s coast. Their marriage lasted two years.

Later, a guy named Mark Griffiths entered Gillian’s life in 2006. Mark is an entrepreneur working as a Director at Peacock Investments (Pvt) Ltd. In addition to owning a tea estate in Sri Lanka, he also operates a boutique hotel. With him, she has two sons, Oscar Griffiths, born in November 2006, and Felix Griffiths, born in October 2008. They parted ways in 2012 after their relationship failed to work out.

Peter Morgan was her boyfriend in 2016. Her relationship with him lasted four years.

Once, during Gillian’s interview with Anderson, she revealed being bisexual and that she has also dated a few women. In college, she met a woman with whom she was in a relationship. Unfortunately, she died of a brain hemorrhage.

Since 2021, she has lived as a single mother in London with her three children.

As an actress, she has earned fame for her work in the film industry. Among her notable works is White Bird: A Wonder Story movie and The First Lady TV series in 2022. The enormous famous 1998–2002 and 2016–2018 series The X-Files later has a video game addiction as The X-Files Game and The X-Files: Resist or Serve. Her other notable movies are The Mighty Celt in 2005, The Last King of Scotland in 2006, Sister and Shadow Dancer in 2012, and many others.

Gillian also did numerous stage shows — All About Eve (2019), A Streetcar Named Desire (2016), A Streetcar Named Desire (2014),

A Doll’s House (2009), and the old famous Absent Friends (1991) at Manhattan Theatre Club, New York. It was her first theatre stage outside her school.

The actress has also been supportive of charitable organizations and humanitarian causes. She also aided global and social causes along with her humanitarian efforts. It is her honor to represent the Neurofibromatosis Network as an honorary spokesperson. As a South African Youth Education for Sustainability (SAYes) co-founder, she has an active role in the movement.

For her services to drama, Oscar’s mother was made an Honorary Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2016. A number of awards and recognitions have been given to Gillian for her work. The Screen Actors Guild has awarded her four awards, while the Primetime Emmy has given her two.

Rosemary Alyce, a computer analyst who later served as vice president of Neurofibromatosis Inc., and her husband, an owner of a film post-production company Homer Edward Anderson III, are Oscar’s maternal grandparents.

It has been revealed that Oscar’s mother has been a feminist for the majority of her life. However, a few years ago, she told an interviewer that she couldn’t tolerate women being mistreated.


There have been no contentious issues or speculations involving Oscar up to this point. The actor lives happily with his family and chooses to keep his personal life private, only showcasing his sports activity on social media. The family also respected his privacy and avoided involving Oscar in public activities.

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