Visiting New York City can never be a bad idea even during the winter when the temperature is below zero, although very uncomfortable it has certain advantages to visitors.

During this time of the year, the whole place has a magical feeling with people wearing long costs and some of them very fashionable.

This winter period is very hard on visitors especially because of the cold, so a lot of people spend most time indoors during this period.

Many indoor activities come to mind in the wintertime, there are a lot of fun activities to help shake off the cold.

It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you are opting for, we have a list of things that could get you going during the winter in New York City.

We have come up with a list that contains different locations where you can enjoy several activities.

  1. Books Are Magic AKA The Magical Book Store – Go There And Enjoy Poetry

This is a book store that was opened by a local author Emma Straub, this place immediately became a big hit because prior to the time of the opening, the book court at Cobble Hill that everyone used to love got closed.

That is that for the opening. You could just stop by the Magical book store for a nice author conversation and a magical feeling.

You also get a photograph of the new Mural in the book store. With a quarter in your hand, you could get their awesome poem from the Poetry Gumball Machine they have.

  1. The Standard Ice Rink, A Place Where You Could Get Your Skate On.

The Ice rink is located at the standard in Washington street, during the winter, ice skating is always a good idea during this time.

This particular location is never overcrowded and also doesn’t have enough space but it is good for visitors, especially those who want to learn how to skate. Got chocolate is also not a bad idea too, they sell those at the standard.

The location gives you a great experience, as a visitor you could get the timer of your life there.

Some people might say that this arena isn’t good for non-skaters, well it isn’t true, it is quite simple to book a lesson for those who want to learn. Although this isn’t a must, the experience is uplifting.

Just so you know, the Ice Rink isn’t the cheapest place for Ice skating in New York City but it is on this list because you get a blissful cold walk close to the Highline.

  1. The IFC Center – Watch Movies That Could Get You Happy

What they do here would give you so much joy especially when you are a movie freak.

For some people, the IFC has become one of their winter traditions because they get to see the most epic and Oscar-considered short films.

From the beginning of the year or starting from a point during the year, the IFC center makes it a job to gather several old and new films that were made by big movie producers both in the United States and outside the United States.

This is something that you have to experience, especially for movie lovers.

  1. The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club – Enjoy Indoor Games That You Could Play Because Of The Cold Outside

This location isn’t very popular, some locals don’t even know about it but this might be somewhere you could go to unwind and feel very happy after the experience.

This location has a big area where they have variations of giant-sized board games mixed with different regular-sized board games.

All of these are available for free and people are also allowed to sign up for shuffleboard games.

When you go into the club, they give you this beautiful story about how the club was opened.

Meanwhile, in this club, the DJ loads the whole place with mixtures of good music that suits the crowd.

It is a good place for you to have a planned party and if you want to start early, you have to be there around 6 pm or at most 7 pm.

To reserve a shuffleboard court for your party, you have to be there on the ground, it is quite simple most times although you might have to wait for an hour or less.

  1. Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre – Enjoy Live Actors Showcase Their Talents On Stage

It is also called the UCB theater for short and every time you go into this place to witness a show, you would be completely happy with the step you took.

This is somewhere you could go to laugh out every sadness you have come to offload during the holiday.

They have incredibly talented people and creative thinkers that provide the whole brain work.

The tickets for most shows are very affordable and are worth every penny you spend.

Also, they offer a lot of free shows too but you get to watch these shows by coming in early.

  1. Academy LPs – Go And Enjoy The Talents That People Can Put Together

This is a nice spot to unwind and feel good for some time, it is funny how they can squeeze in a lot of fun into a pack of decent vinyl.

They possess a vast amount of vinyl that starts up from the early velvet underground and ends up in the orchestra of Somalia.

Apart from this place being amazing, it is also located in Franklin Avenue which is one of the most beautiful streets in Brooklyn.

You just don’t get to have a wonderful experience in this spot, you also get the time of your life by cruising through the beautiful neighborhood of Green point.

  1. Brooklyn Museum – Art Appreciation

The Brooklyn Museum, some people say you either have to be a lover of arts or a lover of history to enjoy yourself at a museum.

This isn’t true, you could have fun anywhere and any time you please as long as you are ready to give yourself a treat.

It is a whole different story at the Brooklyn Museum especially on the first Saturdays of every month, you could forget what you have planned and go have a good time.

On the first Saturdays of the month, everyone in Brooklyn comes out to see some art and have a wonderful time watching awesome performances.

  1. Death And Company – Go And Get Some Nice Spirit To Go With Your Mood

It is a weird name, right? Yes well, this spot is the best place for people who enjoy having a drink and chilling.

This spot in New York City gives you a new insight and a new look with a lot of appreciation for bartending.

  1. Peter Pan – Go And Enjoy Warm Snacks For The Weather

This spot seems like a normal place where you just go in and get snacks to eat, but the spot is known for its incredible doughnuts, this shop is located in Brooklyn.

This is without a doubt the place to get the best doughnuts that you could find in New York, it is also inexpensive too, with very warm donuts to help reduce the cold.

The maple donut is one of their best donuts available.

  1. The Museum Of Modern Art – Enjoy The Art Of Our Generation

The museum is sometimes called MOMA and could easily become your favorite.

The Museum is well enjoyed when there aren’t many people available in the museum viewing the arts with you.

Although if you like going to places like this when there are people around, you can decide to pick out a time when there are many people in the museum.

When you enjoy the solitude, it is best to go early in the morning because as the sun rises, more people walk into the museum.

It isn’t free every day, you can get the free package when you go on Friday around 4pm.

  1. Pause Café – A Nice Warm Place Where You Can Eat Comfortably

The café is known for delivering good and healthy breakfast for those who visit.

  1. Julliard School – To Take Your Mind Off The Cold With Live Music Performance

Most times at this spot, hosts of free or cheap concerts here.

Most of the performers in the concert are mostly Lincoln Center kind of performers but only the fact that they are students, the experience is something you can just decide to get for a particular price.

To figure out what would be on for the night, their website is available for you to check.

  1. The Bell House – Go And Have Fun At Parties With Nice Songs And Funny Outfits

This is another huge spot where parties themed based on the 90s are being held every month, they also host comedy shows on most nights.

Tickets for the shows are very cheap and most times they sell out very fast, it is best to go through the particular dates you decide to visit and then choose what you want to see.

  1. The Vessel – Enjoy The Height Above The Ground

This is another spot in New York City where people choose to have a lot of fun, the Vessel is at Hudson yards, it is one of the best fun activities in New York City that you could enjoy during your stay in New York City.

The vessel is 150ft high and has 154 flights of stairs so when you get to the top around sunset for a beautiful view.

With the new development, you cannot climb the vessel anymore for free, although you can still go near it and enjoy watching people climb for the ground.

You can also go with your partner and go up the vessel together with your partner.

  1. The Highline Of Chelsea – Somewhere To Enjoy The Neighborhood Of Chelsea

You can go to the Chelsea Highline from Hudson Yards. This place is such a beautiful and awesome place where people visit all the time, it was formally a railway and presently a greenway.

This place is a spot where you can visit on a nice sunny day.

It has many sides where you can stand to view, you could view murals, greenery, and different views of New York City from that neighborhood.

If you are lucky enough to get there when the weather is nice, the whole place could be filled up but the experience there with good weather is one you don’t want to miss.

Although it is hardly filled in the morning, and there are several spots where you can take nice photos of the gram and all that.

Here is something that is rare in most sightseeing spots, you could walk down to the Chelsea market down the Highline, you could get things to eat there in the market.

  1. The New York City Chelsea Art Galleries – Go And Appreciate Art

This Chelsea neighborhood is such a good place where you can get to see enough things when you are up to the task.

And if for some reason you happen to wind up in New York City on a Thursday, you then happen to be an art lover, then you are very lucky because the Chelsea neighborhood has a Chelsea gallery where you could go to view the arts.

This place could be some of the people’s favorite places, you can have free wine, bites, and spectacular art mostly around the evening period.

  1. Central Park – Go And Enjoy Free Fresh Air

Central Park is a major site in New York City and fortunately for everyone in New York and those visiting.

Visiting the park is something that everyone in New York must have done at some point, there is no visiting New York City without visiting the central park.

It is also free to visit and enjoy the views.

Apart from during the winter, Central Park is always somewhere that you could visit and still enjoy every period of the year.

It doesn’t matter the time of the year, central park is always ready to accept visitors, especially foreigners so they could enjoy New York City for their little time there.

  1. Grand Central Terminal Station – A Viewing Station

Yes, it is weird to just go and visit a train station and deem it a tourist site but this station is so beautiful that it made its way into our list.

This particular station has been used for countless scenes in numerous movies, the ceiling design is exceptional and is a good spot for people to go and watch.

From this train station, you can get a train moving straight into New York’s time square garden.

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