When I was young, I think that my positive actions were almost never valued, but things that I did not do not like were marked with a beautiful red bar.

So we marked my bad moves as special and ignored my good deeds

And that’s what I started to do,

Notice that what was wrong

When I got married, what became important, significant, was only what was wrong

  • With the beautiful family
  • What was wrong between my boyfriend and me
  • What was causing me concern
  • What worried me
  • What worried me
  • What hurt me

So, I was just watching bad things

  • Bad subjects
  • The dramas
  • The penalties

I behaved in I saw that my faults and the faults of others

My life has revolved around this a lot.

I did a lot of other things, but as I learned from my parents it was mainly to notice what was wrong

I go back to bed.

To take photos, yes it’s beautiful

Worked at the restaurant, yes, I was not a perfect waitress, but I had a good approach and I was so pleasant with the customers.

I have a skill to call my parents and friends, I am pleasant with others.

I know how to invest myself at work, I have the attitude of a go-getter. I am persistent.

Which gives me pleasure in life.

  • Talking with family or friends,
  • Go by car
  • Go to vv
  • Make the order,
  • Take care of the car,
  • Sew a little sewing
  • Read to improve
  • Take pictures
  • Write to improve
  • To receive
  • Chat with Robert
  • Achievements of which I am proud
  • Work at the Villa,
  • Work for the taxi
  • Tax
  • To go on trips
  • I have a lot of lovers
  • I have a lot of friends
  • Returned to kinship
  • Find the Thibault of Abitibi
  • Returned to 5th place in Beauce
  • I had beautiful children
  • To be close to my daughter
  • Nice exchange with my son
  • Resumed life next to former husband
  • Sing with my friends
  • Find the Marquettes and keep a good relationship with them
  • Good relationship with my friend Louis
  • Do everything to become good with myself
  • How I’m going to feel free from my fears, my anxieties

I will go get 100X5. $ Each time I do a good deed for me, I will put a $ 5. in my pot. Something to make me happy.

Whether in thought, in action, a success, a letting go

An outing like yesterday, the colored trees. Go see a free show that makes me feel good.

Go meet my sister-in-law for me because I feel obligated or go to meet the cousins ​​of Granby to meet a need to develop myself,

give a book to Marie-Ève ​​to feel that I can help her.

The symbol that came to me: A fox.

In my head, it was that of a fox who watches everything around him so as not to be attacked, or to attack others.

In my case, I have always monitored the behavior of others and accused them.

Okay, I’ll try to play the game.

Mom and dad watched me, attacked me and I reacted by defending myself, which made them react.

So we watched each other and we attacked each other.

They wanted to protect me and wanted my good, but to do so they made me in a state where I felt so uncomfortable and there I tried to feel good. Them seeing me go, it made them worried and anxious.

I started to do like them, with my spouses, my children, but I was so concerned about my spouses, that I forgot my children. My children were freer than my spouses. I felt more anxious with my spouses than with my children.

Author Anonymous of Quebec

Voir que le côté négatif, reconnaitre les signes mal-saints

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