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If you are active on Twitch and social media, chances are, you have already seen Octavia May. The famous influencer is also a businesswoman, vlogger, fashion icon, gamer, and entertainer. Hundreds of thousands of fans flock to her YouTube channel and Instagram page to check out her content, primarily her enticing posts. 

Octavia May’s background

Octavia May was born in Canada on July 17, 1996. (For zodiac and horoscope believers, this means that her sign is Cancer.) She grew up in a Christian family, with a housewife mom, a businessman father, and a sibling. Despite her popularity, the names of Octavia May’s loved ones are unavailable in public. Doing this can compromise their security and peace, after all.

Octavia May’s beginnings

During her high school years, Octavia May started exploring freelance modeling. She attended fashion shows, training, and meetings because of this. Then, she worked with the SuicideGirls group, a sorority of women who make burlesque performances. At times, they expose their bodies to live streams, blogs, shows, and places.

She started her Twitter account in October 2015, followed by her Instagram page in September 2016. Since then, she has grown up to become a famous Internet star. Her target audience is young men, considering how she flaunts her barely-clad, tattooed, slender body. Her Instagram account is also filled with provocative pictures in lingerie and suggestive poses. This content propelled her online fame and revenue.

Soon after this, Octavia May tried out vlogging on YouTube. She only had a few thousand followers during her humble beginnings. On her channel, Octavia May showed the viewers her tattoos and answered some questions about herself. Octavia May also presented her tours and journeys in different parts of the globe.

Her entry into the gaming industry and developments

On January 14, 2021, Octavia May said that she would become a gamer on Twitch. This propelled her career as thousands more discovered her content. As she gained popularity, she created an OnlyFans account. Octavia May exposes herself there for a fee, something that she promotes on her Twitter page. With sufficient capital, she also launched her website: octaviavip.com.

As of the writing of this article, Octavia May has 108,000 Twitter followers, 793,000 Instagram followers, and over 7,000 YouTube subscribers.

Octavia May’s private lifestyle

In 2018, Octavia May got engaged with Nick Layton, her boyfriend for many years. They seldomly share their pictures, but they enjoy travelling as a couple. Aside from this, there is sparse information online about their relationship. Outside their family and circle of friends, nobody knows how they first met. However, their fans, followers, and digital communities are excited about their next steps. Octavia May and Nick Layton are not yet married.

Octavia May has two dogs named Brutus and Zeppelin. As an animal lover, she brings them to different places and exercises with them. Her Twitter and Instagram pages are filled with images of her pets and their bonding moments. Based on these posts, we can say that playing with them is her pastime and hobby.

She keeps her private life quiet. Octavia May avoids quarrels with anyone online, especially her fellow streamers and influencers. Unlike many of her colleagues, Octavia May seems to enjoy a pacifist and tranquil lifestyle with no disputes and controversies.

Octavia May’s personality

Her viewers appreciate how she candidly shares her everyday life with her streaming viewers. Octavia May connects with her audience through her warm attitude, attracting new fans to regularly watch and donate to her. Aside from Octavia May’s passion, she also provides advice on fashion, photography, and style, all while streaming games. Furthermore, she is funny, engaging, stunning, and appreciative of her followers.

Because of this, Octavia May is far away from typical social media drama. Currently, she does not have controversies, adverse rumors, or affairs. She has not been involved in any crime or misdemeanor during her career. Furthermore, most of the comments on her accounts and videos are positive.

Octavia May’s body

According to online statistics, Octavia May is 121 pounds (55 kilograms) and 5’8” (172 centimeters) tall. (There are wiki pages that say that she is 5’6” or 166 centimeters tall, however.) These figures make her body mass index at the borderline of underweight and healthy, as computed on the website of the United States National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Her fans measure her body shape and other data out of their devotion to Octavia May. Some websites say that her hip size is 32 inches, which is slightly larger than the average. Nonetheless, she has a slender hourglass figure.

Octavia May’s iris is brown, while her hair color is black. At times, she colors her hair with unique patterns. (Some of her photos show her having blonde hair and brown extensions.) Despite her Caucasian/Canadian ethnicity, her skin is tan.

There are Internet folks who even measured her cup size! Some figures estimate that she has a 35 B bra size. Her dimples increase her cuteness in photos. Meanwhile, her arms and legs are heavily tattooed, a means for her to express her wild personality and fierce side. Because of her body art, Octavia May is usually compared to Caroline Grace Winkler, another Instagram influencer.

Octavia May’s net worth

Since she is already a famous Internet celebrity and fashion model, she receives endorsements and deals. Some estimate her net worth to be around $1.5 million. (Some websites push their figures further to $12 million, but this seems too far-fetched.) Her wealth fuels her lavish trips and habits, inspiring her to provide more content for her fans and viewers.

The reasons behind Octavia May’s success

Did you get inspired after reading Octavia May’s biography? Do you want to kickstart your vlogging and streaming career? In this section, you will learn the strategies that Octavia May used to become one of the most famous Internet celebrities today.

Like every successful person, she set her goals and strove to meet them. Twitch and social media sites offer avenues for earning money and fame. Because of this, it deserves to be considered as a business. Thinking this way will motivate you to plan and strategize ahead.

Icons like Octavia May invested in having a wide presence. To achieve more viewer and subscriber count, she made her goals specific. Octavia May established a timeline with her target number of followers per year. Making her objective precise allows her to become a forward-thinker. Furthermore, monitoring a measurable statistic makes her progress more evident. The metrics mentioned earlier greatly contribute to this.

It is crucial to ensure that your goal is feasible. Do not be unreasonable; making irrational targets will only make you miserable and disappointed. To become a successful streamer, making your actions relevant to your ambition will help. This mindset will remind you to stay consistent and focused on your strategies. Furthermore, keep a time frame. Deadlines will motivate you to spend and manage your schedule effectively.

Patience is crucial if you want to succeed as a streamer. Imagine the years of waiting that Octavia May endured before her break came. It took her five years to reach over half a million followers! Therefore, you need to persevere and stay dedicated to your ambition. With passion and self-discipline, your journey to becoming a successful Internet celebrity will all be worth it.

You have to start somewhere, and this means having less than a dozen followers. Every influencer or celebrity first had zero fans, but their base grew over time. Till then, be confident. Explore novel ideas and trends that will make people notice you. Make them care; make them want to watch.

Decomposing your goals and plans can keep you from getting overwhelmed. Dividing them based on difficulty and deadlines can help aspirants to achieve it piece by piece. For example, you can strive for an incremental subscriber count. For a month, attempt to have fifty of them. Then, try reaching the 100 mark. In the meantime, continue strategizing and maximizing your online presence.

As a part of your relationship with your followers, you can even share with them your goals. Also, giving them rewards and bonus content when these come true will engage them. This will motivate your fledgling fan base to spread the word about your page.

Stick to a regular schedule when you stream or release content. Followers want consistency with the people they idolize. Octavia May does this as well. She always releases quality videos and game streaming episodes that her fans enjoy. This simple gesture will remind your audience that you are committed to them.

This attitude will separate you from amateur streamers. Meeting your promised stream date will make viewers see you as a professional. Then, you can achieve their attention and trust. If you fail to meet your streaming time, your fan base will crumble and search for better and more popular streamers.

On the schedule poster, inform your viewers about the name of the game that you’ll feature and play. Remember that those video games have fan communities as well. You might call hundreds if not thousands of interested viewers that way.

When you are still starting, stream for at least four hours at least four days a week. This will increase the possibility for viewers to find your content. Treasure your first subscribers because they will become the foundation of your streaming career. This is what Octavia May did when she began gaming on Twitch. The result? She earned more followers on social media and became more popular.

In basic economics, products serve customers with value. Since streaming channels and social media accounts may be considered as businesses, remember to provide your audience with valuable material. Answer the question, why should people watch my content? If you can convince a thousand people that you deserve their time, you have a firm foundation to a successful career.

Recognize and determine your target viewers. At any moment, three million people watch streamers on Twitch. They all have various backgrounds, countries of origin, preferences, and reasons why they watch on the site. You should consider these. In the case of Octavia May, she wore revealing clothing and did provocative acts while playing since many of her viewers are teenage boys and young men. But you do not have to do that. Instead, think about the typical motivations of people spending time on Twitch:

  • They assess a game that they want to buy. Back then, gamers are stuck with a trailer, a rating, or a review in choosing which game to buy. But Twitch and streamers give them a new option. By watching them play, buyers grasp the feedback of the streamers and learn their gameplay in real-time. This improves their decision-making and satisfies their curiosity about the game.
  • Streamers provide gaming advice. Many young kids and teenagers want to learn from older gamers. After all, gaming has become a digital sport. Because of this, Twitch serves as a hub for learning gaming tactics, walkthroughs, easter eggs, tips, and hacks. Streamers can even discover and share secrets and hidden exploits within the game. Furthermore, audiences expect professional quality among streamers since many world-renowned Twitch gamers participate in global tournaments.
  • Streaming is fun. Aside from the heavy gamer strategy side of streaming, this online community is entertaining. Streamers are humorous and cool.

To stand out, you need to feature something rare and unique. The competition is tough, so recycling streaming content and styles will fall on deaf ears. Have a persona that other streamers do not have. Make yourself friendly, entertaining, and amusing. Perhaps, you can even act with another personality. Some streamers wear blindfolds while gaming, stimulating the viewers’ curiosity on what might happen next. Aside from these, you can try making difficult additional challenges to the games you feature. Most importantly, seize the opportunity to play games that are rarely showcased. Examples include decades-old video games and alpha-version games.

Always consider that streaming is not limited to gaming. Perhaps, you can present your talents in singing and dancing. If you want your viewers to learn, host tutorial shows and commentaries. Octavia May coupled her gaming content with adult material, for example. Other streamers also add bonus parts in their shows to captivate their viewers.

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