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Imagine being proposed to, in the most romantic gesture by the love of your life, on the set of a mega TV series, marrying him, and having two kids, only to separate ways 7 years later! 

Who is Jill Diven?

Ever since questions like “Who is Jill Diven?” “Where is she from?” “What does she do?” “What happened after Jill and Brad parted ways?” has come up. So here, we decided to answer each of those questions and more.

Popularly known for her marriage with Brad Garrett, who is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and professional poker player, in the year 1999 and divorce in 2007, 57 years old Jill Diven is from the United States of America. Jill is of mixed ethnicity and is famous as a celebrity ex-wife. Her husband started out at various Los Angeles improv clubs and went on to win the ‘Star Search’ honor in the category of comedy.

Consequently, he was invited for a segment on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” increasing his popularity furthermore. The first time Jill’s former husband was seen on TV, was in the animated series “Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n Wrestling” as Hulk Hogan.

Not much is known about her educational background or family. Her public journey was marked, by Garrett proposing to her on the sets of ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ in 1998.

Does Jill Diven have children?

From her first marriage, Jill has two children- a son named Max and a daughter named Hope. After a long-drawn custody battle for her children, Jill emerged victorious, gaining the custody of her children. She is currently sustaining as a single mother, focusing on her children’s well-being.

The starting year of Brad and Jill’s affair is not known, but it is believed that their journey began on a blissful note. Jill met Garrett when she was waitressing in Las Vegas. The comedian had a history of alcoholism. When they both met, he was in six months of rehabilitation. Brad said that both of them knew the difference in their character and nature, yet decided to embark on the journey.

After two months, Jill was asked to move in with him. Brad’s persuasion skills managed to get Jill to move in with him, despite her initial reluctance to the offer.

Ball Drops, the book written by Garrett brings out to the world that three months into the relationship, Diven was pregnant. The reason why their marriage rushed, was in order to pursue the one goal of having a family by both Jill and Brad. In real life, Brad did not experience a real family. Also, the extreme fear of being alone from their sides was shared in his book.

They got married, 8 months after Jill had their first child Max. In their wedding images, 8 months old Max can be seen in an acute and tiny tux.

If you go on the internet to search for Jill Diven, then you will not have much luck. Not only has she kept her profile very lowkey, but she also does not have any active social media profile. Ever since she parted ways with her former husband, she has been in stealth mode.

Facebook and Twitter have her but rarely does she post anything online. It is said that her primary concern is her two children, at this point. Not much is known about her present dating life, either. It is believed that she is single and not dating or married to anyone.

However, Brad Garrett had no problems moving on from his last marriage into the arms of Isabella Quella. Both of them dated for 7 seven years, before the inevitable question of commitment came up. It was a chilly Christmas day in 2015 when Brad asked Quella to get engaged, at the Winston Churchill suite at New York’s Waldorf Astoria.

As romantic as he always has been, he asked March Cohn, the singer and songwriter to only play both of their favorite tracks on piano. They made their relationship debut at the 2016 Emmys, before getting engaged.

When asked about the 24-year age gap, Brad said, ” I’m with someone now who’s a little young. We had an AMBER Alert the other night when we went to the movies.”

Compared to other movie stars and celebrities, Brad is also busy living a life under the radar. Currently, he has transformed his career from an onscreen actor to a career of a full-time voice actor.

The latter has kept Brad in quite heavy demand, as he is mostly seen spending time in recording booths. He has played Eeyore in Christopher Robin and “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” Bloat in “Finding Dory” and Hook-Handed Thug in “Tangled.”

If we rewind back to 2008, 3 years after his separation and a year after the divorce, the voice actor explored the world of digital entertainment by starting as an executive producer and starring in a reality show called “Dating Brad Garrett.” The show consisted of blind dates with various women, picked and chosen via searching online.

What’s Jill Diven’s net worth?

As much is known about Brad Garrett, on the contrary, Jill Diven has been pretty much under the covers ever since her divorce. It has also been heard that, after her split with the actor, she had to face a lot of gruesome media moments, followed by which she decided to stay lowkey.

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