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Maria Cecilia Botero’s Personal Life and Information

Maria Cecilia Botero was born on the 13th of May back in the year 1955 which makes her 67 years old this 2022. Her birthplace is in Medellin, Colombia. Maria Cecilia Botero is of Colombian and Mexican nationality. Her zodiac sign is a Taurus. As for details about her parents, her father is Jaime Botero Gomez while her mother, unfortunately, the internet has no information about her. As for Maria Cecilia Botero’s siblings, she has two brothers named Oscar Botero and Jaime Botero, and she also has a sister named Ana Cristina Botero.

Maria Cecilia Botero has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches or 1.60 meters. She weighs about 57 kilograms or 125 in pounds. Maria Cecilia Botero has a dress size of 6 in US standard. All in all, this makes her fall into the category of an average body type. She has black eyes and has white hair currently but when she was younger, she used to have dark brown to black hair.

Maria Cecilia Botero’s Early Life and Education

We all know that people have a life before where they are now, celebrity or not, every person has a past. But in this case, we will be looking into a celebrity’s past. We tend to get eager or overly intrusive (which is a bad thing) regarding a celebrity’s past life. Maybe for some reasons that we tend to look for a sense of relatedness to the celebrity because most of the time, some celebrities came from humble beginnings, or they were once normal people, not exposed to the limelight and the dozens of cameras.

While for some celebrities, before they became the famous stars they are in the present, they might have been from an influential family. Perhaps a family of entrepreneurs, or most commonly, children of former top celebrities. This gives them an opportunity to get into the limelight easily because of their parents’ influence. But nevertheless, we all appreciate and support the celebrities we know and fond of regardless their past.

For Maria Cecilia Botero, before she started to get into the career of being an actress, she used to study anthropology. However, details about her former education or where she has pursued anthropology was not available or could not be found in some resources.

As what was mentioned earlier, regarding a celebrity’s past or earlier life, a fun fact about Maria Cecilia Botero’s life is that she is the daughter of a former popular actor, director, and librettist, Jaime Botero Gomez. Added to this, she is also the niece of the famous Dora Cadavid. This makes Maria Cecilia Botero one of the celebrities who has known connections with previously influential and popular celebrities due to familial relativity.

Maria Cecilia Botero’s Career and Achievements

In this segment, we will get to witness Maria Cecilia Botero’s beginning to her journey of being a celebrity.

We always get hooked with these parts of a celebrity’s life because it somehow feels as if going down memory lane or like trying to witness how the now successful celebrities started to work their way up to where they are now. Knowing a celebrity’s beginning of their journey to success can be humbling because we will witness how some of them have struggled so much apart from their earlier life.

We all know that starting something, moreover a life-altering thing can be a challenge due to the unknown and uncertainties that lies beyond the decision they are making once they have begun. But nonetheless, these celebrities are eager enough to continue.

Added to this, the entertainment industry is also not that easy. This industry is extremely competitive and cutthroat. It can be a struggle to go up against thousands or probably more people who want to get in the industry especially when it comes to getting a role in a film or series or anything that guarantees minimum to maximum exposure to the media just as long as they got casted. Another reason as to why the entertainment industry is hard and competitive, that is because professionals have extremely high standards. It takes a lot to be a part of the entertainment industry and you’d be lucky if you have stellar talent, or if you have connections that will back you up.

The beginning of Maria Cecilia Botero started on the year 1971 when she started acting in the production called El Fantasma de Canterville along with other fellow actors like Carlos Benjumea, Maruja Toro, Enrique Ponton, as well as Franky Linero. Another one of her starting projects is when she got casted in La Voragine and portrayed the character that was supposedly played by the actress Mariela Hijuelos but unfortunately, the actress died during the recording back in the year 1975.

Another one of Maria Cecilia Botero’s portrayal was the character Manuel Saenz in the TV series called Bolivar, el hombre de las difficultades back in the year 1981. Another one added to her filmography is her taking part in the project of filming La Pezuna del Diablo and portrayed the character Maria Candida back in the year 1983.  Maria Cecilia Botero also starred as Yadira La Ardiente back in the year 1988 for Caballo Viejo, as well as Sandalo daza in the show Musica Maestro back in the year 1990. In which surprisingly, is also starred by her siblings Oscar Botero, her brother, and her sister, Ana Cristina Botero.

It is no surprise that reading up to this point, Maria Cecilia Botero’s being an actress must have come from their genes since her dad was a former celebrity, her aunt as well, and her other siblings, too.

Besides the projects that were previously mentioned on the beginning of her career as an actress, Maria Cecilia Botero also starred in a couple movies her debut as a film actress back in the 1972. Her debut as an actress started in the film called Maria along with her co-actor Fernando Allende. With this, Maria Cecilia Botero also became popular because of how professional she is on screen and she became one of the most beloved celebrities in Colombia. Amongst all of her popular roles in the Colombian entertainment industry, her role as Yadira la Ardiente from the show Caballo Viejo is the most popular role of all time, as well as Sandalo Daza from the show Musica Maestro.

Besides her being an excellent actress, Maria Cecilia Botero is also a great at producing musical comedies. Besides that, Maria Cecilia Botero has also starred in some of the musical comedies that her husband has directed, and that husband is Argentine David Stivel (further details about their relationship will be discussed in the following segment).

It is also no doubt that Maria Cecilia Botero is an ambitious woman because she dreamt of popularizing musical theatre to Colombia as well as to the global audience. Due to her passions for musical theatre, her works became as popular as Peter Pan, Sugar, as well as La Mujer del Ano.

Yet another one of Maria Cecilia Botero’s occupation in the entertainment industry is when she became one of the presenters for television newscasting channels like CM an Noticero de las 7, and Maria Ceclia Botero also became one of the hosts for a talk show like Maria C. Contigo and Las Tardes de Maria C. as if the list just keeps on going and going, Maria Cecilia Botero, as one of her achievements, she was invited back in the year 2005 to become a part of a soap opera that was produced by RCN Television. In this soap opera back in 2005, she portrayed an antagonistic role, which is her first time to portray in the entertainment industry. Maria Cecilia Botero gave life to the villainous character of the play, Rufina de Ferrero, where she drastically changed her look and showcased her capacity and versatility of becoming an antagonistic character.

Again, in one of the things that Maria Cecilia Botero’s achievements and career, she is also a teacher. While being a successful actress, she also continues with her profession as a teacher and she also directs in the institution called Charlot Academy. This institution was established by her father Jaime Botero in order to offer inspiring actors and actresses to study acting. Maria Cecilia Botero has also presented a program called Dia a Dia on the channel called Caracol Television together with other famous Colombian actors like Catalina Gomez and Agmeth Escaf.

Another one of Maria Cecilia Botero’s most popular projects or exposure to the entertainment is when she became the voice actress of one of the most popular characters in one of the most popular Disney movies back in the year 2021. Maria Cecilia Botero voiced the popular Encanto character, Abuela Alma, along with other popular voice actors like John Leguizamo, Angie Cepeda, and Carolina Gaitan.

Maria Cecilia Botero’s List of all the Filmographies and Roles She had

In this list, you will see the list of television shows Maria Cecilia Botero has been as well as the name of the characters she portrayed. (Take note that some of the name of roles were not mentioned because it could not be found from other informational sources)

  • El fantasma de Cantervielle (1971)
  • Lunes de comedia, Episodios de Suspenso 7:30, Episodios de Los cuentos del domingo (1972)
  • Caminos de Gloria (1973)
  • La feria de las vanidades, La voragine (1975) – as Alicia (La voragine)
  • Lejos del nido (1978) – as Filomena
  • Los novios, Cordova (1979) – as Manuela Morales (Cordova)
  • Bolivar, el hombre de las difficultades (1980) – as Manuela Saenz
  • La tia Julia y el escribidor (1981)
  • El hombre de negro (1982) – as La frivola
  • La pezuna del diablo (1983) – as Maria Candida
  • Amalia, Camino cerrado (1984) – as Amalia (Amalia)
  • Gloria (1985)
  • Los duenos del poder (1986)
  • Mi sangre aunque plebeya, Cuando llega la noche, Por amor (1987)
  • Caballo Viejo (1988) – as Yadira la ardiente
  • La rosa de los vientos (1989) – as Rosario
  • Musica Maestro (1990-1991) – as Soledad “Sandalo Daza”
  • Dos mujeres (1997) – as Laura Blanco de Urdaneta
  • M.A. La Academia (2003) – as Victoria Giraldo
  • Lorena (2005) – as Rufina De Brigard de Ferrero
  • Nuevo rico, nuevo pobre (2007-2008) – as Antonia de Ferreira
  • Munoz vale x 2 (2008 – 2009) – as Victoria de Castellanos
  • Secretos de familia (2010) – as Mercedes Romero, the widow of San Miguel
  • La bruja (2011) – as Carmen Escobar
  • La hipocondriaca (2013) – as Maruja Maldonado de Pulido
  • La suegra (2014) – as Beatriz Eugenia Espitia
  • Las hermanitas Calle (2015 – 2016) – as Isabel
  • Hilos de sangre azul (2016 – 2017) – as Sonia Diaz
  • La ley secreta (2018) – as Bertha
  • La cuadra (2019) – as herself or Maria Cecilia Botero
  • Enfermeras (2019 – 2021) – as Beatriz
  • La venganza de Analia (2020) – as Eugenia Marquez de la Torre

In this another list, you will see a list of films that Maria Cecilia Botero has been.

  • Maria (1972)
  • Encanto (2021) – as Abuela Alma Madrigal (the voice actress)

In this next list, this will showcase all of her TV presenting years and the programs she has presented in

  • Maria C contigo (1998 -2000)
  • Las tardes de Maria C (2000 – 2001)
  • Protagonistas de Novela (2002 – 2004)
  • Dia a dia (2005 – 2009)
  • L gran carpa (2019)

Lastly for this list is all the musical theatres she has participated in throughout the years of her being in the entertainment industry.

  • La Mujer del ano
  • Sugar
  • La Invencible Molly Brown
  • Peter Pan
  • Musica Maestro (1990)
  • Los caballeros las prefieren rubias

Maria Cecilia Botero’s Dating Life, Relationships, Love Life, Marriage, and Affairs

As for this next segment, we all know that we get interested with our favorite celebrities’ love life or whoever they are associated with romantically and as for Maria Cecilia Botero, she had a husband named Argentine David Stivel who was one of the directors of the musical comedies that Maria Cecilia Botero was in. together, the couple had a son named Mateo Stivelberg. But unfortunately, Maria Cecilia Botero’s husband has passed away. They have been married since the year 1982 and ended on 1992 when her husband passed away.

Maria Cecilia Botero’s Scandals and Dramas Involved In

Another one of the segments that is quite popular involving celebrities is when they get involved in scandals or dramas. But for Maria Cecilia Botero, all throughout her career in the entertainment industry, there are no records of her being involved in scandals or troubles or she might have kept it private.


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