Weight loss is a very intensive matter in many countries especially the United States Of America.

People who are looking forward to shedding weight are mostly drawn to advertisements on billboards and television.

Most times the internet also shows consumers different good diets for weight gain,  catchy products that aid weight gain, and most common are pills that apparently work magic to improve your weight.

It is like there is a battle between the thin people and their own weight. Although it isn’t bad to have less weight just like overweight causes health problems, similarly underweight might also become a problem.

Ways To Enhance Bodyweight.

Sometimes as a fat person, you don’t appear attractive to some people. They are seen as overweight or obese people.

The truth is, not all fat is bad fat, your body sometimes breaks down and store calories as fat, this is very good for the health.

This is one of the numerous ways that the body utilizes food to operate and replenish.

The energy that is constrained as fat can be of help when working tedious jobs or when you are working out.

Storing fat also aids in brain development and avoiding inflammation and blood clots. Fat surprisingly helps to get you properly functioning hair and skin.

You can choose if you are underweight with the help of an instrument called the Body Mass Index Calculator.

This tool is available online, it takes different features into consideration before giving you an answer.

What features are we talking about? Things like your height, age, weight, and gender too. Your BMI shouldn’t be less than 18.5, because that means you are underweight, you are at a very dangerous stage.

This BMI tool can also be replaced by your doctor because he or she has the knowledge to tell you if you are underweight or overweight.

If you are at a bad weight, your doctor could introduce you to something that could help. What we are saying is, your doctor will put you on a schedule for weight again if you are underweight.

Most times when people are put on programs like this, they tend to fill themselves with unhealthy food.

Healthy weight gain schedules need a good approach method, it is similar to what you do for weight loss schedules.

Of course, junk or unhealthy food would help you gain the weight you so desire.

Are there repercussions to eating too much junk food? Of course, there are. Firstly, junk food cannot give your body proper nutrition as it requires.

Some people eat a lot of junk food but still don’t gain the weight they want, sometimes you don’t even add up at all. Junk food is still likely to harm you internally.

Some Healthy weight gain tips are listed below:


  • Include Healthy calories

You don’t require rapid altering of your diet to gain weight. You can add calories to your body system by including but, seed, toppings, cheese, and some good dishes.

Test almonds, sunflower seeds, fruit, or wholegrain.

  • Dense Your Nutrients

Rather than eating bare calories and junk food, eat food that has good nutrients. Go for food with a lot of protein meats that can help you improve your muscles.

Furthermore, select nutritious carbohydrates like brown rice and whole grains. This enhances your body to accept a good amount of nourishment that you require.

  • Take Enough Snacks

Take in snacks that possess enough protein and healthy carbohydrates. Think about choices such as trail mix, protein bars, or drinks.

Furthermore, eat a lot of snacks that have good fats which are necessary for a good cardiovascular system. Snacks like this have nuts and avocados.

  • Enjoy Mini Meats

If you find it hard to get an appetite for some reason, maybe medical or emotional issues.

Taking huge amounts of food might not look appealing. You can do well to eat a small amount of food in a day but more times than usual to enhance the calorie.

  • Build up

Although too much exercise will burn up the calories and put a barrier between you and your weight vision, power training might be good.

Power training is something like lifting weights or yoga. Weight is gained by muscle build-up.

Before you go ahead to start up a weight gain procedure, communicate with your doctor so he could examine you before you go into anything.

You need this examination because your underweight condition might be a result of an unknown sickness so weight gain programs might be useless.

Your doctor is the best person to help you check your progress, this is good because your doctor can ensure your safety and alternations that are occurring.

10 Extra Tips For Weight Gain

A combination of taking a good amount of calories with high strength training is the most necessary factor.

Outside the tips above, we have some extra tips that can help you gain weight.

  • It is wrong to drink water before you eat, water could fill your stomach and cause you to not get the necessary calories.
  • Eat more than you use to. Add another meal to the normal three square miles that you take.
  • Take milk. Sometimes we know it isn’t easy but most times you can just decide to use milk to quench your thirst instead of water.
  • Use weight gainer supplements. If you are finding it hard to eat or follow some of these tips, use weight gain supplements. They contain a good amount of protein, carbs, and calories.
  • This might seem absurd but using bigger plates might help because people tend to eat bigger when they use bigger plates.
  • Make sure you take creamy coffee if you have to take coffee.
  • Creatine the supplement for muscle gain might also be a good idea to add a few pounds.
  • Get good sleep, this is very necessary for growth enhancement.
  • Try to take in protein-filled goods first before taking vegetables.
  • Abstain from smoking because it drains weight.

Things To Look Out For

Underweight individuals are like that because, for some reason, their body isn’t getting enough calories to enhance their weight.

Most times malnutrition is one issue that they face.

Do you know what malnutrition means? Well we do, it is a situation whereby you are not receiving the right amount of vitamins and minerals from what you eat.

Underweight people face some of these issues listed below.

  • Stunted Growth

This is mostly true in infants and young adults whose bodies require the right amount of nutrients to improve and remain healthy.

  • Soft Bones

A lack of nutrients in vitamin D and calcium following the body weight can cause weak bones and a condition called osteoporosis.

  • Bad Immune System

When your body doesn’t get the required nutrients, your body cannot keep the energy.

This leads to your body being unable to withstand sickness. This also causes your body not to heal you fast.

What Does It Mean To Be Underweight?

Being underweight entails that you are below 18.5 on the Body Mass Index. This number entails that you have a smaller body mass than you require to keep good health.

On the BMI scale, when your number is over 25, you are said to be overweight. It is even worse when you are above or at 30 because then you will be considered obese.

Although, it is vital that you know this. The BMI scale has some glitches, it only calculates using height and weight. It doesn’t take your muscle weight as part of the calculation.

Some people are just skinny but they also have amazing health. The BMI telling you that you are underweight doesn’t mean that you are unhealthy.

The female gender has this commonly, most girls are skinny, unlike the men. A woman can be skinny and healthy at the same time. Women somehow manage this better than men.


What Are The Health Results Of Being Underweight?

Obesity is presently seen as part of the world’s biggest health issues. Similarly, being underweight is just as bad for the health.

Studies have indicated that it has a higher risk of killing men than women. Men are at a 140% risk of dying while women are at a 100% risk of dying too.

When you compare, you figure out that men are at an exceeding risk of dying. Sometimes, being underweight kills faster than being overweight.

Just like many studies, it has also been said that men are likely to end up dead when they are underweight. With men, the problem is worse.

Being underweight can also mess up your immune system, it heightens your risk of attracting infections.

Underweight people have a very high risk of getting diseases called sarcopenia and dementia.


The whole aim of this article is to talk about weight gain. Now we hope that we have been helpful to you in your quest.

We all know that too much of anything is never good so we urge that the information in this article is taken seriously and not overused. It is mandatory that you are mindful of your body and what you take in.

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