Kim Seok-Jin Biography, Job, Net Worth, and Family

Kim Seok-Jin is a Korean artist, songwriter, and singer. The singer entered the world on December 4, 1992, in Gyeonggi, South Korea. Furthermore, Kim Seok-Jin’s family included a father, a mother, and an older brother.

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Kim Seok-Jin’s biography

He became very popular when he joined the South Korean Band BTS in June 2013. He wrote songs for the boy band, such as Awake, Epiphany, and Moon. He showed his talent as a solo artist by releasing his first solo digital track called Tonight in 2019. His performance in the Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth soundtrack got critically praised and applauded, especially with his falsetto range and emotional renditions as a singer.

With his other boy bandmates, Kim Seok-Jin received the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit in 2018 for their impact on South Korean music. Aside from his singing career, he got granted the honor of hosting multiple South Korean music programs from 2016 up to 2018.

When Kim Seok-Jin was about 15 years old, he decided to go to an Australian study camp to learn and become fluent in English. Possessing traits of a matinee idol, SM Entertainment discovered him as he studied high school. He did not accept the offer at that time because he intended to become an actor. His first wanted to become a journalist. This ambition was changed when he watched the series of Queen Seondeok and was impressed by the performance of Kim Nam-Gil. There, he chose to study acting. At Konkuk University, Kim Seok-jin finished his film studies in February 2017. Then, he entered graduate studies at Hanyang Cyber University.

Kim Seok-Jin’s job

While walking on the street, Kim Seok-Jin first got scouted by Big Hit Entertainment. He rejected the offer because he was then studying acting and had no experience nor background in singing. Later, he decided to audition for Big Hit as an actor and underwent training to be an idol. He started as one of the four vocalists in the South Korean boy band named BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, in June 2013. BTS got formed in 2010 under Big Hit Entertainment. This boy band consists of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, B, and Jungkook. Moreover, they released an album named 2 Cool 4 Skool.

One of the first of Kim Seok-Jin’s milestone achievements in his career was when he co-produced his first solo single track from the album Wings titled Awake in 2016. It placed sixth on the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart released on SoundCloud during Christmas.

His second solo single, Epiphany, is a song about self-love, peaked at number 30 on the music chart and fourth on the global billboard chart. It got released in August 2018. In October of the same year, Jin was awarded, together with his bandmates, the fifth class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit by Moon Jae-in, their president. His third solo song with BTS, Moon, reached first place. He dedicated this song to their fans.

Source: Wikipedia

In 2021, Kim Seok-Jin and other members of BTS got appointed as the president’s envoys for the younger generations and the culture by President Moon Jae-In. They also seek to intensify South Korea’s relations and reputation in the international community.

As a talented solo artist, Kim Seok-Jin proved himself as he made successful collaborations with other artists inside or outside the group band BTS. With the famous song, “It’s Definitely You,” where he was co-nominated Best OST with V at the 2017 Melon Music Awards. The song got released as a part of the top series Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, original soundtrack. Jin and Jungkook also released their duet version of So Far Away. Mom by Ra. He also performed solo covers released on SoundCloud from 2015 to 2018. He received the opportunity to co-host Korean Music Award shows.

The song Tonight is his first solo song, which was used and released for BTS 2019 Festa. It is an anniversary celebration event for their band. Tonight was composed by Jin and Big Entertainment. The lyrics collaborated with his bandmate RM, inspired by Kim’s attachment to his pets. It was well-received by their fans and pet lovers and praised for Kim’s pleasant vocals and soothing vibe.

Undergoing the feeling of self-doubt, anxiety, and burnout, Kim Seon-Jin came up with his second solo song, Abyss. Working together with bandmate Rm and record producers BUMZU and Pdogg, they were able to release it before his 28th birthday.

In October of 2021, the group arranged that Kim is the singer of the OST theme song of the upcoming tvN drama Jirisan. The song Yours music video got released for the theater, in which Jun Ji-hun and Ju Ji-hoon will star.

Kim Seon-jin offered his song Super Tuna as a gift to his fans for his 29th birthday. He released Super Tuna on platforms without a price. Super Tuna became ranked one on YouTube World Popular Music Video on the same day it got posted for eight executive days. It was trending in 56 countries, including Singapore, Peru, and South Korea, and debuted in 12th rank on the Billboard Weekly Hot Trending Songs chart. On the platform Tik Tok, a video challenge of the song was created and viewed with a cumulative over 141.8 million in ten days.

As an artist, Kim Seok-Jin is highly critically praised for his solid and stable tenor falsettos and vocals. The Grammy authorities said that Kim Seok-Jin has a voice like silver. A journalist also praised his voice’s stability and emotional range, particularly in the songs such as Spring Day and Fake Love. At the same time, a writer considered him a stand-out element in the solo ballad Epiphany and described his voice as free-spirited, tender and sorrowful. A critic named Park Hee-a stated that Kim Seon-jin sang with the most emotions and gave the song Fake love with his belting voice truthfulness and sincerity.

Kim Seon-Jin had a good influence on young people raging from 13 to 19 years old, especially among young girls, and therefore ranked as the overall 13th most popular idol and 6th among girls in South Korea. The data got collected by the analytics company Gallup Korea.

His charitable character is also commendable. He donated supplies, food, and blankets to the Korean Animal Welfare Association on his birthday in 2018. Even to the Korea Animal Rights Advocates, he donated 321 kg of food. He was a constant donor of UNICEF Korea, kept anonymous at first but publicized after being included in UNICEF Honors Club in May 2019. His donation amounted to over 100 million won, or about US$ 84,000.

YouTube Premium featured an original eight-episode documentary series about Burn the Stage’s BTS. It showed the behind-the-scenes of the group’s 2017 Wings Tour, running from March to May 2018. At the 25th Billboard Awards, BTS performed the premiere of their single Fake Love and won top Social Artist. They are the first ones to win this award for two consecutive years.

Love Yourself: Tear brought BTS to greater heights in their career. It got included among their best-selling albums. It was also their first album that reached the top US Billboard 200.

In August 2018, BTS released their second Korean compilation album, Love Yourself: Answer. 1.9 million copies got purchased on the Gaon Album Chart, making it a record-breaker in all-time monthly sales. This album made number one on the US Billboard 200 the second time around and, at that time, had the highest weekly sales.

BTS is the only K-pop group to reach Billboard 200 twice, achieving two most bestselling albums within a year. One of their first Korean albums got certified gold by the RIAA. Meanwhile, their single “Idol” garnered platinum certifications for selling over one million certified units in the United States. Their World Tour: Love Yourself is the second best-selling concert act outside the United States, only beaten by Ed Sheeran.

BTS’s third album, Map of the Soul: Persona, became the best-selling album in their home country, with over three million sales within a month.

With its single song named Boy with Luv, BTS received a Silver recognition in the United Kingdom for sales exceeding 200,000 units. BTS is also the first Asian and non-English-speaking performers to fill up Wembley Stadium.

At the 2019 Melon Music Awards and 2019 Meet Asian Music, BTS was the first artist in K-pop who received all grand prizes in both award bodies, snatching all four awards in each event.

BTS is phenomenal. With their more than 20 million albums sold cumulatively makes them the highest selling artists in the history of South Korea. Their single Dynamite conquered the world and topped charts worldwide. Since the Beatles, the band has been recognized as the fastest-rising band and received an International Music Award in Japan.

Kim Seok-Jin’s net worth

Kim Seok-Jin’s net worth is about US$20 million. His team enjoys the highest sales of album records in the history of South Korea, and the Asian boy band is top grosser in sales of records and concert tickets worldwide. So it’s no wonder that Kim Seok-jin is considered and belongs to the group of the wealthiest celebrities in South Korea.

Together with his bandmates, he was given 68 385 shares as their management company Big Hit Entertainment entered the stock market world. It gained each BTS member $7.9 million as sales began. Jin also owns and runs a Japanese restaurant with his older brother, who is interested in the business. He holds a luxury apartment amounting to US$1,7 million in South Korea.

Kim Seok-Jin’s family

Kim Seok-jin comes from a comfortable family. His father, the CEO of a company, was able to provide for their family well and send him off to top schools and abroad to study. His mother was always around to take care of their needs while growing up. His older brother Kim Seok-Jung was the one who introduced him to the hip-hop industry. One of Jin’s initial goals was to join his father in his company. But he was scouted by Big Entertainment for his good looks while walking down the streets, and the rest was history.

But Kim Seok-Jin considers the ARMY his family, like his fellow BTS members. So when they celebrated Seok-Jin’s birthday on December 4, 2021, their global fan community offered terrific and meaningful gifts. These are the following:

  • His fans in New York launched an advertisement on Times Square.
  • The ARMY in South Korea posted ads in local newspapers as well.
  • Wealthy Kim Seok-Jin fans donated cash to advocacy groups. These organizations focus on animal rights, disaster relief, and food charity.

How did Kim Seok-Jin start with BTS?

As narrated earlier, BTS started in 2010. The first meeting between the chief executive officer of Big Hit Entertainment and RM made history, as they decided to launch the band the following year. At first, the producers wanted BTS to compete with hip hop groups, but they soon realized that it would not become appealing to their target audience. So they mimicked the popular boy bands in South Korea during the 90s.

After determining their genre, Big Hit and the BTS members created the impression they would make. They started producing music relevant to social issues. The band also made sure that they looked relaxed, sincere, and empathetic to the listeners’ feelings. By posting their songs on SoundCloud and YouTube, their online presence gained traction in 2011.

Their debut albums led them to guest appearances on television. Many music critics and analysts praised the potential of this rising boy band. BTS’ influence would reach Japan in 2014.

Soon after this, BTS released their last “school album” that would finally get included in the Billboard World Albums. They reached third worldwide. In July 2014, BTS held a free concert in Hollywood. They performed at the KCon music festival in Los Angeles, California. Kim Seok-Jin rose to prominence with their boy band. Together, BTS rose to world dominance, with millions of ARMY fans rallying for them.

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