About David Boyd

David Boyd also known as David Sebastian Boyd is a Danish-American singer and dancer. He is most popular because of his former band where he was the lead vocalist. He was part of a Danish alternative rock band is known as New Politics.

He was born to a Swedish mother and a father who was Irish American. He grew up in Copenhagen, the same place where he was born.

He is was also well-known for his breakdance skills. He made appearances in modern dance productions that were created by Steen Koerner, he also appeared in a post-apocalyptic dance performance for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book.

When he is with his band, David is known for his exotic dance styles when he is on stage and also for making a dance move that he liked to call Boarding.

Boyding was a dance style that he likes to do, it was nothing too extravagant, it just had to do with him standing on his head.

He first made his big move to Brooklyn, New York alongside his bandmates in 2009.

In Brooklyn, he spent enough time with his friends Louis and Jesse Leo at Heartland brewery. They spent so much time at Heartland brewery and so their song Harlem was first played there.

In March 2017, Boyd announced to the world that he and his girlfriend were expecting a child.

His girlfriend was an American actress known as Christian Serratos. His girlfriend put up a picture of their child on her Instagram page on May 14, 2017. Christian also said that she was married to Boyd.

David Boyd Wiki

David Boyd is one of those mixed-race singers, he is both Danish and American. He was born on the 6th of February 1988 in Copenhagen, Denmark, he was given the name David Sebastian Boyd.

He is very popular today because he was once the main vocalist of the Danish alternative rock band known as New politics.

He is also known for his break-dancing skills. He is a very skilled dancer, he also came up with a style of dancing that he named after himself, Boyding.

David’s Age And Birthday, Height And Weight

Mr. Boyd was born on February 6th, 1988, she was born in Denmark, a place called Copenhagen.

David is currently 33 years old and this is 2021. David is known to never miss a birthday celebration as he makes sure he celebrates his new age every year on the 6th of February.

David Boyd is an average-height man, he has been measured to be 5 feet and 8 inches tall which equaled 1.73m. He weighs 70kgs.

David Boyd’s Parents And His Siblings

Boyd’s mother as we have mentioned before is a Swedish or Danish woman who got married to an American man.

Boyd was born in Copenhagen and also grew up in the same place. There have been a lot of searches to find out about David Boyd’s family, his parent’s and siblings’ details are not known yet.

David Boyd’s Wife And Child

David Boys is not only engaged, but he also has a child, a very beautiful baby girl that he had with his wife the American actress. His wife is a very popular actress in America, she plays the role of Rosita Espinosa in the popular series known as the walking dead.

His wife is featured in this series and is named after the book from which they get the story. Her name is Christian Serratos, this is her biggest role so far in the movie industry.

On top of her role in walking dead, she has also gotten a role as the Tejano queen in the series known as Selena. Boyd and Serratos have come out to tell the world that they were on the verge of having their child, their first daughter whom they called Wolfgang Serratos Boyd.

Singing Career

David Sebastian Boyd alongside his friends Louis Vecchio and Soren Hansen all came together to create the rock band in 2009. They had started their band in Denmark, where they grew up. They had given the band a name, New Politics.

At first, they were four who started the band, the fourth man was Poul Amaliel. He was with the band when they started but he decided to leave just the following year. This was when the band was just in the formation process.

Based on what we know, they released so many albums and singles together that became very popular amongst kids and youngsters.

Their first single was launched in 2013, it was named Harlem. After that, they released the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah song.

Firstly they started by releasing an album in 2010 called New politics, this was the name of the band.

They later launched the album called A bad girl in Harlem, which was in 2013, the next album in 2015 called Vikings, lost in translation in 2017, and an invitation to an alternate reality in 2019.

David is the lead vocalist in the band, he also takes the role of the dancer when they go on live shows and events.

His dance moves are wonderful, he is known for his signature step that he always does just as he is about to end an event. He also does the heads and which he calls Boyding. He named it after himself, he usually says that the step is known as Head Boyding.

On his own right now, he has managed to drop his single called stay or walk away.

Acting Career

David Sebastian Boyd is also known for his major supporting role in the TV series titled the walking dead. A series that is being created and produced by Angela Kang and Frank Darabont.

He appeared on the shown as a zombie, he came in on the 7th season of the series. The funny thing is that his wife is also featured in this movie, she plays a bigger role, and she plays a major role. Aside from his appearance in this film, he has never made an appearance in any other film or series.

About David Boyd’s Wife

Her name is Christian Serratos. Christian Serratos was born on September 21, 1990. She is an American actress who is popularly known for her part in the series Walking dead as Rosita Espinosa. The series was based on a comic book that carries the same name as the film.

She has also been in a number of films. For instance, she is playing the role of Suzi Crabgrass in a Nickelodeon series that is known as Ned’s declassified school survival guide.

She also appears in the Twilight Saga series as Angela Weber. In the murder house as Becca. From the year 2020 to 2021, she got a role on the Netflix series called Selena as the Tejano singer.

Christian’s Early Life

Christian was born in Pasadena, California, and wasn’t raised there though she was raised in another city known as Burbank in California.

Her mother is a Jewelry designer, she works as a public relations and marketing agent at ACSPR. Her mother was half-Mexican.

Her father on the other hand was half Italian and a set construction worker.

Christian loved skating and started skating at the age of 3 and she went on to the competition stages. She said that her coaches used to tell her about going to the Olympics.

She still skates, but only for fun. She was 7 when she first modeled at the Ford Modelling Agency.

Christian’s Career

Serratos was known for her role as Suzie Crabgrass which she played for a Nickelodeon series called Ned’s declassified school survival guide.

The series started in 2004 and stopped in 2007. They were only able to manage three seasons. After that, she managed to get a role in the twilight saga as Angela Weber. Her performance in this series gave her an award as the best young supporting actress.

She bagged her big role when she got her cast in the hit series walking dead. She played Rosita Espinoza on the show. She started in the fourth season of the series.

Her character also came back in the fifth season and the seventh season too. She has kept the pace as a recurring cast in the series.

Christian’s Personal Life

Serratos is said to be one of the animal rights activists. She has come in to support a lot of campaigns for this cause, the PETA campaign where they try to make sure people are trying out the vegan lifestyle.

She is a vegetarian obviously, but she is not a strict vegetarian. In 2017, Christian and her boyfriend came out and gave the world wonderful news about the new step in her life, she was going to have a baby alongside her boyfriend David Boyd. This was in 2017, she has given birth now, and her daughter is called Wolfgang.

About David Boyd’s Child Wolfgang

Wolfgang is a celebrity kid, born into fame because her father and mother are both very famous people in the world. Her father as we all know is David Boyd and her mother is Christian Serratos the actress.

  • Wolfgang Serratos Boyd is 4 years old now in 2021, she was born in 2017 to two big celebrities.
  • Wolfgang is a healthy child, her mother usually posts pictures of her showing that she is in good health and of average height and weight.
  • Boyd already is a celebrity by birth and is sure of living a luxurious life because her mother alone is worth the sum of 2 million dollars and the father is also known to have a net worth of about 500 thousand dollars.
  • Wolfgang is mostly known as the daughter of Christine Serratos and David Boyd. The parents are not yet married but they have been in a good relationship since the year 2014.
  • Wolfgang right now is kindergarten age.
  • She was born in the United States of America so she is a citizen already by birth. Her parents are also Americans.
  • Christine once spoke about her childhood and how she was pregnant in match 2017, after that interview, the next thing the world saw was a picture of her child on the 14th of May 2017.
  • Wolfgang’s father who is known as David Boyd used to be a lead singer for his band called New Politics and also, and he is a break-dancer known popularly for creating the dance known as Boyding.
  • Wolfgang is still a child and wasn’t been put on any social media platform yet.

David Boyd Still Writing Songs On His Own

David Boyd has decided not to stop his career just like that, he is still writing different songs, creating, and looking for new methods to let out his talent to the world.

Up until they split up, he used to be the songwriter for his band called New Politics. Because he was the face of the band New Politics, he was able to make out some things from the style of music that they play most times.

As soon as the pandemic hit the world, the band took a break and so David since then has begun his solo career. He dropped a song called No regrets which was his fourth song after the split of his band.

All the songs he made as a solo artist were emotional and sensational.

About David Boyd’s songs So Far

  1. No Regrets

Let us start with one of the best songs he has released. He explained this song as a love song, he said this song is a song that is trying to tell his fans that no matter what happens between two people who are in love, as long as they let love win in the end, this is all that matters.

The name of the song is no regrets, trying to let people let go of every kind of mistake that they must have made or wrong decisions.

It is a very emotional song with an Upbeat sound that was irresistible to Boys.

As for the remaining singles that have been released by him so far, talking about the first one stay or walk away. He sang this song with Tim Randolph in LA some years ago. 

Just as the name implies, this is something most people suffer from, making the decision to either stay or walk right off.

Boyd also made mentioned that he also suffered from making this decision in life because most times he was confused about what to do.

His solos are always positive and honest, you can feel it right inside of you. His energetic intros are also one thing the fans love about these songs.

  1. Ambush

Ambush is the second solo song that Boyd released this song talks about an imbalance in life where people are vulnerable and wary of other people.

The next track called waste away comes in with a new slow vibe unlike the others, it continues to show how good Boyd’s vocals are. So far, looking at all the singles that Boyd has released, shows that he is an authentic artist.

He has been able to show the world a side of him that hasn’t been awakening before. He said that this side that he is displaying is very much necessary for his old and new fans.

Also, he has made it clear that the songs he dropped after his band split are not the end of his singing career because he has decided to release more music, the world should expect more is what he said.

Boyd has spoken about the project and how diverse it will be because he is a very diverse person. He explained all of this in an interview.

New Politics

New Politics is the name of the band that our friend David Boyd was part of. It was created in Copenhagen in 2009.

The band was created by him and his two other friends called Soren Hansen and Louis Vecchio.

They were four people from the onset but then one of the members decided to leave just as they were still trying to form the band.

The sound that the band was known for was mainly punk, pop, and electronically induced dance-rock.

The band together has released five albums, and one of the albums is named after the band. New politics is the name of the album as it was released in 2010.

The next album called a girl in Harlem was released in 2013, Vikings were released in 2015, lost in translation, was released in 2017, and their last album together which was an invitation to an alternate reality in 2019.

Band History

The band started off writing songs together, they did this for three years writing for their albums. Three of them had solo albums that were all working.

Boyd and Hansen after they had been making respective albums together realized that they were good together, they saw how good they made each other sound and so they decided to create a band.

In 2009, Boyd and Hansen who were both the first band members sent their record to the Danish National radio for a competition that was held that year

For the competition, they had 973 bands sent their entries and 42 bands were chosen to perform. They were part of the chosen ones.

Even though they had not yet become a real band, they still entered the competition and performed. They didn’t even have a drummer at the time, they got Poul Amaliel on hire to play drums for them.

The three of them were among the best bands in the competition, they were then taken to bigger music festivals in Denmark. In November 2009, the band, New politics got into a deal with the RCA. Just after the deal was signed with RCA, they went on a tour in the UK.

After the UK tour, the band decided to go on a US tour nationwide, and because they had backup from RCA they were able to move over to the USA.

They moved to New York when they first arrived in New York as a band. RCA continued to sponsor them throughout their movements.

After their sponsorship took place, a lot of things were working for them, they started performing on different stages and at huge festivals. They also released their first album in 2010 known as New Politics. The album had 10 tracks in it.

The album had its hit single Yeah, Yeah, yeah in it and the video was shot in New York City. The album did a lot for them as it had some of their best songs yet. They also went on a 30-date tour in the US to promote the album.

After that, the band went on to release a second video of another hit song on the album called Dignity. They also filmed the video in New York City.

During the fall, the band drummer had to go back to Denmark, so he left the band during the fall of 2010. On the 26th of November 2012, they released a song called Harlem from their second album which had not been released at the time.

The second album was named a bad girl from Harlem which was later released in 2013. During the late period of 2013, New Politics and Harlem became the main songs on the US charts. All the radio charts were on them.

In January 2014, they started their US tour with their songs from the album New Politics. Songs from the album that were real starters were songs like a magic man and sleeper agent.

The tour started and lasted for the first few months of the year and it was their first-ever tour as headliners.

On the 2nd of August in 2017, the band came out to say that they were going to be releasing their fourth studio album called Lost in Translation and the release date was October 6th, 2017. In 2019, the band celebrated an anniversary and released a song that same year. 

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