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Every night, millions of Americans tune in to watch Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News. This popular host and political commentator became a household name for his controversial and conservative opinions. He speaks out against the “elites” who espouse “leftist agendas” that he fights. Because of his career, Tucker Carlson gets attacked by Democrats, left-leaning celebrities, and his opponents.

Fortunately, Tucker Carlson has Susan Andrews. They have been married for thirty years, building a quiet and supportive family. So while Tucker Carlson faces intense political conflicts and criticisms, he finds stability in his spouse and children.

There are thousands of articles online about Tucker Carlson. But, this time, we will focus more on Susan Andrews. Who is she, and what was her life like before and after getting married?

Susan’s Andrews’ biography

Little gets known about Susan Andrews’ childhood and early teenage years. Even though her husband is a celebrity, she lives in strict privacy. But her story online begins when she and Tucker Carlson began dating in tenth grade. Her father led St. George’s School, an all-boys institution. Tucker recounted that Susan Andrews was the “cutest” girl in tenth grade. Susan Andrews described young Tucker as “optimistic,” noting how he always wore khaki pants.

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson got married in 1991 after her father agreed to their relationship. The couple described their union as old-school and 19th century. Since then, Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson have had four children. (You will learn more about their family later.)

They faced many tests during their relationship. As Tucker Carlson became more popular in the 2000s, Kimberly Carter accused Tucker of raping her. But this crisis made their marriage stronger. Susan Andrews defended and stayed with her husband. Later on, Kimberly Carter said that it was all a lie. She blamed a mental health issue that made her delusional.

In 2018, their family got endangered by what they believed was a political threat. One night, Susan Andrews was cooking in the kitchen when someone attacked their front door, screaming threats. Fortunately, that person only managed to leave a crack in their door.

Susan Andrews’ net worth

For many years now, Tucker Carlson has become one of the highest-rating and most famous conservative icons in the United States. At least three million people watch his show on Fox News each night. During the episodes of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he talks about political issues. He also promotes his viewpoints about America’s cultural and traditional identity.

Because of his sensational show, Tucker Carlson earns so much money from his salaries, endorsements, grants, writings, and speeches. Yahoo declares that Tucker Carlson enjoys a net worth reaching $30 million. Susan Andrews and their children benefit from this wealth.

Susan Andrews’ family

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews have four children. Buckley is a communications director at the United States Congress. He studied political science at the University of Virginia and worked as an intern at the White House and a leading law firm.

Little gets known about their other children: Dorothy, Lillie, and Hopie. They do not appear on the media and the Internet as often as their trending dad.

Susan Andrews’ job and business

As stated earlier, Susan Andrews enjoys her quiet and private life. She talks at times about her romantic story with Tucker Carlson. But, aside from a few pictures and interviews, Susan and her life details remain elusive on the Internet.

Susan Andrews is a full-time housewife, taking care of their family. As the spouse of a controversial celebrity, Susan Andrews does her best to support her husband.

Susan Andrews’ husband—Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson got born on May 16, 1969, in San Francisco. His father, Dick, became a journalist, radio company director, corporate president, and the United States ambassador to Seychelles. Meanwhile, his mother, Lisa, was an actress. Tucker has one brother, Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson. He is a manager and operative for the Republican Party.

Tucker Carlson’s youth

Unfortunately, Tucker Carlson’s parents divorced in 1976 because their relationship became “sour.” Lisa also tried to become a “bohemian” hippy, leaving her family. Because of this, Tucker and Buckley grew up under their father’s care. They moved to San Diego, California.

Tucker Carlson grew up in a rich and prestigious environment. His father had estates in Nevada and Vermont. He even had islands in Nova Scotia and Maine! In 1979, three years after his painful divorce, Dick Carlson married Patricia Caroline Swanson. She belonged in a multi-million-dollar clan that used to own Campbell Soup Company.

Tucker Carlson studied in a Swiss boarding school, but he got expelled. Then, he finished his secondary education at St. George’s School, where he met his would-be wife, Susan Andrews, as mentioned earlier. Tucker Carlson studied history at Trinity College in Connecticut. After graduating, Tucker Carlson tried entering the Central Intelligence Agency. His application got denied, so he pursued journalism instead.

Tucker Carlson’s writing career

Before becoming one of the most recognizable political celebrities, Tucker Carlson’s beginnings were humble. This timeline is how he rose to fame (or infamy, depending on your political views):

  • Tucker Carlson worked as a reviewer and fact-checker for The Heritage Foundation’s Policy Review journal. (The Hoover Institution now owns this publication.)
  • Tucker Carlson moved to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He wrote opinion pieces for this newspaper.
  • In 1995, he worked at The Weekly Standard founded that year. Tucker implied in later interviews that his views would become more accepted there than in other publishing companies.
  • In 1999, Tucker Carlson interviewed George W. Bush, who campaigned for the presidency. Tucker Carlson grilled the Texan politician about allegedly disrespecting a woman who got executed in his state. This exchange hurt Bush’s poll results and public image. Because of this, Liberals and Democrats praised Tucker for attacking George Bush. The future president said Tucker misread him, but he still remarked that he was a “good reporter.”
  • Tucker Carlson became more popular as a writer and columnist. He wrote for publications like the New York and Reader’s Digest magazines. Moreover, Tucker submitted articles to The New York Times, Esquire, The Wall Street Journal, and Slate.
  • In 2003, he got nominated for the National Magazine Awards because of his article about his trip to Liberia with Al Sharpton and leading activists.

Tucker Carlson’s rising television careers

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson began appearing on television. Here is the timeline of his career on cable news stations:

  • In 2000, Tucker Carlson started working on Cable News Network or CNN. H participated in a brief show named The Spin Room. A year later, in 2001, he became a fellow host at Crossfire. In this show, he debated his conservative viewpoints every other night. Tucker Carlson stayed at CNN until 2005. Tucker Carlson declared that he disliked the “pointless” arguments on Crossfire.
  • Tucker Carlson also worked at the Public Broadcasting Service or PBS from 2004 to 2005. He had a program named Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered, where he spoke about conservatism and the political right. This show ran at the same timeslot as Tucker Carlson’s Crossfire program on CNN.
  • He terminated his program at PBS to focus on his self-named show on MSNBC. “Tucker” started on June 13, 2005. He had several leftist guests there like Rachel Maddow. During his stay at MSNBC, he covered monumental incidents in 2006 and 2007. These stories include the 2006 Winter Olympics, the Lebanon War, and the shootings at the Johnson Space Center.
  • Tucker Carlson stayed on MSNBC until March 10, 2008. His contract did not get renewed for his low show ratings. The network also became more inclined to the political left, alienating him.
  • During this period, Tucker Carlson ventured outside his journalistic career. He participated in the third season of Dancing with the Stars in 2006. He learned ballroom dancing in exhausting four-hour classes every day. But Tucker quickly got eliminated from the show. Then, he appeared in shows like 30 Rock, The King of Queens, and Swing Vote.

Tucker Carlson at Fox News

Finally, in May 2009, Tucker Carlson became a contributor at Fox News. He appeared in the shows hosted by Greg Gutfeld, Bret Baier, and Sean Hannity. Tucker Carlson also produced a 2010 documentary entitled Fighting for Our Children’s Minds. Three years later, he became a co-host of the weekend edition of Fox and Friends.

In November 2016, his iconic show Tucker Carlson Tonight began. That year, it became the most-watched show on Fox News since 3.7 million people watched it regularly. This record would sometimes get overcome by Sean Hannity in the following years.

The Tucker Carlson Tonight show generated controversies and outcries because of his comments about sensitive issues. At the beginning of 2019, he lost six percent of his regular viewers. Twenty-six advertisers also pulled out their promotions from Tucker Carlson’s timeslot. His issues reached their climax when Media Matters compiled his concerning comments about women, rape, and immigrants years ago. But his viewership increased later that week by eight percent.

In June 2020, Tucker Carlson’s show became the most-viewed cable news program in the United States. Reports show that four million people watched him every night on average. This rise is because of the Black Lives Matter riot and the political tensions in the country at that time. Because of Tucker Carlson’s unrestrained commentary on triggering issues, many companies removed their advertising at his timeslot. They include Disney and Papa John’s.

But Tucker Carlson’s viewer count and influence continued to grow. In October 2020, his evening show reached a monthly average of 5.3 million people. This statistic is the highest record in the history of cable news in the country. His viewership remained steady even during the first months of the Biden presidency.

His famous content became one of Fox News’ selling points in their new streaming service called Fox Nation. There, Tucker Carlson hosted original shows and podcasts.

Tucker Carlson and The Daily Caller

Tucker Carlson launched The Daily Caller on January 11, 2010. He did so with Neil Patel, the former assistant of the vice president and Tucker Carlson’s college friend.

The Daily Caller is a political news site that asserts its ideological neutrality. The Daily Caller became a White House press corps member a month later.

This website attacked liberals, Media Matters, and the Obama campaign during its initial years.

Tucker Carlson’s books

In September 2003, Tucker Carlson made a memoir through Warner Books about his “adventures” as a cable news host. He humorously narrated how he dealt with politicians and “parasites.” Over a decade later, when Tucker Carlson became one of the leading political voices, he signed contracts with conservative publications. This deal was worth millions of dollars. In October 2018, his book entitled Ship of Fools attacked the American “ruling class” which will soon trigger a “revolution.” Three years later, in August 2021, he wrote another book. It was about his career as an American journalist.

Tucker Carlson’s political beliefs

Tucker Carlson is one of the most influential conservative voices in the United States. Analysts note that Tucker Carlson believes in populism and strong-willed politicians. He also actively speaks on racial issues, immigration policies, and nationalist ideals. Critics call him a Trumper as well because he supports Donald Trump.

As for his partisan membership, Tucker Carlson was a registered Democrat voter from 2006 to 2020. He said he hates this party, but Tucker stays there to vote for the most corrupt Democrat mayoral nominee. Nonetheless, he campaigns and votes for Republican politicians. The following was his voting record early on in his career:

  • In the 2000 United States presidential election, Tucker Carlson supported George Bush. But he would later criticize the president for his “weakness” after 9/11 and the Iraq War. Tucker Carlson also accused him of failing to prove his political conservatism. Meanwhile, during the lead-up to the 2000 election, Tucker Carlson attacked Donald Trump and his Reform Party. He described them as “repulsive” and “wackos.”
  • In 2004, Tucker Carlson did not vote because he got disappointed in President Bush and the Republican Party.


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