Katie Douglas Biography

Katie Douglas’ Personal Information

Katie Emily Douglas, also known as Katie Douglas was born on the 19th of October in the year 1998 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. She is currently 22 years old, turning 23 years old in October 2022, and her star sign is a Libra. She follows the belief, Christianity.

She has a height of 5 feet and 1 inch or 1.55 meters, or 155 centimeters. She weighs 45 kilograms or 99 lbs in pounds. Douglas has a pear body shape with her waist measuring up to 23 inches and her hips up to 32 inches. Her eye color and hair color are both brown.

Katie Douglas’ Early Life and Education

Katie Douglas started her acting career when she was still 6 years old. She acted at the Great Big Theatre Company located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. She became a part of numerous productions from this theatre which includes a play for Christmas that involves portraying penguins as well as playing Tinkerbell at a summer camp hosted by the Burlington Dance Academy.

Even her busy schedule as an actress, she still did not fail to go to school. Katie Emily Douglas attended the Nelson High School which is also located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. But of course, travelling for her career to get to the studio or to places where her projects are being shot at, are necessary, which is why Katie Douglas always travel with a tutor and still manage to complete her studies despite her busy schedule.

Katie Douglas’ Career and Achievements

Katie Douglas began her career in screen acting at the tender age of six. Katie Douglas started to get famous for playing the character Sally Wilcox on an action TV show called Spooksville by Discovery Family on the year 2013 uo to 2014. Next on her career was when Katie Emily Douglas portrayed the character, Young Irisa for the TV series called Defiance: The Lost Ones which is a science fiction action TV series. This showed was premiered on SyFy back in March 2014.

When Katie Emily Douglas turned 15 years old, she was nominated for an award called Outstanding performer in a Children’s Series, an award by the 41st Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards which was held in Los Angeles 2014, because of her portrayal of the character Sally Wilcox in the show she previously starred in called , Spooksville.

Another one of Katie Douglas’s past projects was when she starred in a show called Mary Kills People. She portrayed the character, Naomi Malik and this was presented back in the year 2017 for the Global Network Canadian comedy show. After her project, she had another one in the next year, and this is when she played as a lead role with the character named Vivien, in a science fiction film called Level 16 which was aired on 2018.

Later in the year 2019, Katie Douglas was nominated for her outstanding performance of being the lead role of the 2018 film, Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey, however she lost to Anne With An E star, Amybeth McNulty. In the next few years, in 2021, Katie Emily Douglas also starred in the Netflix show, Ginny & Georgia. Douglas portrayed the character Abby, who is Ginny’s friend and part of the MANG group, a friend group of Max, Abby, Norah, and Ginny.

Another one of Katie Douglas’s roles is the main character of the CBC Television show, Pretty Hard Cases. Katie Douglas plays the character Jackie Sullivn, an 18-year-old character. The show that Katie Douglas is working on is about a female police comedy-drama.

List of Katie Douglas’s Filmography and Her Roles

  • Films
  • Compulsion (2013) : Young Saffron
  • Level 16 (2018): Vivien
  • Every Day (2018): Megan / A
  • Double Edged (2020): Evelyn and Samantha
  • The Walk (2022): Kate Coughlin


  • Television Film
  • Stay With Me (2011): Lucy
  • Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (2012): Rose Leacock
  • Defiance: The Lost Ones (2013): Young Irisa
  • Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey (2018): Lisa McVey
  • Thicker Than Water (2019): Addie Decker


  • Television Series
  • F2: Forensic Factor (2007): Brenda
  • Flashpoint (2009): Jennifer Sabiston
  • Less Than Kind (2012): Brenda
  • Alphas (2012): Teenage Nina
  • Spooksville (2013-2014): Sally Wilcox
  • Saving Hope (2014): Tatum
  • Defiance (2013-2015): Young Irisa / Irizu / Little Girl
  • Max & Shred (2015-2016): Melanie
  • Eyewitness (2017-2019): Bella Milonkovic
  • Raising Exoectations (2016): Connor Wayney
  • Creeped Out (2018): Indigo
  • Burden of Truth (2018): Amanda Parson
  • Mary Kills People (2017-2019): Naomi Malik
  • Nurses (2019): Sasha
  • Ginny & Georgia (2021): Abby
  • Pretty Hard Cases (2021-2022): Jackie Sullivan


List of Katie Douglas’s Awards and Nominations

  • 41st Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards (2014)
  • Category: Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series
  • Nominated Work: Spooksville
  • Result: Nominated


  • 35th Young Artists Awards (2014)
  • Category: Best Performance – TV Series – Leading Young Actress
  • Nominated Work: Spooksville
  • Result: Nominated


  • Blood in the Snow Awards (2018)
  • Category: Best Actress
  • Nominated Work: Level 16
  • Result: Won

  • 17th Annual ACTRA Awards, Toronto (2019)
  • Category: Outstanding Performance – Female
  • Nominated Work: Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey
  • Result: Nominated

  • Canadian Screen Awards, Toronto (2020)
  • Category: Best Lead Performance, TV Movie
  • Nominated Work: Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey
  • Result: Nominated

  • Hollywood Blood Horror Festival (2021)
  • Category: Best Young Actress
  • Nominated Work: Double Edged
  • Result: Won

  • Independent Horror Movie Awards (2021)
  • Category: Best Actress
  • Nominated Work: Double Edged
  • Result: Won

  • IndieFEST Film Awards (2022)
  • Category: Award of Excellence Actress: Leading
  • Nominated Work: The Walk
  • Result: Won

  • Moscow Indie Film Festival (2022)
  • Category: Best Actress in Supporting
  • Nominated Work: The Walk
  • Result: Nominated


Katie Douglas’s Net Worth

With all the projects Katie Douglas has already made and her prestige as one of the rising actors in Hollywood, some internet sources stated that Katie Douglas’s net worth amounts to approximately $100,000 up to $1 Million.

Katie Douglas’ Relationships, Dating Life, Lovers, and Affairs

In this segment, you will find out regarding Katie Douglas’s love life. About who is she dating in the present, her past relationships, lovers, and her affairs.

According to some sources from the internet, it was stated that Katie Douglas is currently single and is not seeing anyone as of the moment. By this year, 2022, Katie is currently 23 years old and perhaps had at least one relationship in the past. She has not been engaged or married before, nor she had any affairs.

Katie Douglas’ Social Media Accounts

In this segment, you will find out more about Katie Douglas’s social media accounts and where to find her.

Katie Douglas owns an Instagram account with over 584k followers, she follows 990 accounts, and has a total of 156 posts in her account. Her Instagram username is, @katiedouglas98

Katie Douglas’ Scandals and Dramas Involved In

So far in her career, there are no reports about her getting involved with drama or scandals. Katie Douglas also appears to be a private person and keeps her personal life away from social media.

Facts About Katie Douglas That You Do Not Know

Katie Douglas may be one of the few celebrities who are in their early 20s who were able to receive over a dozen projects in the acting industry and perform all of them excellently. Katie Douglas does not just stop there, of course, she keeps on landing more opportunities in the present and in the future as well, this just makes it obvious that Katie Douglas will stay in the industry and will continue to thrive in the mere future.

This is all because of her versatility with all of her roles in every project she comes across, moreover, the viewers, fans, critics, and colleagues are colored impressed with the skills of the young lady. Katie Douglas will still be showing what she has got in the mere future as to be expected. As of now, Katie Douglas is one of the main characters of the Netflix show, Ginny & Georgia to showcase what this young actress got to the global audience.

To those who have not seen Katie Douglas’s performance on the screen, yet, are totally missing out on this young actress’s talent and skill in the acting industry. In this segment, you will find out some awesome facts about this uprising star, Katie Douglas.

  • Sorry, she is ot related to Kirk Douglas and Sarah Douglas

Katie, as you already have known by now, has the last name Douglas which makes people automatically assume that the actress is related to one of the legendary actors, Kirk Douglas. That is where you are wrong, because Katie Douglas is in no way related to Kirk Douglas. She is also not related to Sarah Douglas, a British actress. Her family is not related or have any connections to the industry full of celebrities.

  • Katie Douglas is from Ontario, Canada

Katie Douglas was born on Burlington, Ontario, Canada and she also grew up there. Her hometown was also the place where she began her first acting career. She is among the list of celebrities who also live in the area she is such as Jim Carrey, Dan Akroyd, and Michael Cera. As of now, there are no reports regarding her migrating from a different country and perhaps might still be living in Ontario, Canada. Further updates of her relocation might be announced in the future.

  • Katie Douglas is Fond of Drawing

Besides her passion and skills for acting, the actress is also quite great with drawing. She loves to show her creativity and grabs any opportunity to express her creativity and showcase it to the world. With drawing, she is able to express her creativity.

  • She Enjoys the Outdoors World

Katie may look reserved but she is a curious person. She loves staying outside and appreciate nature around her. Being surrounded by nature is also soothing and healing. Katie Douglas loves going to the beach in order to relax and recharge herself.

  •   Katie Douglas is Fond of Taking Pictures

It is no shock that at this point, being an actor or actress requires a lot of time in front of the camera which is why it somehow is natural for Katie to have a fondness for taking pictures and capturing what fancies her eye. On the days when she is not working, she loves to see things from different sides. Thus making photography as one of her hobbies besides drawing, and acting. Besides admiring capturing scenes, she also loves to admire people’s works.

  • Katie Douglas is a Huge Fan of Heath Ledger

At a young age of 22, Katie Douglas might bee too young to witness Heath Ledger on screen once they were released in the past. But regardless, the years did not stop Katie Douglas to admire a legendary classic actor’s work. Katie Douglas has shown her fondness for Heath Ledger by sharing some photos about him in her Instagram.

  • She May Be Exposed On-Screen, Katie Douglas is a Private Person

Most people have experienced a normal childhood but to child actors and actresses, it is a different story for them since they have most of their personal life on display for the world to see. Katie Douglas is no stranger to the paparazzi and have most of her life exposed in social media for the world to see, but regardless, she constantly tries to keep a lot of factors in her personal life private and enjoy the privacy. Katie Douglas does not really do plenty of interviews and she does not share a lot of posts on her social media accounts that has anything to do with her personal life.

  • Katie Douglas is also a Musician

If you have made it to this part, you have probably know now that Katie Douglas is a multitalented person. Not only that she is an excellent actress, an artistic person, a photographer, but she is also a musician. She loves to sing and play her guitar during her free time. It appears that Katie Douglas loves music but she has not released any of her compositions just, yet.

  • Katie Douglas Loves Reading

We all know that one of the basics of improving ones skill is to learn more. It is no doubt that Katie Douglas is also a smart person. She is fond of expanding her knowledge regarding multiple aspects to be educated with a lot of things in life and in her realm of profession. When she has time in her hands, she usually just read to her heart’s content.





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