Who is Tammy Slaton?

Tammy Slaton is an American YouTuber and reality star, famous through her appearance in the reality show ‘1000 lb sisters’. She appeared in the show along with her sister, Amy Slaton. The show is about how these two sisters try to lose weight. Even before the show, the sisters were quite famous on YouTube.

What are 1000-lb sisters?

1000- lb sisters is an ongoing American reality show about the Slaton sisters, Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton as they try to lose weight to qualify for Bariatric Surgery. The show aired its first-ever episode aired in January 2020 and has had two seasons until now. The last season came to an end on 8 March 2021 and fans are speculating whether the show is canceled or not.


Tammy Slaton was born on 27 July 1986, in Kentucky, USA. She was born to Darlene Slaton as the elder of the Slater sisters’ duo. They were raised in Dixon, Kentucky by their mother, Darlene. The pair also has a younger brother named Chris Combs.

Their father hasn’t been in the picture since the beginning and hence Darlene was a single mother to Amy and Tammy. They both attended Union County High School for their school education.

Darlene is now married to Frank Rednuor and is no longer staying with her daughters. Both Amy and Tammy were very close to their grandmother, even more than they were with their mother.

Grandmothers’ Death

The sisters recall how their mother worked three jobs to keep them alive and well, so they very rarely got to spend time with their mother. They had a not-so-pleasant relationship with their mother.

Since their mother wasn’t around enough to look after them, the sisters had to look after themselves. They ended up spending most of their time at their grandmother’s place. The sisters had a very good relationship with their grandmother.

Their grandmother passed away when Amy was only ten years old and her death had a very devastating effect on the sisters.

Following their grandmother’s death, the two sisters went through a very hard time. They resorted to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles.

YouTube and TV Career

The sisters came to the limelight via their series 1000-lbs sisters, but even before that, they were quite famous YouTube personalities. Their fans from YouTube got in touch with TLC and that’s how they landed the show. They have also been very active on Tiktok.

She said that TLC was a huge fan of how the sisters interacted with each other, and how real they were on the show, and maybe that helped in getting them the show.

Fans loved the show and after season 2, they were doubtful about a new season happening. The fans together created a petition to make 1000-lb Sisters season 3 happen.

The Weight-loss Journey

The show tracked Amy’s and Tammy’s weight-loss journey. Amy succeeded in losing enough weight to undergo the weight-loss surgery. Amy is a mom now. She is married to her high-school sweetheart and long-time boyfriend, Michael Halterman. They had a child recently, a son named Gage Halterman.

Tammy updated her Facebook relationship status as ‘in a relationship. She said she now has a boyfriend when one of her fans asked her on a date in the comment section.

When the show started Amy and Tammy weighed about 400 and 600 lbs, respectively. Tammy cannot walk on her own, she uses a walker to help her walk. It was always a big dream for Amy to have a baby. She lost enough weight, underwent the surgery, and had a baby.

In a 2019 interview with People Magazine, Tammy said that she had considered committing suicide. The immobility that came with her obesity, the inability to move, and the lack of social life, made her consider suicide as an escape.

While Amy has managed to lose enough weight to do the surgery, Tammy hasn’t been able to accomplish that goal.

Where is Tammy Slaton now?

Her last visit to the doctor did not go as well as she anticipated. As season 2 of 1000-lb Sisters ended, Amy had lost enough weight, but Tammy had gained more than 20 pounds.

During her last visit to the doctor at the end of Season 2, she opened up about how she felt, and how her thoughts fluctuated. She said that she tries to lead a very healthy lifestyle but sometimes, she’d be demotivated; she would start thinking ‘what is the point?’

Her doctor was very encouraging and optimistic. He appreciated her for acknowledging and accepting the setbacks that she’d caused by herself.

He said that she could have blamed many other things for this setback, but she owned her mistake. That is a big step, this step can lead her forward.

At the end of season 2, Tammy decided to go and live at an assisted living residence to get help to lose weight. There have been many rumors about how she was kicked out of a facility, started a relationship with an employee, and how to hit one of the nurses.

These claims were made via Facebook, but Tammy dismissed all of them through Instagram, she said that she would never hit someone unless they were family. P.S. She was throwing some shade at her sister due to their ongoing feud.

Happy news to the fans, there is going to be a season 3! Season three will show the weight-loss journey of Tammy and Amy’s life as a mom.

Sister Feud

The fans are very disappointed and angry at Tammy for being mean to her sister. They think that it has something to do with Amy’s domestic bliss. She angrily lashes out at her sister for very trivial and petty things.

Fans have speculated that this is because Tammy is very dependent on her sister. But now that her sister had a baby, somebody to look after and care for, she doesn’t get to boss around Amy as much as she did before. Sounds very silly, but everything else about this feud is also silly!

When it was found that she has gained weight, she tried to make Amy take some blame. She said that Amy brings food all the time and insists that they should eat it together.

Tammy is upset with the consequences of her actions; but instead of recognizing them as the after-effect of her poor choices, she tries to portray Amy in a bad light. Fans seem to think that Tammy might be bullying her sister.

This awkward situation has put so much stress on the Slaton family that the sisters were taken to therapy. Tammy goes on to antagonize her sister in front of the therapist as well. She said that she gets angry when Amy doesn’t get the food she asked for. She is so much dependent on her sister, even for the basic things that she now considers her right to be served.

Amy did not keep quiet about this either, she let her sister know that when situations like these happen, she feels crushed, embarrassed, and undermined. This statement somehow really offended Tammy so she threatened to walk out of the show.

Fans are really angry about Tammy’s unfair attitude towards Amy. They say that Amy is too sweet and she doesn’t deserve any of these unfair treatments.

That being said, we are only aware of the events that happen in front of the camera. Let us just hope that their dynamic is much better and loving when the cameras are off. 

Hopefully, these two will work out all their issues in time for the next season!

Is Tammy Slaton alive in 2021?

You might be wondering why such a  question is included in this article. Well, it is because there have been several rumors going around that say that Tammy Slaton is dead. She has suffered from Covid and further complications but she is currently well and alive.

After contracting Covid, she has been struggling a lot with her health. She has been on and off oxygen for a while to keep her lungs strong and sturdy.

Will Tammy Slaton undergo weight-loss surgery?

As we saw Amy Slaton undergo the surgery, we know that it is not impossible. Tammy is going through a hard time health-wise and she will be upping her health game soon. If she can lose enough weight to qualify, she can definitely get the surgery done.

What is wrong with Tammy’s forehead?

Many people wonder about what is ‘wrong’ with Tammy’s forehead. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her forehead. Her forehead has a bulging appearance and it is due to her weight. It is not a health condition or illness.

How much does Tammy Slaton weigh currently?

Tammy’s current weight is slightly more than 600 lbs. The fans have divided themselves into two teams regarding Tammy’s weight loss; one team believes that her doctor’s inefficiency is the reason why she hasn’t lost weight. Another team supports Dr. Proctor’s approach.

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Bobbi Kalb · 20 November 2021 at 1h07

To be honest, I don’t care what Tammy,s reasons are. She treats Amy and everyone around her,in a mean,rude way ! I am tired of seeing her make “ugly”, impolite gestures and “faces” to everyone who tries to talk or make diet suggestions to her. All she seems to care about is going thru beaus who will take care of her needs. Her loved ones, need to get together and start treating her as badly as she does all of them. Lets see how arrogent she will remain, with NO ONE willing to put up with her??? She could turn her whole family against her. Maybe she should be made to volunteer for some of the things she gets for free. Severly disabled folks do charitable work. Its about time that Tammy does likewise.. I have grown to dislike her immensely ! Her personality,her vocabulary, everything she says and does makes her very unlikeable.

    [email protected] · 22 February 2023 at 2h46

    Congratulations Tammy and Amy on your success in weight loss and a new baby. Both of you keep up the good work. There is a 76 year old African American woman in Maryland rooting for the both of you. You have a wonderful and loving family for support. Take it and don’t question yourself. Jeremiah 29:11 says “I know the plans that I have for you…”

Terri Hill · 15 December 2021 at 19h24

I have watched other shows where Dr. Procter has helped other people by doing the surgery at 600 pounds or more. I don’t understand why he will not give Tammy the surgery and help her to get her food addiction under control.

Susan · 18 January 2022 at 22h08

I have watched every episode of their show. I have come to dislike Tammy as well. The entire family would benefit from an intervention. Tammy knows she can have one of her obscenity fill temper tantrums and everybody backs off. Tammy will have a health complaint and everybody backs off. News flash, her health problems are not going away. Until she dies. She has one of her temper tantrums and then turns around and blames the people she went off on for provoking her. She says she just wants to get along. Liar! The only people that she is going to get along with are the people willing to help her kill herself. If she is going to live, it is time for serious tough love. Call adult protective services. Call someone willing to lock her away and reprogram her for a couple years. That sounds harsh but she is never going to get gastric bypass surgery. She doesn’t want it. She wants to keep living the life of a bratty willful toddler. She would benefit from an Anne Sullivan to her Helen Keller.

HJ · 30 January 2022 at 6h52

Ive watched every episode too. I really love Amy & Chris! Amy is so caring and loving, she’s beautiful. Chris’ laugh absolutely cracks me up and I absolutely LOVED their vacation episode where he was having so much fun, laughing all the way. But Tammy the narcissist….. Ugh. She has turned into a very nasty piece of work with her tantrums at everybody knowing full well they will just fall at her feet even more. She is so lazy she thrives on everyone doing everything for her and expects them to all be at her beck & call at the drop of a hat. Her attitude and arrogance stinks. Im still furious about Tammy saying they should all be thankful they dont have to do even more for her, if she was bed-ridden they would have to turn her & clean her too! WHAT??!!!!!! It is SHE that should be thankful she isnt bed-ridden but that is only steps away. Thats if she doesnt die first. The boys she is now partying with are just using her. I could be wrong, but I am guessing that Tammy pays for the booze or at least there is something of benefit to them, otherwise the lads would not even be there. They sure aren’t there because they love & care about her. They completely disregard that they are killing her quicker than she can do so herself. That girl seriously needs to do a 180 turnaround at lightning speed before its too late but one thing for sure, her family need have no guilt that they should/could have done more to help.

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