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Fast cars, flamboyant mansions, and so much cash: these are the best ways to describe Floyd Mayweather. But if you think Floyd is the only Mayweather with penchants for displaying wealth and attraction to violence, think again.

After Floyd’s last money-spinning show against YouTuber Logan Paul (that wasn’t a fight), more Mayweather news could’ve seemed scarce. But no, Floyd’s daughter, Yaya, is currently making some news of her own town – albeit out of the boxing ring. And if we might add, not for the right reasons every time.

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Many believe Mayweather inherits a large chunk of her dad’s taste for troublemaking. However, a closer look might reveal no more than a young girl looking to crawl out of her father’s shadow.

There’s so much in the rumor mill about Yaya that could fuzzy up several facts. That’s why this complete guide presents correct facts about Yaya and every other important detail you need to know. When you’re done reading, putting a finger on who she is (or isn’t) won’t be a problem.


Yaya Mayweather (born Iyanna Mayweather) is the daughter of the popular boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Yaya is the second child among Floyd’s scions, but seems to be the most popular Mayweather after her father.

Yaya’s siblings, Kouran, Zion, Jirah, and Devion are almost never in the public eye. But Yaya takes center stage even if she’s not far gone in age. She completed her high school education in the US, and there’s not much else about her gaining further qualifications.


Yaya Mayweather was born on May 20th, 2000. Melissa Brim (Yaya’s mother) is quite a feature in her father’s life. Melissa and Floyd separated shortly before Yaya was born, and they’ve been on and off ever since.

As if the turbulent parenting around Yaya isn’t enough – there’s more. From a very young age, Yaya has always been pampered with gifts from her superstar father. But that doesn’t seem to keep Mayweather’s first girl from getting into skirmishes that end up being violent.

At her sweet 16 celebrations, Yaya received a pre-recorded tape from Justin Bieber, which Floyd made happen. Bieber seemed to be prophetic saying, “Don’t be crazy. I remember how I was at sixteen”. Fast forward five years since her sweet 16 celebrations, and it’s not clear if Yaya ever listened.

Height and Other Measurements

Mayweather’s aren’t quite on the tall side, and it’s evident with Yaya being just under five feet (4 feet 11 inches). Average body size measurements of Yaya are also pegged at 36”(bust)-25”(waist)-35”(hips). Mayweather also weighs around 110lbs (~50kg).


Mayweather’s boyfriend is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, popularly known by his stage name Never Broke Again YoungBoy. Kentrell and Yaya have been in an on-and-off relationship (and it’s mostly not Mayweather’s fault).

According to multiple sources, Yaya and YoungBoy began dating in late 2018. Everything about their relationship has mostly been in the public eye (and usually for wrong reasons). YoungBoy has always been in trouble with the law and his woes don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

YoungBoy has had a flourishing music career prior to his entanglement with Mayweather. There’s more to the relationship between these two, and we’ll dig into the details later on.


Flaunting wealth, promoting music, and just recently, showing off motherhood; are some of Yaya’s most common Instagram pastimes. The young Mayweather has an account on The Gram (IG handle: @moneyiyanna) with about a 1.5million followers.

Whenever she’s not promoting music or flaunting cash, Yaya takes out time to diss anyone she’s offended by.  Most of her messy statements on Instagram haven’t gone down well lately. Many fans see Mayweather as a rich man’s kid with more money than necessary. But with her active IG followers growing by the day, many other fans don’t seem to care.

But Yaya’s time on IG hasn’t been 100% rosy, and there’s a particular incident in March 2019 that’s particularly interesting.

YoungBoy had his car tires slashed by “someone” and posted a charged video on Instagram abusing somebody with “inherited money”. Even if Mayweather denied on IG by posting “HE’S NOT TALKING ABOUT ME” on her page, it didn’t end there.

YoungBoy released a track after that Instagram incident – the track’s title is “Dirty Iyanna”. In the track, YoungBoy explicitly sang “she sliced the tires on my car”. After that incident, fans of both celebs continue to finger Mayweather as the culprit, even if she laughs it off.

Relationship Woes

If there’s something Mayweather wants to redo, it will most likely be her relationship with YoungBoy. Multiple issues have sprung up around Yaya, and she rarely seems to be in control of any challenging situation.

Check out more details about her turbulent relationship below for more insight:


Mayweather has had to deal with troubles since her relationship with YoungBoy kicked off. YoungBoy, on the other hand, takes pride in giving the Biblical Solomon a run for his money. The rapper has fathered at least eight children with at least seven women. And save for his legal woes, there’s no sign of YoungBoy slowing down anytime soon.

He has been on the wrong side of the law for some time. And the rapper has a long rap sheet of offenses to complement his wrongdoings. YoungBoy has been arrested for aggravated assault, attempted murder, domestic violence, weapons possession, you name it!

The rapper has been in so much trouble to an extent where the FBI tagged his 2021 case(s) as “Never Free Again”. And if YoungBoy keeps breaking the law, he might just make the FBI’s wish come true.

Dare I say YoungBoy isn’t letting off his entanglements with the ladies. Reports have it that he’s been in a romance with another former girlfriend, even while in jail. For someone awaiting trial, YoungBoy doesn’t seem to be worried about his fate in the immediate future.

Mayweather has fought at least two of YoungBoy’s female interests publicly, and these two events continue to dent her image. Mayweather’s first “fight” was retrieved on live video and posted by The Shade Room in February 2020.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Yaya got into more trouble because of her relationship with YoungBoy. Issues around Mayweather began getting serious when she got into another fight with LaPattra Jacobs.

LaPattra Jacobs

Yaya got into a heated confrontation with LaPattra Jacobs that resulted in a stabbing. Mayweather inflicted injuries on LaPattra, and Jacobs required emergency surgery to stay alive.

Jacobs is a mother to one of YoungBoy’s children, and the stabbing took place while the rapper was present. Police arrested him after the incident, but he was released without charge soon after. LaPattra survived the attack, as injuries inflicted on her by Mayweather turned out to be non-life-threatening.


Even in the midst of her relationship woes, Mayweather can still point out few joys from her being with YoungBoy. One stand-out moment where Yaya got a fair hand was when she welcomed her son, Kentrell Jr (KJ).

Mayweather’s son was born on January 9, 2021 (and he already has a custom-made Rolex). But YoungBoy’s escapades seem to make everything about a normal childhood out of reach for young KJ.

Away from Mayweather’s troubled relationship with her boyfriend, she’s also gotten it wrong with her baby by some fans’ standards. Yaya took KJ on a mask-less yachting trip, and many of her fans were having none of such behavior.

But on the bright side, Mayweather has largely been a caring mother if her Instagram photos are anything to go by.

Rap Career

Apart from being a mother and part of a twisted relationship, Mayweather has much going on for her elsewhere.  Mayweather has released some songs with the stage name “Money Yaya”.

However, she hasn’t gotten the recognition she craves and amasses overwhelmingly negative reviews on her songs. But all these don’t seem to deter Money Yaya as she keeps promoting her songs on Instagram. Among all her tracks, “Oh Okay” seems to be the most popular and well-received.


Mayweather has only been charged once for aggravated assault after her attack on LaPattra Jacobs. After the violent encounter in 2020, Yaya was charged soon after on the 4th of April that same year.

She was released on bail after a $30,000 bond was paid (by YoungBoy). LaPattra also has restraining order in effect against Mayweather. Yaya currently can’t get close to a thousand feet of Jacobs by law.

Jail Time Controversy

Don’t believe the rumor mill about Yaya facing life imprisonment. Several hothead bloggers have erroneously blown her issues from the assault on LaPattra well out of proportion.

Legal experts say since Jacobs will recover fully at some point, Yaya won’t get long jail time. Also, it’s clear that Mayweather has never committed such an offense publicly, so she’ll likely get a slap on the wrist. The nature of injuries sustained by LaPattra and Yaya’s first-time offender status provides her a huge let-off.

Check back for more updates on Yaya Mayweather and other celebrities.

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