Jesse James Keitel Biography

Jesse James Keitel’s Personal Information

Jesse James Keitel was born on the 26th of June on the year 1993 in the United States of America. Jesse James Keitel is part of the LGBTQ community and Jesse James Keitel uses non-binary pronouns, she/her. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Jesse James Keitel is currently 28 years old. Jesse James Keitel has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches or 170 centimeters and he also has a weight of 55 kilograms or 121 pounds.

Jesse James Keitel’s Early Life and Education

Before a celebrity’s rise to fame, we all know that they come from different backgrounds in life that might have influenced their present life in stardom. In this segment, you will know the how Jesse James Keitel’s life back then before she became a celebrity.

Before rising to fame, Jesse James Keitel is originally from Long Island and is currently residing in New York City. This is also the same city wherein she completed her studies. She studied at the Pace University in New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Acting back in the year 2015.

Jesse James Keitel’s Career and Achievements

As we all know, celebrities do not just simply do a project they volunteered or offered for then be shown to the public. Every project that they do will be celebrated on award shows in order to acknowledgement their hard work, their crafts, and how excellent they are with the project they have been working on along with other celebrities and other professionals in the industry they are in.

For Jesse James Keitel, back in the year 2019, Jesse James Keitel became a cast of the world premiere of the play Theo by Martin Moran, which was held in the Two River Theatre. Jesse James Keitel was casted as the leading role of an upcoming sci-fi series by MadRiver Pictures which is Forever Alone. Besides that, Jesse James Keitel also appeared in Fluidity, which was Linda Yellen’s 2019 Showtime feature. This show was not only featured by Jesse James Keitel but by Nico Tortorella as well. And in the present year, Jesse James Keitel has debuted for a role in Queer As Folk by Peacock and she portrayed the role of Ruthie.

Besides being a talented actress, she also performed as a drag queen and she performed under the stage name, Peroxide, and she is a member of the Haus of Femanon. As a drag queen or as Peroxide Femanon, she appeared in a docuseries called Fill In The Blank by Logo TV, as well as in Sasha Velour’s New York Fashion Week Season 19 collab with the Opening Ceremony.

Back in the year 2020, Jesse James Keitel also starred as the character Jerrie Kennedy in Big Sky, a crime thriller show, which makes her became popular as one of the first non-binary actors to portray a role in a non-binary series regularly on television.

With all of Jesse James Keitel’s hard work in the film industry as an actress, it is no shocker that she would be acknowledged for her hard work and her craft. One of Jesse James Keitel’s biggest and notable achievements is when she won a BAFTA or the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Student Film Awards, a Gold Medal, as well as the Student Academy Awards.

Besides all of her awards revolving the film industry, Jesse James Keitel was also honored for her portrayal of one the queer characters in the film Alex Strangelove, produced by Ben Stiller on Netflix. Her portrayal was recognized by Out magazine’s OUT100 back in the year 2018. Besides her role in Alex Strangelove, she was also acknowledged for playing the role of the first non-binary character in another TV show called Younger.

Another one of Jesse James Keitel’s outstanding awards is when she was honored the Equality Award in this year 2022 by the Human Rights Campaign.

Jesse James Keitel’s Filmography

Since some of Jesse James Keitel’s other filmography were not mentioned in the previous segments, this segment will offer you the list of Jesse James Keitel’s filmographies throughout the years of her being an actress.

  • Celebrity Ghost Stories (2013): played as David (From the episode, Coco/Craig Kilborn/Diana DeGarmo/Tommy Davidson
  • What Would You Do? (2016): played as a closeted gay teenager (From the episode #11.7)
  • Alex Strangelove (2018): played as Sidney (Film)
  • Younger (2018): played as Tam (From the episode #505: “Big Little Liza”)
  • Miller & Son (2019): played as Ryan Miller (Film)
  • Fluidity (2019): played as Kevin (Film)
  • Forever Alone (2020): played as Adrian (6 episode)
  • Big Sky (2020-up to the present): played as Jerrie Kennedy (played as the main character, 2020-2021, then a special guest star in 2021 up to now)
  • Queer As Folk (2022-up to the present): played as Ruthie O’Neil (played as the main role)
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022): played as Dr. Aspen (From the episode 7 in season 1)

Jesse James Keitel’s Net Worth

This segment is one of the most sought-after information about a famous person because a lot of people are very invested with how much a person earns. We always tend to search the internet regarding a famous person or an actress, chief executive officer, YouTuber, or an influencer’s net worth because we want to know the value of their net.

In this segment, you will find out how much Jesse James Keitel’s net is worth. According to some sources from the internet, it was mentioned that Jesse James Keitel has a net worth of a million US dollars from due to her accumulated profession as an actress, model, drag queen, scriptwriter, and an influencer.

Jesse James Keitel’s Social Media Accounts

Besides our favorite celebrities’ net worth, we are also looking forward towards our favorite celebrities’ social media accounts. Celebrities have a massive following due to the fans they have accumulated throughout their years of being in stardom, how popular their show or film or any project they got involved in, as well as other reasons as to why their followers look forward to their future posts.

Celebrities need social media account because these are one the ways they can interact with other celebrities or their peers and most especially, with their fans. Their social media accounts are also entertaining because of some drama arises from these platforms. The paparazzi or their fans and of course, the haters, get so invested with a celebrity’s social media accounts because they always tend to find something entertaining that could make it to the headlines. Usually, it is about a dating rumor, like when a celebrity poses with other celebrities, people are quick to jump to conclusions that they are probably romantically afflicted with one another. Some of the people would also make more rumors and would spread like wildfire in the social media platforms, some people might support it, while the others might be completely against it and would throw so much hate on the celebrities. Some would even go to the lengths of dealing it in public wherein it put so much shame on the celebrities as well the other people involved in it. But nonetheless, social media accounts of celebrities are not going anywhere because they also need it for other purposes.

Another reason as to why celebrities have their own social media accounts is because they can share their crafts through it. For example, when an actor shares a snippet of the show they are working on or a behind the scenes photo along with other cast for a film they are making. These kind of posts of theirs instantly gathers a lot of attention and will the increase the chances of gaining new fans and supporters in their career. Besides this, celebrities also use social media accounts to market products that they are in contract with. Some celebrities are the so-called face of the brands or ambassadors or ambassadress. With the help of their social media accounts, not only that they will benefit from their marketing but it is also a win situation for the brand or services that they are in contract with. Most big brands sign with celebrities or other famous personalities because it is a strategy to influence or encourage the fans of their ambassadors to purchase the product or services that their favorites are marketing.

Now that you have known the full grasp of the purpose of social media accounts of your favorite celebrities, you will finally find out the social media account that Jesse James Keitel has. She is called @jessejameskeitel on Instagram. Check out her Instagram account because it is full of cool photos about her cosplaying, photoshoots, as well as her other crafts which are some shows that she is probably working on. Follow her for more updates about her personal life or her life as a professional actress, model, drag queen, and fashion style influencer.

Jesse James Keitel’s Relationships, Affairs, and Dating Life

Of course, how could we forget about one of the hottest topics that a celebrity could get involved in. we all know that some of us here make up imaginations in our head that we would be in a relationship with our favorite celebrities and we would fight against other people as well about it but most of the time, relationships with our favorite celebrities do not really happen. That is because celebrities mostly get in a relationship with their peers or other celebrities as well because most of the time, they might have mutual friends, have met in parties, or they might have worked with these celebrities in the same project and have developed feelings for each other.

Some of the relationships we see in social media are sometimes just for publicity by the celebrities as per request of their managing team so that they could be relevant and be on the headlines all the time. These typically do not end well because like what was mentioned, it is only due to a contract they shared and perhaps has a date as to when will they end their charades. But there are indeed some celebrity relationships that are genuine and most of the time has ended up in marriage and having their own family in the end.

In this segment, you will find out whether Jesse James Keitel is involved in any relationships, is currently dating someone, has an affair, or is currently married to someone. And the answer is, according to some sources from the internet, Jesse James Keitel is not currently single and is not romantically afflicted with anyone as of the moment. This is just an assumption and is based off of some information in the internet and was never confirmed by Jesse James Keitel herself. Who knows, maybe she is actually dating or in a relationship with someone in secret to avoid any outrage from the public.

Jesse James Keitel’s Scandals and Dramas

Another one takes the podium of one of the most interesting topics about a celebrity if they are ever involved in one. Scandals and dramas. We mostly get to know the true colors of the celebrities because of they are usually judged by how they deal with the drama or scandal that they go involved in or were dragged into. This topic usually last for a long time because rumors keep popping up in social media, then some facts are then provided to debunk some rumors, or some celebrities just would not stop with the drama to stay relevant. Sometimes, celebrities usually just cause drama out of the blue. Some of them would even go to the lengths of starting reality shows that usually revolve around them and would create sudden drama so that people would keep talking. Sometimes, celebrities’ drama that we see in the internet are just marketing strategies or ways to be relevant and stay in the headlines. But there are some times wherein the drama that they are involved in are actually real and legit.

As for Jesse James Keitel, if you may or may not know, she is a very private person and so far, according to some sources in the internet, she was not involved in any drama or scandals and has been keeping her personal life private so that she will be at peace.


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