There is a lot of illness that can affect one’s emotions and physical well-being. Most of them are always so hard on people that it can cause them to be extremely sick and can make them be admitted into any medical center.

Anorexia is a significant disorder that makes people scared about their weight, even to eat. Also, Anorexia is a critical physical and emotional illness that causes an abnormal fear of being fat or weighty, which eventually leads to bad eating habits and causes some dangerous loss in weight.

Everyone wants to have a perfect body shape because most people find it hard to maintain the shape, and in that, they become weightier, keeping the fat in your body is a good thing to have a perfect body shape.

But when anorexia sets in, it causes the body to lose so much fat, which will also be a significant concern for the person because the person is scared of becoming fat. That will just cost him or her a regular and correct eating pattern. One major thing that should be known is this, whatever you put your consciousness into will surely come to pass, and can be of a negative effect.

There are body-positive messages available more than before, though many people still battle to have a cordial relationship with food. A larger percentage of women and men struggle with their eating disorders in the United States. The disorders are not always the same with persons; it always comes in different forms with individual persons; some of the ways are Anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. 

These celebrities went through many things with their body shape because they find it hard to stand in public places, especially when they have been looked down upon based on their body shapes. But they came out to explain what they went through, how it started, and make people in the outside world know that it is not a new disorder and that people who are going through this disorder ain’t the first set of people who are experiencing this.

Here, we will be checking some celebrities who have talked about their eating disorders to let people who are suffering from such challenges that they are not the first to have such conditions.

  1. Candace Cameron Bure

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Candace Cameron Bure stars by narrating how she developed the eating disorder, which happened after her Full house days.

She was a healthy body image growing up and changed after moving to Montreal to support her husband’s career in hockey, and she made food her comforting partner whenever her husband has gone out of town for his hockey career.

It was such a terrifying and destructive Relationship, and that was why she was caught off guard. In 2016, at a panel, she said, she got into a cycle of binge eating and had felt guilty and felt shameful for that, and was scared that she would start purging. She didn’t know it will soon take over to the point of her feeling like a loss of control over herself. She compared it to a moving train moving at 100 miles per hour; she doesn’t even know to get off it.

  1. Shawn Johnson East

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Shawn Johnson East was an Olympic gold medalist, who also had her share of body struggles. She had to cut down her eating to 700 calories in a day, at some point. She said I was always a strong lady, powerful, muscly, and bulky gymnast, and she started feeling like many people want her to be a thinner, less weighty, and leaner type of person.

She understood, based on her age, specifically at 12 years old, that she felt the only way to achieve that is to eat less food and stop herself. In 2015, she said she remembered getting obsessed with it. She went as far as not eating any carbs to achieve the slimmer type of Personality. She was shutting down at some point; she doesn’t even allow herself even to eat a single soup of noodles.

  1. Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift also shared her side of her body struggle in her new Netflix documentary tagged Miss American. She talked about her notable eating disorder that she kept hidden from the World, though it was triggered by paparazzi images or negative opinions about her body.

She said she thought she felt like she will pass out at the end of the show or maybe in the middle of the show.  But now she realized that if you eat food, it will give you energy and make you stronger.

Still, you participate in presentations and do not feel it, which is a perfect revelation, and she said she is happier with who she is and doesn’t care if someone points out that she has gained weight. I know what my body suppose to be because I am a size six instead of size 0; I don’t understand all at that time.

  1. Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato also talked about her life’s most significant challenge with her food disorder shared in her 2017 YouTube documentary, which was complicated. The singer made it known that she started a spree when she was just eight years of age.

Though she went three years without going through purging while she was going out with her long-time boyfriend, which changed immediately, and her relationship with her boyfriend ended. When they parted ways, that was the first that started.

The lesser she thinking about food, the easier it is for her to go about her everyday life and not want to let anybody down; whenever she slips up, she feels ashamed. And she said whenever she feels lonely, her heart does feel goes hungry, and she ended binging.

  1. Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe, an actress, made an astonishing revelation about her eating disorder in the 2017 memoir. Try not to stare at my face, and this is my real face, she said.

During the show, she shared that she struggled with bulimia. When I am sad to stop weeping, I will take a glass of water and drink from it, and most times I will eat a slice of bread, and I will throw up. Sidibe says, after I throw up, I won’t be as sad as I was anymore; finally, I will relax.

So later, I decided not to be eating anything until I am about to throw up, and that has been what distracts me from whatever is disturbing me around my head.

  1. Katie Couric

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Katie Couric has taken out to speak with many influential people about their internal struggles, and she did open up about her own experience with the same challenges while she was on air in the year 2012. She told Lovato while she has been interviewed, per Glamour.

She said she knows this is rigid, and the feeling that if you do a wrong thing, and you’re full of self-loathing, and you will punish yourself, maybe sits a cookie or a stick of chewing gum that is not void of sugar, and that would sometimes I would deal with myself for that. How can you command a healthy relationship with food, and say, this is it, I can have a cookie, and maybe it is OK? That is a challenging thing for people who fight with this disorder.

  1. Zoë Kravitz

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When Zoe Kravitz’s rib cage was coming out, she revealed that she tried her best to lose more weight. In an interview in 2015 with Complex, she made known to people that the eating disorder commenced while she was in high school, where she struggled with Anorexia and bulimia.

She thinks that the part of being a woman is to be surrounded by games, she revealed. She uttered again that she feels the definite thing is being in this world, but she said seeing that was like pressure.

She played an anorexic character in a movie, and that was when she hit the lowest of lows and encountered malnourishment, which affected her immune system, and it went down. She made a decision to change after some months had passed. She recalled that she felt different, but she doesn’t know the type of spirit that came over her, but you have to stop, she said.

  1. Jameela Jamil

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Jamela Jamil of a Good place is a weighty body optimistic activist today, though she had her internal struggles with this disorder. While she was a teenager, she was a questionable person in math class, which was supposed to educate the student about percentages that caused her to have body issues and later led her to internal struggle and eating disorder.

It happened that we had to have our weight measured, and the number revealed by the weighing machine will be revealed in from of everyone. In a year, I happen to be the weightiest girl that year, and she told Buzzfeed in 2018. She said she stopped eating around that period and graduated to a fully formed anorexia, and she recalled that she had a body around dysmorphia around age 14.

  1. Lily Collins

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Lily collins has really worked so hard on having the healthiest personality after encountering an eating disorder that happened for years, and later caused restrictions in her food intake, purging, and binging.

And she later started using laxatives and also introduced diet pills; she made that know in 2017 at Shape. She had the opportunity of playing a character battling Anorexia into the bone, and she spoke out about her food challenges. She said she was talking about this for the first time, and she made this known at the Sundance Film festival.

This is a challenging thing that many young ladies go through, and there is no point shaming it. The movie was about embracing the past and making you realize that it’s something that should not define who you see, but the experiences around you on their own also with the people who support you, and also about overcoming it.

  1. Portia de Rossi

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Before teen Portia de Rossi had her eating disorder commence, she started her modeling, and it was so hard that she found it hard to eat anything at all at times. Even at some point, she was down to around 300 calories a day.

That was how she was feeding. And ever since she was 12 years of age, she would go to the extent of starving herself daily and later bingeing after her work is over. But that was the type of diet she lived with every time she feels she needs to shed some weight; she revealed this on Good Morning America in the year 2010. And from that age, she learned that all that she looked like was of high importance than what she had in mind, what she always does, and who she was.

The thing is she thought that her appearance was essential and is still going to make her insecure. There will always be a girl with a fresh face and a thin shape.

From these celebrities, we can see that this food disorder is not only for people who are possibly with low influence or are not wealthier. It can be deduced that even the so-called celebrities can be ashamed of their body structure, especially with excess fat in their body, causing them shame and making them feel bad about themselves. The thing about this disorder is that it can be corrected by thinking of starving yourself because that can cause some other internal diseases.

So it will be better to do well research to find out how some of these celebrities fought their cause and finally assume a slimmer and more confident given body shape.

Anyone can be encountered a disorder called Anorexia but knowing and building up your confidence about your body shape will help you fight this disorder. These celebrities have shown that there’s no one that can not face this internal disorder.

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