About Roman Krause

Roman Krause is a celebrity kid that was born in 2001, he is a United States citizen. He is not too famous, his father is a famous person, and he was born into the fame that his father’s blood gave him.

There isn’t much information about him on his Wiki and biography because his father’s name is what makes him a famous person today. Also, he is just a child so he hasn’t been able to do anything that would make him famous. He doesn’t act in movies like his father, he is just like his mother, away from the world and he enjoys his own space.

His father is Peter Krause, a big-time movie star and producer. He happens to be one of the old-timers in the game.

Peter Krause didn’t do much though, he just made appearances in a few small-time movies and plays that got him his fame and has now turned him into a major celebrity. He doesn’t do anything now other than show business.

His father became a star after starring in the movie known as blood harvest in 1987. He’s very proud and happy about the fact that his dad is such a talented man. He is happy that his father happens to be someone with prestige in society.

He was born to the famous star Peter Krause and a young woman named Christine King. They had been talking to each other for a while and then entered into a relationship that then resulted in them having a son and never getting married.

They don’t have other kids as Roman is the only child of his father and mother even though they are separated.

After so many years, of dating each other, the couple just decided to split even after having a baby boy. No one knows the cause of their failed relationship but of course, different rumors must have filled the internet concerning the issue.

Right now Roman’s father is dating Lauren Graham, a big star in Hollywood, only bigger. She is famous for being a manufacturer alongside a novelist.

Although there is a good part in the whole relationship charade for Peter and Roman, Roman gets to enjoy the fact that his private matters remain private with his father and won’t live in another direction. Peter himself who is also very famous doesn’t like to talk about his relationship, especially in interviews and social media platforms.

Although he doesn’t like talking about his family and private life, he ensures that he tries to stay social to keep his fans on his side for show business.

He tries to stay in touch with different fans on street social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Rima isn’t out of his father’s picture because he has a few pictures and videos that prove that his father stays in touch with him.

Anyway, apart from being in the movie industry, it is said that Peter Krauser is a very hard-working man with so much power in him to hustle.

Based on his work ethic as the strength which he exhibits in his work he makes a wage of at least 125000 dollars. Peter and Christine have been able to do a good job by trying to raise a child individually and giving him so much guidance

There is every possibility that Roman would later become a celebrity like his father or a normal man with a good job just doing his thing in the world.

Roman Krause Private Life

Firstly we don’t have an exact date of birth for this boy but we are sure that he is 22 years old now in 2022. He is Caucasian by ethnicity and Christian by religion.

He is still the son of Hollywood stars Peter Krause and Christine King. His mother and father never got married, they were only dating at the time he was born.

Even though they dated for some tears, even after he was born, then they split up trying to raise their child individually. Talking about his educational background, Roman has graduated from high school and that is the only information that is available regarding that topic.

Roman Krause’s Fame

Roman Krause is a very famous child who was born famous, he was born into the spotlight of the media because his father is a Hollywood star.  His father was born in 1965, in a place called Alexandria, Minnesota.

He attended a college called Gustavus Adolphus and got a degree in English and literature. After he graduated from college, he immediately entered the movie industry where he got into shows like Seinfeld, Carol, Company, Cybill, and many others.

He also got very popular after receiving three huge nominations for Emmys for the role he played in the movie six feet under.

Net Worth

When talking about money, Roman is enjoying himself and his father’s wealth is enough for him to enjoy.

As a celebrity kid, he shouldn’t have any problems regarding money because, in that aspect, his father should have him covered. Also, after he is done with college, he can decide to follow in his father’s footsteps and do what his father does or maybe he can decide to choose another career path.

For now, there is no particular net worth for Roman Krause as his father is still paying all his bills and still buying him everything he owns and uses for luxury.

Relationship Status

He should be old enough to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, depending on what path he has decided to follow or has an interest in.

Although with what we have heard about the young man, he is a straight young man who hasn’t posted about any relationship for his fans to see. Maybe he wants to focus more on what life has to offer than going after a relationship that might end bitterly. 

Body Measurement And Social Media

According to what has been posted on social media, he is a humble man who boasts of a height of about 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Although there is no exact measurement of the bodyweight that he maintains and other necessary stats.

His physical stats are not known by the public because he doesn’t just let everything out. He isn’t a very active person on social media, although he used to have an account on Instagram that doesn’t function anymore now.

Roman Krause’s Father Peter Krause

Peter Krause is an American-born actor who has played so many leading roles in several movies and series.

Praise was born in Alexandria, Minnesota. His parents were both teachers at the time. His father was a high school English teacher and his mother taught second-grade pupils.

He was born alongside two others, Micheal and Amy, and was raised in a suburb of St. Paul known as Roseville Minnesota. He later graduated from Adolphus College in St. Peter in 1987. He graduated with a degree in English and Literature.

Roman Krause didn’t just stop after getting a college degree, he also went further to get a Master’s degree in Fine arts Acting. The Master’s degree was gotten from New York University. They had an acting program that was held at the Tisch School of Arts.

Peter Krause Career

After graduating, in the early 1990s, he started to get cast on different series like Seinfeld, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Ellen. He was among the cast of a comedy series by Carol Burnett that aired from 1990 to 1991.

In 1996, Krause was cast in the role where he played as Cybill shepherd’s son-in-law. His name was Kevin in the series. It was a sitcom though, it had four seasons on the air.

Starting from 1998 to 2000, Krause was also given a role to play as Casey McCall on the ABC network’s sports night. The show didn’t do very well and so it couldn’t draw in enough audience, so it was later canceled after 2 seasons

Praise was also a part of the vast HBO drama series known as six foot under which started from 2001 to 2005. He was able to bag seven nominations from Emmy because of the role he played as the funny director called Nate Fisher.

Praise appeared on so many TV plays, for one, he also appeared on a Broadway show that was aired in the summer of 2004 trying to bring up Arthur Miller’s film known After the fall.

Then came the December of 2006 when he played a leading role where he was cast as Detective Joe Miller in the Sci-Fi TV called The Lost Room. After that year, the new year came, 2007 he started playing a role as the Young Lawyer Nick for an ABC drama series known as Dirty Sexy Money.

He played the role from 2006 to 2009 and he played alongside a professional actor known as Donald Sutherland. They said that he had turned this particular role down.

Not only was he in the series, but he also became one of the series producers from 2010 to 2015. Afterward, he played the role of Adam Braveman in an NBC drama called parenthood.

He became one of the directors of the series for three episodes. He also played a role in the 2011 fantasy movie known as Beastly which was a movie based on Alex Flinn’s novel that had the same name.

He also starred in more movies after that. He was also cast in a Ryan Murphy movie known as 911 that talked majorly about first responders.

His role in the movie was Bobby Nash the fire captain. The film also premiered on Fox in 2018 and has been renewed continuously looking at the fifth season.

In his career, he has been able to make quite a success that has gotten him to where he is today.

Peter Krause’s Personal Life

Peter Krause and his former girlfriend while they were dating, gave birth to a son known as Roman Krause. He was born in 2001.

Peter is no longer with the woman who gave him this child but is now dating a beautiful young actress known as Lauren Graham. They met first in 1995 after they both were cast together in a sitcom called Caroline in the city.

They were cast again long after that in a series called parenthood. The funny thing is that they were both cast as brother and sister at there time they started dating.  They both live together now in Los Angeles, California.

Some Things To Know About Roman Krause

  1. He is famous today and articles are written about him on different blogs because he was born to a famous father known as Peter Krause.
  2. He was born and also raised alongside his family and friends, they were both raised in the United States of America.
  3. He was born to a father and mother in the USA in 2001, his father is Peter Krause an actor and his mother is not a celebrity, she is Christina King.
  4. He is a current citizen of the United States of America and has an ethnicity of white
  5. Roman is not a big fan of social media and normal celebrity picture taking so we don’t see him that much around his father or drawing attention for any reason.
  6. He is still very single because we don’t know about any girlfriends, although he isn’t very open about his life.
  7. Roman could decide to start the way his father did and try to make it as he did in the industry
  8. Peter Krause doesn’t share too much info about the child, the things online are the few pieces of information that have been gathered up.
  9. Also, Roman is a big boy, he is enjoying every bit of his life with his father and mother on the other side.


The life of Peter Kraus could be considered good and a little bad too but all the same, he is a celebrity kid with little to nothing to lose.   

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