With the tremendous development of social media, a group of individuals has gained more influence worldwide; these individuals are called celebrities. But what draws the attention of teenagers to celebrities so much? Message. The most used communication object on the face of the earth. The message can be expressed in different ways; in the case of celebrities, these messages are transmitted through their image.

These celebrities are more present in social media, technologies that allow the sharing of information and digital content; some say that celebrities dominate these networks, and they are the majority traction. In the main social media, celebrities show their lifestyle, the success of their careers, wealth, and assets; most of them started as famous artists, who later embarked on communication platforms.

Nowadays, we can find different variations, such as the so-called influencers, whose main function is to encourage people to adhere to certain products or programs. Still, artists such as singers, football and basketball players, or even socialites have drawn a lot of public attention. Therefore, it is to be expected that the content they share and how they lead their lives, the controversies, and literally any and every word that comes out of their mouths has both a positive and a negative influence, especially on teenagers.

For example, in 2018, famous actor and comedian Kavin Hart drew attention to rappers Lil Pump and Lil Xan for their facial tattoos, which influenced 12-year-olds to want to imitate the act and write on their faces, which would lessen the probability of getting a job in the “real world.”

But there is also the case of celebrities who call young people’s attention to their academic life, encouraging them not to give up on their studies and seek to earn a degree. There are even celebrities who helped countless young people pay their tuition fees. Some celebrities are also part of various organizations as philanthropists like – PETA,  4Ocean, Keto, Global UNICEF, etc.

Why do teens go crazy over celebrities?

Celebrities convey confidence and security, they seem to have control over everything around them. They exhibit a dream lifestyle, sometimes they can even be in the middle of controversy, but all the attention — sometimes unwanted — they receive also tends to influence the community. In the case of teenagers, they start to wish they had that kind of life or small pieces of it. The teens start to set life goals based on what they see on social media, and, in this way, celebrities become role models, even without the intention.

The search for examples of “successful” lives is more significant when the teenager comes from a dysfunctional family, turbulent and conflict-filled environments threaten the healthy and consistent development of the teenager, young people with low self-esteem will undoubtedly be influenced by the slender waists and toned legs displayed by celebrities such as models or any other who take care of their physical appearance.

They start to shape their lifestyle and way of thinking, taking as a reference the kings and queens of social networks, that is, doing what they do to get that result they have.

Why do youth follow celebrities?

Celebrities are a hit among teens, they can follow them under the influence of external people or even characteristics of the celebrity profile that the teenager is interested in, some still like to keep abreast of celebrity controversies and don’t miss any detail about them. Several aspects lead them to follow celebrities.

Celebrities are entertainers, so for that reason alone, they can hold the attention of teens. Being a small hobby or a daily ritual, reaching the posts and the plot of the lives of the famous is a common practice nowadays.

Social media references of celebrities to attract youth.

Cardi B

It drew more attention through one of the main social media, Instagram.

But it was first the rapper’s personality that caught the attention of netizens, who soon began to use her catchphrases: “okurttt,” which also drew attention to her musical work, an example of which is the hit “Bodak Yellow,” that was on every teenager’s mouth in 2018.

Oprah Winfrey

A great personality and a successful leader from the end of the last century to the present day, she has influenced and inspired teenagers, encouraging productivity and motivating them to climb the stairs towards personal self-fulfillment. Her support for former US President Barack Obama, highlighted by social media, was a key driving force that drew young people to the vote.

Kanye West

More recent is rapper Kanye West, who introduced Black Future Month, replacing Black History Month, aims to celebrate the future victories of the Black community rather than reminisce about past centuries of oppression and the march of black people towards freedom this year from slavery. Also, the various battles to break the barriers prevented them from progressing.

Jenner and Kardashian Sisters

Keeping Up with the Kardashians was the longest American reality TV show from 2007 to 2021. The shows have shown all — their family bond, growing fame, high-profile relationships, empires, and many more. With the way that the KUWTK has been marketed, they have shown each family as a different type of person. Among all the sisters, Kylie is the younger one, and her bold personality has attracted many teens out there.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the top celebrities that have been idolized by teens globally. Even ten years old are their fans. The Jenners sister has come from one of the most recognizable families worldwide, and they also voted Most Influential Teens on Business-standard multiple times.

Teens love Kylie Jenner because she wears lots of makeup, owns Kylie Cosmetics line at the young age of 17, is fit and fabulous, wears sexy clothing, and posts a crazy amount of pictures showing her lavish lifestyle. There is nothing no one likes about Kylie Jenner’s Instagram feed — she rocks her bold hair colors — gry, blue, red, you name it, and she looks deep down gorgeous in it. Her bold lip shades and nail art with a gangsta chic look; keep the teens craving for more.

If you follow the Jenner and Kardashian sisters on Instagram, ever scroll through comments and wonder why people are writing — first, row, CB, LB? This is because they are actually using their accounts as message boards for inflating their follower count.

First means — like the first post. Row means — like the three pics in a row. CB means Comment Back, and LB means Like Back. The comment is not meant for them or asking Kendall or Kylie to like or comment on their posts. But they want other people who scroll in the comments section to go to their account, like, and comment on their posts.

This code has been heavily used on the Kardashians and Jenners comment section on Instagram since 2012, and there is no signs of fading away, it’s wildly growing. This trick has boosted the overall likes and followers the person accounts have.

Responsibilities of celebrities to be role models.

Many may disagree, but this is a fact, much of the teen community profoundly listens to celebrities; these individuals must take this into account when making their actions and opinions public.

Why do we idolize celebrities?

Celebrities are practically the owners of the entertainment world these days; about 40% of the daily news content has to do with them. Almost everyone talks about them; they are present in conversations between friends, work colleagues, schoolmates, or even family members; they are a kind of escape valve of everyday life.

In addition to drawing attention to the factors in their lives, they also greatly influence the fashion world, encouraging the use of different pieces and implementing different and unusual styles, which lead people to change and restructure their way of dressing. We can find celebrities who have gained the public by building cosmetics, clothing, and accessories companies. Some have become billionaires and have a loyal legion of fans and followers.

The public is inclined to adhere to anything that celebrities use or represent. An example of this is that most of them are used in brand advertisements, encouraging different products.

Their image is enough to attract subjects from all sides. Celebrities are slender physical models, even if not officially; part of this is due to the industry’s pressure on them to always be in shape, that is, within the strict beauty standards imposed by society.

They become examples of good physicality, so a large part of the community takes them as a reference, especially those dissatisfied with themselves. So they start by changing their diet, sticking to a physical schedule similar to the famous ones. Each person has its characteristics. Although they have similarities; what works for someone may not work for another, it is always advisable to consult a nutritionist and a physical trainer.

But in addition to artistic works, industrial influences, or the image itself, what most attracts attention is the activity of celebrities within social networks, where they show their successes, material possessions, and happy families. These individuals are wealthy, which alone attracts admiration, the luxurious life that we can easily see-through social platforms is a fascination in the eyes of any mortal.

Who wouldn’t be attracted by the famous brands of expensive cars or even the unique art pieces — and sometimes of historical value — that adorn the famous mansions?

We haven’t even begun to talk about the jewels full of precious stones that sparkle around their necks, examples of which are the gold necklaces and chains set with high-quality diamonds, the use of clothes from the highest brands, and access to exquisite beauty products. The list of things that draw our attention to the kings and queens of social media is long.

How do celebrities influence teens?

Famous artists such as musicians from the most popular genres ― such as cultural pop or hip hop ―, actors from trending series, or other personalities such as famous writers attract the attention of teenagers, highly influencing them.

Teenagers don’t take long to show their admiration through fanfics they’ve written; some of these works have even reached fame and received movie adaptations; others do covers of their favorite artist’s songs or make pages dedicated to the actors.

Celebrity works directly influence young people, who spend hours watching and sharing content with others, faster than a pandemic.

Why should celebrities not be role models?

It is true that, as celebrities, famous and public people, they have a responsibility to behave prudently, because everything they do will have a wide repercussion, they strongly influence the community. But not all celebrities take that responsibility, and those who seek to be exemplary won’t — and can’t — be perfect forever.

It is not feasible to have them as role models for this and many other reasons. They are not obliged to have exemplary conduct. In social media, they can be whatever they want, so it is as if we are taking on a character from a movie as a reference to shape our life.

We have to keep in mind that no one is the same version of themselves in front of a large crowd or a small room. People change according to the environment and the place where they feel more comfortable, and you will be taking an unknown as an example of life. It’s not wrong to be inspired by the success story of famous people, but everyone has their own path.

The perfection and seemingly lasting well-being they show on social media are superficial; no one is happy all day, they are still human beings, and even more than that, that’s their job.

Final Thoughts

Taking other individuals as a reference, that is, shaping life according to theirs, is losing personal authenticity, that is, losing identity.

Worshiping celebrities is by no means a healthy practice; what they show or what they are in front of the camera is what they choose to be, things they decide to say, the lifestyle they choose to show.

They are choices; life is made of individual decisions, not to build life according to someone else’s choices. Choose to be you above anything; everyone can develop their personality; it’s better to choose that than fuel disappointments.

Nicolas Desjardins

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