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About Cooper Matheson

The celebrity couple Tim Matheson and Meghan Murphy Matheson are the parents of Cooper Matheson.

Tim Matheson, his father, is an American movie star who played Vice President John Hoynes in the NBC drama – The West Wing and Eric “Otter” Stratton in the animated series. Meghan Murphy Matheson, his mother, participated in several movies, including Brain Donors (1992) and Dinner: Impossible (2007).

In the years between 1985 and 2010, the Cooper parents were married, but Tim and Meghan never publicly shared the news of their separation. Molly Matheson and Emma Matheson are Cooper’s siblings.

Cooper studied engineering at Columbia University and was a member of the DartBot Team which won the award for designing a robot that throws darts.

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Cooper Matheson was born in 1994, but his date of birth is not listed on the internet. However, we did track down his father Tim’s Twitter dated back to the year 2018, wishing his son a birthday on August 12th. Cooper is currently 28 years old, based on his birth year. Cooper is white, a citizen of the United States, and practices Christianity. He has brown eyes and hair. Our knowledge of Cooper’s relationships is limited since he has kept his life private.

Cooper Matheson’s Net Worth

There is no information about Cooper’s net worth. Cooper is currently working as an Engineer in the USA.

Furthermore, his father Tim Matheson has a net worth of USD 7 million. Tim’s main source of income is acting and directing movies. There is some evidence that he earns from other assets such as stocks and real estate.

Cooper Matheson Social Media

Cooper is active on social media, however, he has kept his account private. Around 689 people follow him on Instagram under the handle @coopdahoop

Cooper Matheson Early Life and Family

Jennifer, Tim’s ex-wife, meets Tim on the set of Yours, Mine & Ours. Their marriage took place in 1968, and they had a wonderful life together after that. A marriage lasted for three years before the couple divorced. A child has never been born to Jennifer Leak and Tim Matheson. He remarried Megan Murphy Matheson after fourteen years.

In the 1980s, Tim Matheson and Meghan Matheson met for the first time. Megan’s first encounter with Tim happened after he split from his first wife, Jennifer Leak. On June 29, 1985, they were married after a year of dating.

With three children, Copper, Emmy, and Molly, Tim and Meghan lived luxurious lives. Their marriage, however, ended in divorce in 2010 after 25 years.

Following a divorce from Megan in 2010, Tim met Elizabeth Marighetto and married her on March 10, 2018. As reported recently, Tim and his third wife live great lives in Hollywood, California.

About Cooper Matheson’s father — Tim Matheson

A native of Glendale, California, Tim’s full name is Timothy Lewis Mathieson, and he was born on 31 December 1947 to Sally and Clifford Mathieson. Tim was too young to pursue an acting career. Between 1968 and 1973, he was a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. However, his brilliant acting skills earned him a huge reputation in the film industry.

At the age of thirteen, he appeared on Robert Young’s CBS comedy series, where he began his acting career. Known for his role in the TV series Jonny Quest, he has appeared in several movies throughout his career. He won several awards in his lifetime due to his brilliant acting.

As a child, he dreamed of becoming a director and making his own movies. After 46 years, he finally fulfilled his dream and directed his first film—Breach of Conduct.

The CW series Hart of Dixie (2011) starred Matheson as Dr Brick Breeland opposite Rachel Bilson from 2011 to 2015. Throughout the series, he has directed several episodes each season.

It is not just Hart of Dixie that Matheson has directed — along with Eureka, The Last Ship, Suits, Madam Secretary, Burn Notice, True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, Numbers, White Collar, Behind Enemy Lines III: Colombia, and Drop Dead Diva — a broad range of episodic projects for television. Aside from The Good Guys, he also directed the pilots for USA Network’s Covert Affairs and Fox’s The Good Guys.

The most recent television projects Tim has worked on include Virgin River as Vernon “Doc” Mullins (and directed four episodes of the series) and Evil as Edward Tragoren. In addition to starring in This Is Us, Tim played Dave Malone in the most-watched US family drama of all time.

News about Cooper Matheson’s Father, Tim Matheson

A well-known actor with many years of experience, Tim has been in the business for a long time. An ominous social media threat was sent to him in 2021 by a mysterious person demanding a large sum of money, or he will commit suicide. Upon reporting the mystery person to the police, the threats stopped. Later, Tim decided not to file charges against the mysterious individual.

Other news about Cooper Matheson’s Father, Tim Matheson

A Slovenian-born former first lady, Melania Trump, spoke with Tim during an interview on Jan 2021. Tim ridiculed her English on Twitter after the interview ends.

His followers were pissed off by that post, and he received a lot of criticism. His jokes about immigrants caused him to receive hateful comments. One of his followers also stated that making jokes about immigrants is a very bad idea.

Melania was clearly mocked in his tweet. His post was deleted after he received all those comments from his followers. Additionally, he called himself an idiot for mocking the former first lady. Consequently, he realized he had made a mistake and shouldn’t have joked about it.


Cooper Matheson chooses to remain out of the limelight and there is limited information available about him. Tim Matheson sometimes mentions him in his Instagram stories.

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