The great thing about strip clubs aside from the beautiful women, of course, is that they have the best food. That’s why when you go to one and your friends ask what to get, you can’t just recommend wings or mozzarella sticks like you would at other restaurants.

But do we skip the grill and head straight for the steak? What happens when it comes to blowing bubbles? A true strip club connoisseur knows what to get, and that’s why we’re putting together this list of the absolute best strip club food out there.

Order Your Appetizer First

When it comes to strip club food, it’s never a good idea to skip your appetizer. More often than not, these joints come with a complimentary basket of pretzels, chips, and/or popcorn for munching on during your show. But if you find yourself craving something with more substance, opt for dishes that complement your favorite dancers’ costumes.

But avoiding alcohol can also be a wise decision when you plan to eat and relax at the club. Nothing stronger than coke, while you get some ginger beer and grenadine from a strip club.

Appetizers like fried chicken tend to blend in well with all kinds of outfits while cheesy breadsticks match particularly well with traditional-looking lingerie. Bonus points if you can get some fresh salsa or guacamole as dips!

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Top 10 Best Strip Club Food

While some people are more interested in what happens on stage at a strip club, others are more intrigued by what’s served there. You should know that food is also integral to a great night out at a strip club.

Here’s our list of the top 10 best foods to order while watching professional dancers do their thing.


When it comes to strip club food, it doesn’t get much better than tacos. Whether it’s a fish taco or a traditional ground beef taco, these finger foods are delicious and easy to eat when you’re out on the town with friends.

Not only that, but they travel well and can be eaten in multiple places without messing up your hands. If nothing else, make sure to always have tortillas and guacamole with you; it never hurts to have another snack available.

Buffalo chicken strips

Buffalo chicken strips are also a safe bet for a strip club menu. You can order them with or without hot sauce, and either way, you’re getting a lot of food that tastes great at any hour of day or night. The best thing about buffalo chicken strips is that they are easily customizable: swap out ranch dressing for blue cheese, honey mustard, or barbecue if you want to mix things up. 

These strips also pair well with curly fries, as do most strips. However, remember that many strip clubs charge a cover fee (on top of your drink fees), so be prepared to spend a few bucks.

Calamari with tzatziki sauce

In Greece, fried squid is called calamari and is served with tzatziki sauce, which can be bought in most grocery stores. Fresh calamari has a nice crunch to it and goes well with any dipping sauce. Just be careful not to eat too much of it, since it’s fairly high in calories.

In strip clubs, chefs use a lot of butter while cooking your calamari, so make sure they don’t leave out any details on how you want yours prepared. A healthy strip club meal would be an order of calamari without dipping sauce or other sides — just plain seafood (not deep-fried) that you lightly brush with olive oil before cooking and add some lemon juice after you take it off the grill.


Just like any bar, they’re perfect with a beer or two. If you’re at a strip club, there are no limits on how many beers you can drink. Wings and beer—it doesn’t get much better than that. The best thing about wings is their ability to soak up alcohol well before it seeps into your system.

Another benefit of ordering wings at a strip club is their portability, meaning you can actually eat them while watching strippers do all sorts of unspeakable things. Therefore, next time you are in a strip club, order some wings to enjoy along with lap dances.


Everyone loves a slice, and it’s definitely been called one of America’s greatest culinary achievements. The next time you find yourself at a strip club, order up a Pizza; Whether topped with pepperoni or covered in cheese, meatballs, or veggies, pizza has got to be on your short list of strip club food.

Choose from different styles of pies such as Sicilian or deep dishes—you can never go wrong with a classic! The best thing about eating pizza in a strip club is that there are so many ways to devour it. Enjoy it cold straight out of the box. You can fold or roll slices up and eat them like burritos. Or, simply plop down right on stage and start munching away. No matter how you indulge, strip clubs around town offer premium toppings that will have your taste buds tingling for more.

Burgers and fries

Burgers and fries are a solid choice for almost any establishment, but they’re truly on another level when you’re at a strip club. They’re big, they come with extra cheese, mayo, or both—which means more flavor! Everyone knows that strippers have killer bodies, so you can imagine just how good their burgers are going to be.

If it isn’t obvious yet, there are hundreds of strip clubs all across America. Many consider Burgers and fries as an iconic American dish and ordering them at a strip club will only enhance your experience.  If you love bacon, then double up and order some fries smothered in bacon bits. I guarantee that if you try these strip club gems, you won’t regret it.

Cheese Plate

Most strip clubs will have a cheese plate on hand for after-dinner munchies.  This is good news if you like cheese. Cheese plates are perfect because they’re served with several kinds of crackers and bread and pair well with beer, wine, or mixed drinks.

Plus, most come with fruit and cured meats. They generally cost less so Strip club food doesn’t need to break your bank account.

The best thing about Cheese Plate at a strip club is that There’s no greasy film left over when it comes time to go home at end of the night. And unlike many of the eating options found in your typical bar, cheese platters can run between $6 and $10 per person—cheap enough to fill up without busting out your wallet.

Margarita Pizza

Margarita Pizza is a great food to order in a strip club because it’s so simple. The best thing about ordering from a strip club menu is that you can try different things and not feel like you have to fill up on your favorite dish. Margarita Pizza comes with everything! It has three kinds of cheese, pepperoni, and fresh basil. 

It also has a special sauce but you don’t need much to cover every inch of your pizza. It tastes just as good cold as it does when it’s hot. Eating a Margarita Pizza is one of my go-to choices at a strip club. I always recommend ordering off their special menus if they have them, too! This way, you know exactly what you are getting.

Chili Dog

Chili Dog or a hot dog covered in chili is one of those dishes that has slowly made its way from obscure greasy spoon to glamour girl of strip club fare. One of its biggest draws aside from being delicious is that it’s easy to eat with your hands so you can keep your eyes glued on our gorgeous servers without getting sauce all over your fingers.

Another big draw for chili dogs is that it’s incredibly cheap; starting at just five bucks and going up depending on toppings and sides. The best part about chili dogs though is how versatile they are; whether you prefer yours smothered in cheese, piled high with onions, or heaped full of corn chips they have plenty of options. Not only does Chili Dog look good but it tastes great too.

Milk Duds

Milk Duds is a brand of chocolate-covered caramels. Ordering them at strip clubs is incredible, mostly because strippers have to wear such skimpy clothing that stuffing your mouth with candy doesn’t seem inappropriate at all. The best thing about them, though, is that they are perfect for sharing when you go to a club with other men.

They don’t melt, they last forever and they come in flavors like cinnamon and butterscotch, which will not sound appealing until you consider everything else you could be eating off of exotic dancer bodies. These treats make great conversation starters as well.

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Strip Club Dining Etiquette

There are a few unspoken rules that should govern you’re eating habits at strip clubs, and it’s important to know them before you visit so you don’t offend anyone.

First and foremost, while eating at a club is perfectly acceptable, do not touch or handle any of the dancers in any way — even if they touch you. In addition, make sure you have enough cash on hand; most clubs have a $10 cover charge and some require cash tips for dancers.

The dishes at strip clubs are as varied as their names, but it’s always important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Eating some of these menu items could land you a lap dance, while others will get you out on your ear. 

When ordering any dish described as spicy or hot, be aware that they can pack quite a punch — and most of them won’t make you much room for anything else! That being said, there are so many delicious strip club foods available across America that no matter where you find yourself, there is something to tempt your appetite.

Try some of the best strip club food dishes above. Make sure that you maintain good dining etiquette when eating at a strip club because you never know who might show up next.

Strip Clubs That Serve up a Delicious Meal

Most strip clubs are simply a place for men to watch beautiful women dance for their amusement. However, if you find yourself in one of these establishments without any other plans, you might as well take advantage of it and get some great food while you’re there.

There are plenty of places around the country that offer both food and strippers! Check out our top choices

1.   Le Trapeze, New York City

An upscale strip club in New York City, it is among one of the most popular clubs of its kind with something for everyone.

Aside from some top-notch stripping talent and delectable dining options, there’s also a full bar where you can find your drink of choice. So if you’re planning on going out to a strip club and want to get some good food with it, then head on over to La Trapeze, you won’t be disappointed.

2.   Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, Chicago

Located in Chicago is Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club where you can eat amazing food and watch beautiful strippers entertain anyone who might be there. There is also a bar here where you can enjoy any drinks that suit your taste. If you find yourself in Chicago, make sure that Hustler club makes it onto your list of places to go!

3.   Cheetah’s, Phoenix

If you live in Phoenix and want to get a good meal before seeing some skin, then Cheetah’s might be just what you need. Serving fine wine and high-quality food, it offers a nice atmosphere to relax while you enjoy your favorite strip club.

4.   Spearmint Rhino, Las Vegas

A classy Vegas strip club, where you can enjoy not only some great food but also some good music and a variety of strippers. There’s a full bar here that offers up all your favorite drinks as well. If you’re looking for a place to go in Vegas, then definitely give Spearmint Rhino a shot! You won’t be disappointed.

5.   Rick’s Cabaret, New York City

A great place to get a drink and take in some entertainment in NYC. Whether you’re looking for a good meal before heading over to see some hot women dance around or just want to head out on a date with your partner, you’ll definitely have a good time at Rick’s.

All these clubs serve up some of the best food in any strip club. However, each one is unique and they all have their own charm which is a nice change from just going to a strip club alone. That’s why you should definitely try out at least one of them if you are in one of those cities! Go out there and find yourself an adult entertainment joint with some delicious dining options as well.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself here so be sure not to miss it!


Every strip club is different, but you can’t go wrong with food. There’s something about greasy and/or fried food that just makes everyone feel better in general.

These are the amazing foods to keep your eye out for when at a strip club. We have also covered some of the best strip clubs that offer great food as well. We hope you enjoyed reading about our guide to things to eat at a strip club.

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