Top List of Sexy women with Red Hair

Red denotes passion and boldness. It reveals confidence, determination, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and impulse for daring adventure. Ruby red bespeaks strength, optimism, courage, and strong will. Those sexy redheads will make your heart go on! It exudes a deep utmost desire and physical attraction. The cherry red hot blood excites burning emotions and charms everyone it touches to be in control and take action for the things that we want. Hence, women with red hair are firing hot, sexy sultry, charming, and beautifully eccentric. They are empoweringly liberating when it comes to getting things done and achieving the desires of the heart. They are sweet and kind but unafraid to take flight and express what they feel. That said, we listed fifty extraordinarily bewitching and sexy natural redheads women or famous beauties who are drop-dead gorgeous with red hair.
  1. Connie Britton

 The 53-year-old goddess is an unstoppable force, as people continuously talk about her undeniable allure, especially with her fabulous strawberry blonde, reddish hairstyle. Proving her hair’s popularity, it has a social media account with Twitter handle @ConBritsHair.Britton played Tammy Taylor in the NBC / DirecTV TV series “Friday Night Lights”. While studying in the Neighborhood Theater, Britton (then Womack) performed in New York for the first time in Caroline Kava’s “The Early Girl at The Courtyard Playhouse”. Britton uses her married name as her stage name.Recently, she turned heads and sparked buzz when she became Buck’s love interest with her sexy redhead, Abby, in the 911 TV series.
  1. Stacey Dooley

As engaging as a BBC TV presenter, the 33-year-old natural redhead is also a stunner, not only in delivering news that matters but as well as in creating a substantial impact on the world as a whole. The Bedfordshire native is more than just a pretty face with ravishing scarlet red hair. She’s an author, a journalist, and a document filmmaker who received a “Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) appointment for her relevant services to broadcasting.
  1. Julianne Moore

Oscar’s best actress Julianne Moore is one of the few redhead superstars in Hollywood with praise-worthy empowering confidence, strength, and brilliance. She’s not only an A-list actress but a strong-willed prolific woman who has done a lot of things as an activist and advocate of human rights. Her mind speaks volumes about what she can do and inspire. At 59, she’s a striking goddess, a multi-talented woman, and a best-selling author.
  1. Sarah Rafferty

Best known as Donna Paulsen in the hit legal drama TV series “Suits,” Sarah Rafferty is another gorgeous natural redhead. Aside from being a straight-A actress and jaw-dropping beauty at 47, she’s a magna cum laude graduate and an Oxford alumna. She also received a degree in “Master of Fine Arts” from another Ivy League School, “Yale School of Drama.”
  1. Camryn Grimes

“The Young and the Restless” award-winning actress Camryn Grimes is another flame hair natural. Redhead is one of their family’s significant genetics. Grimes is the daughter of Preston Lee and Heather Grimes. The first movie she starred in was Lisa Frankel, played by JAG in 1997.She first starred in the mentioned long-running TV soap opera as Cassie Newman in 1997 and became the youngest star to win a “Daytime Emmy” award. From 2014 to the present, she plays the character of Mariah Copeland in the same show. The 30-year-old actress is an absolute red hair charmer.
  1. Helen Housby

Identified as the “Ice Queen” of netball, Helen Housby is a naturally striking hot ginger-haired athlete. The 25-year-old Cumbrian doesn’t only strike an impression in the court but as well as an irresistible Belle at six-foot. Her OOTD snaps on Instagram are the ultimate fashion goals. She’s the epitome of a sporty-chic goddess. Housby also has completed a two-year zoology course.
  1. Jennifer Finnigan

Although sporting now with pretty blonde hair, the 40-year-old Canadian actress is among the notable people in the entertainment industry listed as a natural redhead. The three-time “Daytime Emmy” awardee captivated everyone with her gorgeous strawberry-blonde reddish hairdo when she starred in an American television drama soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Now, she’s a red-hot momma as her IG posts prove.
  1. Jayma Mays

Emma Pillsbury of Glee is another name on the list of natural redheads in showbiz. The 40-year-old actress also appeared in other popular TV shows, such as “Heroes,” “Ugly Betty,” “The League,” “The Millers,” and “Trial & Error.” She also appeared in “Red Eye” and “American Made” with Tom Cruise as the lead star.
  1. Marcia Cross

Dr. Kimberly Shaw of the primetime television drama soap opera “Melrose Place” is also a natural redhead bombshell. Another sexy redhead in power, in 2004 until 2012, she played the character of Bree Van de Kamp in the long-running TV series “Desperate Housewives,” where she received three-nomination for “Golden Globe Awards.” The “Masters in Psychology” degree holder is still rocking her fabulous scarlet red hair at 58.
  1. Cecile Sinclair

The sensuous green-eyed British-Dutch model Cecile Sinclair is also a natural red-haired head turner. The 33-year-old model is the winner of “Holland’s Next Top Model Cycle 3” before becoming an international model to many reputable brands. Today, she’s bewitching her IG followers with her jaw-dropping figure and outfits.
  1. Ambyr Childers

She’s Candace Stone in the Netflix series “You.” Ambyr Childers stuns everyone with her long copper-red hairstyle in the hit TV show. The 31-year-old actress flaunts her pretty blonde side on IG, but her rosy hair is a smash hit for her fans. The hot momma is also the co-owner of a jewelry line with Kate Bosworth. She is also part of “Freelancers,” “Vice,” “We Are What We Are,” and “2 Guns” films.
  1. Meryem Uzerli

Another natural redhead actress and model who is also catching more attention on Instagram is the award-winning Turkish-German actress Meryem Uzerli. The Kassel native is a total red hair bombshell.Meryem Uzerli was born in Kassel, West Germany. She started her acting career as Madeleine in the movie “Menage a trois”.The last film he starred in was Eşkiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz in 2017. Hence, she has over five million followers and still counting, thanks to her sexy redhead. She appeared in several German films and television shows.
  1. Lindy Booth

Known to many as Claudia on the mystery, fantasy, action, and adventure television series “Relic Hunter,” Lindy Booth is a natural cherry red hair actress. The 40-year-old Ontario native actress has appeared in many movies and TV shows. Lindy Booth also guested in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Stumptown.” Her films include “Dawn of the Dead,” “The Skulls II,” “American Psycho 2,” and “Wrong Turn.”
  1. Olivia Grant

The Oxford natural redhead graduate became an actress right after she received her diploma. She debuted in the acting world in 2007 through “Stardust.” Apart from being an enchanting actress, she’s also trained in classical ballet. The 36-year-old actress appeared in “Women In Love” and “Personal Affairs,” among many to mention.
  1. Natalya Rudakova

Fans may have known her as the drop-dead gorgeous redhead Valentina Tomilenko in Jason Statham’s “Transporter 3” film. The Soviet Union native is naturally born with red hair. She got discovered acting alongside Statham when she was crossing the street in New York.
  1. Lenka Kripac

Most music lovers would identify her as the breathtaking “The Show” singer. Lenka Kripac, notably known as Lenka is an Indie pop icon, who enthralls everyone with her smooth-listening voice. The 42-year-old singer-songwriter-actress is delighting her fans on Instagram with her red-hot bob cut on IG.
  1. Lena Katina

Another natural redhead on the list is the 35-year-old Russian singer Lena Katina. On her Instagram page, you can see how she plays with her lovely ruby red hair from straight locks to curly lioness mane while flaunting her jaw-dropping body. She starred alongside Mischa Barton in “You and I” and released a few albums.
  1. Una Healy

The 38-year-old Irish artist, who first came to prominence as a member of the all-girl English group “The Saturdays,” Una Healy is a redhead-born beauty. Before giving up her swimming career at 13 years old, she was an “All-Ireland champion swimmer” when she was just a 9-year-old little girl.
  1. Coco Rocha

Although identified today as a brown-haired supermodel, Coco Rocha came from a natural redhead family. Her mom and sister are both donning a cherry red crowning glory. However, as a popular international model, she needs to play a lot with her hair color.
  1. Isla Fisher

Shannon Reed of “Home and Away” is an Oman-born actress. She’s an eye-catching natural redhead. The 44-year-old bombshell considers herself a laid-back person and “very Australian.” Aside from her long list of films and television shows, Fisher is also a philanthropist. Her movies include “Definitely, Maybe,” “Wedding Daze,” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic.”
  1. Jessica Chastain

Considered one of Hollywood’s notable actresses, Jessica Chastain is another goddess of beauty on the list of natural redheads. That trait is visible on her IG account, where she also shares stunning photoshoots of her. Proud to be a feminist, the 43-year-old actress starred in “Molly’s Game,” “It Chapter Two,” “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
  1. Katherine McNamara

Clary Fray of “Shadowhunters” is another remarkable Belle on the list of naturally red hair beauties. The 24-year-old Missouri native eventually joined “Arrow” in the 7th season, as Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak’s daughter, Mia. The charismatic redhead is not just a pretty face TV star, but also, a summa cum laude graduate at 17 years old. Her films and TV shows include “Maze Runner” and New Year’s Eve.”
  1. Nicola Roberts

One of the popular members of “Girls Aloud,” the English singer is highly notable in the music scene as the red-head bombshell with porcelain fair-skinned. Nicola Roberts is also an activist, fighting against tanning and bullying. She was also the winner of “The Masked Singer” in 2020, where she used the stage name “Queen Bee.”
  1. Rose Byrne

The 40-year-old Australian actress, who made many Hollywood films and TV shows, is one of the favorite redheads. She’s not naturally born with red hair, but among the many colors she played along with, red is one color that suits her beautiful face. Her notable films include “Troy,” “X-Men: First Class,” and “Insidious: The Last Key.”
  1. Alexandra Breckenridge

Born with light-browned hair, the 37-year-old actress is well-known for her signature red hair. Breckenridge appeared in many smashing hit television series, such as “This Is Us” and “The Walking Dead.” Alexandra Breckenridge also guested in “Dawson’s Creek,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “Charmed.”
  1. Kate Mara

Zoe Barnes of “House of Cards” is serving an inspiring natural long auburn locks before she debuted her shorter hairstyle. The 37-year-old actress is also a fashion model and a film producer. She appeared in many television shows and films. She starred in “Fantastic Four,” “Captive,” and “Man Down,” among many others.
  1. Julia Roberts

Naturally blonde-haired, the Academy Award-winning actress became a worldwide hit when she portrayed the redhead “Pretty Woman” character on the big screen. At 52 years old, the Hollywood superstar is still slaying in the fabulous A-list alluring actresses who can carry any hair color well.
  1. Sophie Turner

X-Men’s Jean Grey, also known as Phoenix, stuns everyone when she dyed her hair red for her popular role in “Game of Thrones.” The 24-year-old actress transformed herself into a redhead to take on the role of Sans Stark in the defunct blockbuster TV series.
  1. Deborah Ann Woll

True Blood actress Deborah Ann Woll kept her naturally strawberry blonde hair for her role in the hit-defunct TV show. The 35-year-old actress is a Fine Arts degree holder and has also appeared in several films and television series. The Brooklyn-born actress also appeared in the defunct TV shows “The Punisher” and “Daredevil.”
  1. Nicki Minaj

A female rapper icon who is famous for her many hit songs, Nicki Minaj is engaging over a hundred million followers on Instagram with her long red hair. The 37-year-old artist’s hit songs include “Starships” and “Super Bass.” Nicki Minaj is also known for her tight-fit outfits and love for pink.
  1. Cardi B

The new sensation in rapping today also dons red hair, as seen on her IG postings. The 27-year-old artist is behind the hit songs “Bodak Yellow” and “Money.” Over a short period of time, Cardi B became one of the most influential people in the world by Time and Forbes.
  1. Christina Hendricks

She’s best with red locks, but the 44-year-old actress is a natural blonde. In an interview with “Marie Claire,” she revealed that she played with a lot of colors for her hair. Nonetheless, red looks attractive on her. She’s the lead star of “Good Girls,” an NBC television series.
  1. Holland Roden

The 33-year-old actress is another natural redhead in Hollywood and is known for her roles in the TV series “Teen Wolf” and “Channel Zero.” Inspired by her medical family, Roden majored in molecular biology and cardiothoracic surgeon pre-med education before going into acting.
  1. Jisoo

The lead vocalist of the famous all-girl group “Blackpink” Jisoo is a Belle donning a reddish hairstyle in her latest Instagram posts. In 2019, she acted in the TVN drama series “Arthdal Chronicles.” The 25-year-old beauty is also an endorser of popular brands, such as “Dior Beauty.”
  1. Rose

Blackpink’s main vocals are also a true beauty with her version of red hair. She shared several pictures of her on her official Instagram page, donning the cherry red do. Rose is a New Zealand native who is currently in South Korea. She stands at a lovely height with a beautiful petite figure.
  1. Jennie

One of the singers of the popular K-pop group “Blackpink,” Jennie is also attracting her fans on her social media account when she joins Jisoo and Rose with their red hair trend. The 24-year-old “Solo” singer is also known as the “Human Gucci” or “Human Chanel” due to her extraordinary style.
  1. Lisa

The rapper of the “Blackpink” group Lisa has played several hair colors, and among the most stunning style she did was a scarlet red hairstyle. The 23-year-old Thai, who is currently in South Korea, is also a global sensation when it comes to her fashion sense and style, especially with her fabulous hairstyles.
  1. Viktoria T. Hagen

A new Instagram sensation is making rounds online with her YouTube makeup tutorials and drop-dead gorgeous photos. She’s the real deal of a seductive redhead with a face and body to flaunt.
  1. Nicole Kidman

While almost everyone thought that Oscar’s best actress Nicole Kidman is blonde, she’s actually a natural red hair. The Australian actress and Hollywood’s A-list actress still has it at 52 years old is a gorgeous curly redhead. Her red curls appeared in her films “Eye Wide Shut,” “Moulin Rouge,” and “Practical Magic” with Sandra Bullock.
  1. Adwoa Aboah

A graduate of “Modern Drama,” Adwoa Aboah is a 27-year-old towering natural redhead fashion model and mental health activist. Aboah also appeared in several prominent magazines and was a contributing editor for “British Vogue.” In 2017, she got voted the “Model of the Year” and “Woman of the Year” by and GQ, respectively.
  1. Bella Thorne

She is the favorite redhead actress of “Marie Claire.” Bella Thorne has stunned everyone when it comes to her hairstyles. She tends to be playful with her looks. The fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine is inspired by the 22-year-old auburn locks when they spotted her out and about in LA.
  1. Zendaya

One of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood is the 23-year-old Zendaya. She started her career as a child model and backing dancer, and then gained fame for her role as Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel. The 5’8-footer is making rounds with her fashion sense and style. Recently, she stunned everyone with her reddish curls.Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an extraordinary American actress and singer. Zendaya is also a model and a singer. Her films and TV shows include “Spiderman,” “The Greatest Showman,” “Shake It Up,” “K.C. Undercover,” and “Euphoria.” 
  1. Cintia Dicker

Another natural redhead is the 33-year-old model and actress Cintia Dicker from Brazil. The blue-eyed 5’10-stunner is catching attention and turning heads on her Instagram account, as she proudly flaunts her beautiful face and gorgeous body.
  1. Karen Gillan

The Nebula of millions of Marvel fans is a stunning natural red-haired actress. Karen Gillan, who debuted on the TV series “Rebus,” was a model before she became a full-fledged actress. Her television shows include “Selfie” and “Doctor Who.” She also starred in several blockbuster movies, such as “Avengers,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Oculus,” and “Jumanji.”
  1. Amber Heard

Mera of Aquaman is a head-turner as she dons flaming hot red hair, coupled with an extra gorgeous tight-fit outfit. She may not be born with red hair, but inarguably, she can rock it perfectly. Amber Heard is Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, who is undeniably alluring and fab at 33 years old. Her films include “Drop Dead Sexy,” “Justice League,” and “The Danish Girl.”
  1. Alexina Graham

Victoria’s Secret new angel Alexina Graham is another natural redhead stunner. The 30-year-old green-eyed model represented several world-renowned brands, such as “Maybelline” and “L’Oreal Paris.” She’s the first-ever red-haired model to become an angel. She also walked on the runway for “Armani” and “Jean-Paul Gaultier.”
  1. Barbara Meier

Blue-eyed German model Barbara Meier is born naturally with red hair. The 33-year-old model and actress made her prominence when she became the winner of the second season of “Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum.” Today, she takes pride as an author and mom. She’s also an “ambassador of fair fashion and against plastic in the oceans,” as she stated on her IG.
  1. Elena Satine

The 32-year-old actress is wowing fans on her social media page with her striking bikini and OOTD posts.  She’s a true-born redhead beauty and blessed with a pretty face.The Tbilisi native appeared in “Smallville” and “Revenge.” Aside from being an actress, she’s also a singer. In fact, at nine years old, she became the youngest performer in the “Sochi Open Russian Film Festival.”
  1. Madelaine Petsch

As real as it gets, Madelaine Petsch is one of the few Hollywood stars who are natural redheads. The 25-year-old actress became known when she starred as Cheryl Blossom in “Riverdale,” a television series under “The CW.” She’s also a popular YouTube vlogger. Apart from that, she also collaborated with Privé Revaux for her sunglasses collection.
  1. Marina Ruy Barbosa

The 24-year-old Brazilian actress is naturally born with gorgeous scarlet red locks. She gained popularity after starring in telenovelas, such as “Imperio,” which gave her the best-supporting actress award. Aside from having one of the prettiest faces in the world, Marina Ruy Barbosa is creating an online buzz with her jaw-dropping pictures, showing off her perfect hourglass figure.Are you looking for other top lists? Visit our beauty category!

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