About Ronnie Turner

Ronnie Turner is known for what he does, he is one of the big musicians, songwriters, and actors. He is also known as one of the children of MR and MRS Turner. He is the youngest son.

His parents are popular because they were also in the entertainment industry. He is just as successful as his parents. This article is going to be telling us different things about Ronnie Turner’s life.

Ronnie was born in 1960, on the 27th of October. He was born in Missouri state, in St. Louis.

It is 2022 now, by the calculations, he should be 62. His zodiac sign has been confirmed to be Scorpio.

After he was born, his parents moved to Los Angeles, this is where he grew up with his family members.

He is of African ethnicity and is a citizen of the United States of America as he was born to American parents and was also born in the country.

His parents were two of the most influential artists that the world knew In their time.  The famous Tina and Ike Turner.

He has step-siblings from both his parents, six of them. He is the only child born by their union. On a sad note, he lost one of his half-brothers in 2018. The Lad decided to kill himself.

We don’t have much concerning his educational background because it hasn’t been disclosed to the public.

Ronnie Turner Bio

Ronnie Turner who is the only son of Tina and Ike together was born in California in October 1960.

Ronnie as a child had everything, both his parents were rich and had a lot to offer him. He enjoyed almost every part of his upbringing because of the fame and influence his parents had.

His father who is Ike is a rock and roll musician who founded the band callers Kings of rhythm.

His mother back then was the most popular rock and roll female artist. She was a solo artist back then.

Ronnie is not as popular as his parents were but he has been able to do well in the entertainment industry and achieve a lot for himself.

Ronnie’s Personal Life

Ike and Tina who are his parents had children before they got married, Ronnie is the only child that they gave birth to in their marriage.

Ronnie’s parents decided to get married and make their relationship official after they gave birth to Ronnie. His father and mother stayed married for 16 years and then got separated along the line in 1978.

They both remarried after they got separated. The mother Tina who used to be the queen of rock and roll got married again to a German record executive who goes by the name Erwin Bach.

Ronnie might be the only child that was from both his parents, his parents also have different children alongside him, but these children were not from the marriage like Ronnie was.

We will talk about his half-siblings later, but based on what we know, he has 6 half-siblings.

Winnie Turner got married to a French lady, who wouldn’t fall in love with a French lady.

She wasn’t just any French lady, she was a singer, at the same time she was songwriter, and also a reality TV star. His wife is Afida Turner.

Just like some celebrities, there are some things that he also keeps private or hasn’t had the chance to talk about.

We don’t know much about his wife and his relationship with her but we know that he had been dating her for a while and then decided to get married to her in 2007.

They have both gone through hard times in their marriage, this is common when it comes to marriages, some kind of issue has to arrive.

One of the hard times this couple faced was when Ronnie’s wife came out to say that he was having health issues to the extent that he cannot walk by himself because he had dementia.

She also made it clear to the public that his mother who is Tina had decided to abandon him even at this time when he is ill and needs her most.

Since the last time we heard about their marriage, they are now living a happy life as a family in Los Angeles. This is what we figured out even after they had announced that they were no longer together and the marriage had fallen apart.

Facts About Ronnie

He isn’t very big on social media because he has made a decision that he wouldn’t take his life there.

He is the only son of two big celebrities and he isn’t pegged to any social media platform with an official page.

He doesn’t like the fame spotlight that he is said to have because of his parents. Although, his wife and mother seem to enjoy every bit of fame that they have. Just like his dad, he has also been arrested several times because of drug abuse.

Before he got his life together, he used to be on yards substances that got him into a lot of trouble and also took him to jail.

He was constantly arrested for living the drug lifestyle. He was first arrested in 1987 because he was selling some of these hard drugs.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also got arrested in 1988 for selling cocaine, the same charge in 1987 also got him convicted in 1997. He was caught with cocaine in 1999 also.

He didn’t have things good all through his life because he has also gone through some stuff in life that caused some setbacks. For instance, his father died in 2007 as a result of a cocaine overdose.

The famous Ike Turner died because he was overdosed and filled with cocaine, he got so high that he died while using this substance.

As if the death around him wasn’t enough, his brother took his life by committing suicide in July 2018. Talking about his half-sibling who goes by the name of Craig Raymond.

Craig is one of his half-brothers as we must have mentioned before. He was the son of his mother Tina and a saxophonist known as Raymond Hill. She got pregnant with Craig at the age of 18, his father was the saxophonist in Ike Turner’s band.

Craig lived in California and worked as a real estate agent. we don’t know what was going on in his life but he was doing well in his business as a real estate agent before he killed himself with a gun. The police report said that he had shot himself at the age of 59 in his house in California. He was cremated by his family and his ash was scattered on the California coast.

Ronnie Turner Net Worth

Ronnie Turner has been estimated to have about 800k dollars in both cash and assets. This money is also based on the salary that he receives and all the investments he has.

He is currently an actor and this is what pays his bill as a man. He has managed to get different sources of income which has been able to work out well for him as he is currently a very wealthy person, even though he lives a very modest life.

Aside from his wealth, he was born with a silver spoon because his mother Tina is currently worth and estimated at a 250 million dollar net worth.

His father who is currently late also has some Money too, not as much as the mother does but all the same, he is worth 500k dollars.

Ronnie’s Father Ike Turner And His Mother Tina Turner

Ronnie was given birth not just by life partners but by music partners, this is what gives him his life in entertainment.

Both his parents were American duo music couples. They were together at home and also together in business. This is what made their story a beautiful one.

Ike who was Ronnie’s father had a band at the time called Kings if Rhythm. This band backed Ike and Turner in their musical career because they all performed together as one on different stages for 6 years. This was in the 70s.

They also had a backing vocalist back then who was a huge part of their success too. They called the backup Ikettes.

All of these groups put together performed on stage as the Mike and Turner Revue. The band was seen to be the best and most recurring band on stage in the RnB circuit.

Both of them together and the bands backing them up, they had smash hits in most of their early records.

They had a lot of songs together, all of these songs released in the 60s became very popular and this is what bagged them a tour alongside rolling stones.

The Tour was a UK tour, this is what made them gain a lot of fame back then in Europe. They were not just American artists anymore, they had become big international acts because of this tour.

Their releases in the 60s were mainly RnB. They then switched it up in their later songs which were mainly based on the rock genre.

The couple received their award from Golden European Record for one of their many hit songs at the time.

Get released different albums while they were together, one of the best albums that they released during this time was River Deep – Mountain High.

Till today, this album is listened to by people around the world because of how good they were together.

The fact that they could connect with each other on a different level was channeled into the music and so they made magic whenever they came together.

Part of their achievements are the rocks and roll hall of fame induction that they had in 1991. This is a very prestigious thing because it means that people regard you as a legend of your time.

Two of their singles together we’re also inducted in the GRAMMY Hall of Fame.

They were ranked by rolling stone as number 2 when a list of 20 greatest did was released.

Ronnie’s Siblings

Let us talk about his siblings and how well they are doing, they are a part of his life and he is the main object of this article.

  1. Craig Raymond

This is the eldest son of Tina Turner the Rock and roll queen. He was born to both Tina and a saxophonist when she was just 18 years old.

His father was a part of Ike Turner’s band. His father is known as Raymond, that is where he got his last name from.

He died in 2018, it was said that he had taken his own life by putting a bullet sound in his head.

He was a real estate agent, he was free from the fame life because he decided to go his way.

Well, eventually, he ended his life for reasons that would have been gotten out from him alone, this isn’t possible anymore, all we can say is that he must have gotten mixed in something bad.

  1. Ike Turner Jr

As we can see, the boy took after his father’s name, he is now Ike Turner Jr, he was born in 1958 to his father who we all know as Ike Turner.

His mother is Lorraine Taylor, his mother and father didn’t give him time to have a proper family because they both went different ways just shortly after Jr was born.

Just after he was born, it didn’t take long before his father got into a relationship with Tina Turner, this means that Ronnie was born and he had siblings now, half-siblings though.

During his father’s relationship with Tina, he decided to go on and live with his father and the new wife he had gotten. They all lived together happily and adopted him in the long run.

Jr started working with his parents at a very young age, he started working with them shortly after high school. Based on the assistance he was rendering, he couldn’t go and complete higher education.

  1. Twanna Turner Melby

She is another one of Ike Turner’s children, she is his daughter. She was born and raised in America as a Christian, her mother’s name is Margaret Ann Thomas.

She grew up in a very lovely home, she was with Ike Turner and here up with her siblings. She got to enjoy love from a lot of loved ones surrounding her.

Just like most of his kids, we don’t have much information about her education because somehow it is kept away from the internet.

With the money and status of her father, she must have gotten a proper education from a good school and must have graduated from a good university.

  1. Linda Trippeter

Linda is also one of Ike Turner’s daughters, she was born as an American.

She is an African American as she is clearly a black woman. She is a Christian according to what we could gather.

Her parents are Ike Turner the great musician and Velma Davis. She has different half-siblings, Ronnie happens to be one of her half-siblings.

She is blessed with all of these siblings because her father got into different failed marriages, he started getting married at the age of 16. Some might say that he liked getting married.

  1. Mia Turner

Mia Turner was also one of the children that Ike Turner, her father had. She was born by one of his backups in the Ikettes. She seems to have enjoyed her childhood a lot even though she didn’t spend much time with her father and mother together.

She loved Tina Turner a lot because she treated them very well and so she sees Tina as a Second mother.

According to her, she and Tina did almost everything together and so they had so .any mother and daughter moments.

  1. Micheal Turner

This bot was born to Ike Turner and his mother Lorraine Taylor. They used to be married until they both got separated.

Just as you expected, Ike Turner got married to someone else, he got married to Tina Turner.

Also, after he got separated from Lorraine, she got married and so Tina decided to take in her husband’s son Micheal so he can grow with his siblings in a loving home.

All his siblings enjoyed living together because Tina and Ike were able to provide them with a nice environment and almost everything they asked for.


Talking about Ronnie Turner has been fun because his family has some interesting facts to bring out.

For instance, Ronnie and his father were both drug addicts. His father is dead due to a drug overdose, he is still alive but has gotten in a lot of trouble over time which has cost him a lot.

His parents were together for a long time, people say that their relationship was violent, but they were always together on stage like love birds.

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