Steffiana de la Cruz’s Biography

Steffiana de la Cruz’s Personal Information

In this biography, you will find out more about Steffiana de la Cruz. Steffiana de la Crus was born on the 28th of August back in the year 1974 in the United States of America. Steffiana de la Cruz is actually of Filipino-American ethnicity. Steffiana de la Cruz was actually born with the name Stephanie Anna Maria Zantua.

She is originally of Filipino descent since her parents are Filipino but immigrated to America before she was conceived. Details regarding the names of her parents have not been disclosed on the internet or any other public sources as well as her other family members such as her siblings if she ever has one or more.

As for Steffiana de la Cruz’s physical attributes, she possesses a height of 5 feet and 8 inches or about 1.73 meters or 173 centimeters. Steffiana de la Cruz also has a weight of 55 kilograms or 121 pounds. Steffiana de la Cruz also possesses a waist measuring up to 24 inches and hips with 34 inches. Her dress size in US standard measurement is a 6. Steffiana de la Cruz has a body shape of an hourglass. As for her eye color, she has dark brown eyes and the same color goes for her hair.

Steffiana de la Cruz is currently at the age of 47 years old and will be turning 48 years old on August 28 this year 2022. Steffiana de la Cruz worships the religion of Christianity and her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Steffiana de la Cruz’s Early Life and Education

It is of note that when we adore a celebrity, we always tend to get to know more about them by looking them up on different social media platforms. Most of the time we watch their interviews on YouTube since they tend to share snippets of their life in these interviews thus us getting to know a bit of them. In some cases, instead of going to YouTube to gather some information about them, we tend to go to Google and look at our admired celebrities’ biographies like what you are currently reading as of now.

It was already mentioned that Steffiana de la Cruz was initially born with the name Stephanie Anna Maria Zantua in her earlier years but she legally changed her name to Steffiana de la Cruz. She is also a Filipino who was born in the United States of America. Before Steffiana de la Cruz was born, her parents, who are also Filipino migrated to the American continent and then gave birth to Steffiana de la Cruz. Steffiana de la Cruz spent most of her life in the United States of America.

Back when she was still a child, Steffiana de la Cruz has already dreamt of becoming an actress. Because of this ambition, she pursued it for so many years until she finally became one of the most notable actresses in the acting industry of Hollywood.

But before Steffiana de la Cruz became one of Hollywood’s best actresses, Steffiana de la Cruz initially became a model for some reputed brands as well as different modeling agencies. But since she really desires to become part of the acting industry, Steffiana de la Cruz started to look for some gigs in order to jumpstart her acting career. After applying to some gigs, Steffiana de la Cruz has also been successful with gaining a ton of acting offers.

Besides finding out about our favorite celebrities’ early life, we are also eager to know their educational background and where was their alma mater. But in this case with Steffiana de la Cruz, after searching a variety of informational sources on the internet, unfortunately, there is no information regarding Steffiana de la Cruz’s educational background.

Steffiana de la Cruz’s Works and Achievements

Of course, we could not forget the reason why we adore celebrities in the first place. Most of us start to admire a celebrity when we see them in a film, an advertisement, or any other form of media. We may have been enthralled because of their performance in their works or we must probably start to get to know them due to being involved with another celebrity or if they got themselves in some drama thus making them viral for a scandal.

But in this case, perhaps a majority of us have met Steffiana de la Cruz from her acting projects such as films or shows and this segment will tell her journey of being an outstanding actress and the projects she has worked on.

Starting it off with her project back in the year 1997, when she first debut on television for a role in the drama series called Die Gang. Then a few years later, back in the year 2009, Steffiana de la Cruz acted in a film called Paul Blart: Mall Cop in which she worked alongside fellow actors Kevin James, Jaymes Mayes, and many others actors.

Next, is her project back in the year 2011, wherein she acted in the film Zookeeper in which she worked alongside fellow actors Leslie Bib, again with Kevin James, and Rosario Dawson.

And next, 4 years later, back in the year 2015, Steffiana de la Cruz once again starred in the second movie of her first project called Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, in which she made a spectacular acting performance on the big screen which garnered her praises from the fans and the critics.

Steffiana de la Cruz’s Scandals and Dramas Involved In

Besides our favorite celebrities’ personal life and achievements that we so desperately want to keep updated, we are also after the juiciest scandals and dramas that these celebs have been involved in.

We all know that celebrities are just humans and they tend to make mistakes that get broadcasted to a global audience thus causing a ruckus and garnering media attention. But there are some instances wherein celebrities get tangled up in some dramas with perhaps another celebrity, a non-celebrity, their managing team, perhaps family problems, and many other things that would result in controversy.

Most of the time, with these controversies they get themselves involved in, always do the majority of exposing the celebrities for who they truly are. Are they the victim? Or was it their fault? Are they good or bad? Do they deserve to be pardoned or should we just let them go? A variety of questions arises from the paparazzi, social media, fans, and critics.

Sometimes, these dramas and controversies also do not just end right away because some celebrities do not wish to address them or confront them. And in some cases, these dramas and controversies are also one of the causes of a big fight.

Just take the fans of a singer, for example, if their favorite artist got into some kind of drama with a fellow artist, the fans of both artists would start to rival each other, throw hate on each other as well as the idol of the opposing side. It is one giant mess and sometimes we get tired of it, but sometimes we go grab popcorn and watch them fight.

The worst part of being involved in dramas and controversies is that sometimes, celebrities tend to lose their jobs slowly. For example, if this celebrity has sponsorships or partnerships with reputed brands, some of these brands would revoke or remove the celebrity from being one of their ambassadors if they got involved with controversies in order to protect the credibility of their brand. Mostly, dramas are one of the causes of someone’s downfall. And in this case, you will know whether Steffiana de la Cruz has involved herself in some petty drama, scandal, or any other controversies.

So far, after searching a variety of informational sources on the internet, it was not stated nor mentioned that Steffiana de la Cruz has gotten herself involved with any kind of drama or controversy. That is because she may be someone who does not want to get involved with drama or is very private whenever some drama has aroused in her life in order to not let the paparazzi get involved.

Steffiana de la Cruz’s Dating Life, Relationships, Partners, and Affairs

Another one of the most talked about factors of a celebrity’s life is their love life. We all know that celebrities are also humans like us and they also date like noncelebrities as we do.

However, it can be such a struggle for them to date since they are always busy with work, they are managed strictly by their managing team and their agencies, and their life is mostly publicized thus not having the privacy they need for dealing with personal affairs. Moreover, the paparazzi and fans are always watching which is why it is such a struggle for them to date.

This builds a wave of shock once they indeed find themselves a partner because most people would expect that they are single and would not be getting involved with anybody just yet.

Here in this segment, you will find out if Steffiana de la Cruz is currently involved with anyone or not. And news flash! Steffiana de la Cruz is indeed involved in a relationship with someone at the moment and that is her co-star in two of the films she has worked on, and it is no other than Kevin James.

The story of how they met seems as if like it came straight out of the movies and that is because the two met on a blind date back in the year 2001 then a few months later, Steffiana de la Cruz and Kevin James decided to move in together. Then two years later, back in the year 2003, Steffiana de la Cruz and Kevin James then announced their engagement in the fall.

From then onwards, up to now, their 17 years of marriage have been blissful. Steffiana de la Cruz and Kevin James have come a long way in the almost 2 decades of their marriage starting from when they officially tied the knot back in the year 2004 of the 19th of the month of June just almost a year after they got engaged. Steffiana de la Cruz and Kevin James got married at the St. Edward Catholic Church back in Dana Point, California.

Steffiana de la Cruz and Kevin James’s friends and family were in attendance at the wedding ceremony as well as the famous star, Ray Romano, from Everybody, Loves Raymond. After the wedding ceremony, it was then followed by a reception at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach.

Most of the time Steffiana de la Cruz tends to keep her relationship out of the public and the same would go with her husband Kevin James, but Kevin James shared a post on his Instagram back in their wedding anniversary back in 2020 to celebrate 16 years together with Steffiana de la Cruz. Kevin James posted a photo of him and Steffiana de la Cruz with the caption “16 years ago today! You’re all I need… and the kids… and Friday night pizza… and Sunday pasta… but that’s it… you, the kids, pizza, pasta. Love you… Deo Gratias.” Now was not that the sweetest?

But before Kevin James and Steffiana de la Cruz became together, she actually had a first marriage before Kevin and that was with Chris Penn. The two got married first back in the year 1993 up to the year 1999 before she met her current husband, Kevin.

Steffiana de la Cruz’s Net Worth

Lastly, another segment that is most talked about by the majority of the fans of celebrities or many other influential people is their favorites’ net worth. They get curious about how much their favorites earn which is why they always look it up.

And in this segment, you will get to know just how much Steffiana de la Cruz earns. Steffiana de la Cruz earns about a net worth of 5 Million US Dollars from all of her acting and modeling altogether. 


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