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Jana Rae Kramer is a talented and beautiful American country singer and actress. She was born on the 2nd of December in 1982.

She is known popularly because of the role she played in one of America’s hit TV series called One Tree Hill. She played the fictional role of Alex Dupre.

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She started her musical career some years back. This was in 2012. She released an album that same year. She also released another album in 2015. This was three years after her musical career had just started.

Her album was a hit. It had 6 songs leading the charts. She was among the top ten artists of the year because of her album.

In dancing with the stars season 23, she was one of the competitors and she managed to finish as one of the tops. She took the fourth position in that competition.

Source: Wikipedia

Early Life

She was born in Rochester Hills, located in Michigan. Her parents were Martin and Nora Kramer.

Martin was of German descent. She was a student at Rochester Adams high school. Because her father is part German, she is also part German she has also taken out her time to learn how to speak some German.

Her brother Steve Kramer is part of the Oakland County Sheriff’s department. He is her older brother and he works as a sergeant in this department.

Source: Wikipedia

Career Timeline

2002 – 2011

During the space of these nine years, she got her first record deal, and also this was the period she got her movie role.

2002, she got her first movie role in her career. This was her debut. The movie was a very low-budget horror film. It was called dead/undead.

Then came 2003. She got a role as a guest in a movie called all my children. This movie was part of her break in her acting career.

Ever since she was in this movie in 2003, she has been getting gifs to appear in different movies because she had been marketed as a great actress in her former roles.

She appeared on different TV shows since that time. Talking about hit TV shows like Crime Scene Investigation, Grey’s Anatomy, and some others.

She also got some roles as a supporting actress, she got these roles on films like Return of the living dead, Necropolis, Click, Prom night, the heart of the country, and many others.

She also got a role in the spring breakdown. That was also a hit movie back then. Still, during the space of these nine years, she continued to get different roles. She got a role on the NBC television series called Friday Night Lights.

She had a recurring role on the NBC series. She played the role of Noelle Davenport.

In 2008, she also got to be on another series known as Beverly Hills 90210. It was a CW teen drama series. It was based in the 1990s. In the series, she played the role of a high school student called Portia Ranson. Her debut in this show was in the second episode of the first season.

After her first appearance in the second episode, she continued to recur on the series for six straight episodes. She made her last appearance after that. Her character stopped appearing on the 9th of May 2009.

After her character was no longer with Beverly Hills, she got a gig on another series, she got to appear for four episodes on the dramedy TV series called Entourage.

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In the series, her character was a sorority girl whose main mission was to seduce one of the characters known as Turtle. As we said before, she only appeared on this particular show for four episodes.

In June 2009, she got to be on a series that she had been on before. She was called back to be part of the cast in the seventh season of the series called One Tree Hill.

In the series, Kramer got to play the role of Alex Dupre. According to the film, her role Alex who was a fictional character was to be an actress and tabloid darling.

With her career and her professionalism, she later became the face of Brooke Davis’s fashion line. Somehow, through her life, she then creates a lot of trouble for the people who live in Tree Hill.

Kramer had already appeared in the first episode of this season as her debut. The role she played was to be a recurring g role in this particular season, but they advanced her role and took her to the fourteenth of the Family Affair series.

In 2012, during March, Kramer announced by herself that she wouldn’t be appearing too much on the ninth and last episodes of the series because she had to chase her music career.

Her last appearance on the series was on January 18th, 2012. She appeared in the second episode of the ninth season. Before that time, in February 2011, Kramer had already gotten a record deal with Elektra records.

The same month that she got the deal, she premiered a promo track of hers called I WON’T GIVE UP. The song premiered during an episode of the series she was on called One Tree Hill.

The next day, the song got to be on iTunes and Amazon. This was after the premier. This promo track gave her a big break in her music career because the song hit number 75 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Just a month after the release of this track, Kramer started her work and began working on her first-ever album. Her album songs were produced mainly by one of the best country music producers called Scott Hendricks. He got to produce most of the records on the album.

In 2011, April, she also decided to release another promo track called Whiskey. She performed this. The song is also on the series One Tree Hill.

This song also got to number 99 on the Billboard hot 100 charts. This was only based on the digital sales that the song had made.

2012 – Present

In 2012, February. This period was when Kramer got her gig to be in the film drama called Heart of the Country. She was cast as a protagonist in this film.

Her role was a privileged young woman called Faith Carraday. She was a young woman trying to get a career in show business. This has been a dream of hers for a very long time.

This became an issue when her husband got jailed for committing a wall street crime. The stock fraud. She had to take her things and move to a rural area in North Carolina.

During the course of her life, she became very attached to a horror film called The Gatekeeper.

In 2012z just as the year began, it was January 16th. Kramer released an official first single called Why Ya Wanna Know. The video came out exactly one month later and was directed by Kristen Barlowe.

Her debut single which was released for the year peaked on Billboard again at number 52. Coming to the Billboard hot 100 country songs, it peaked at number 3.

The album came out, the song whiskey was the second song off that album. That same year, she made a televised performance on Fox and Friends all for the purpose of promoting her debut album.

Her song from the album called Why Ya Wanna Know was performed by her in front of a crown in New York City. She then released the album in 2012 on June 5th.

The album which was her first was called Jana Kramer. This album had a lot of positive reviews, and a lot of critics said good things about it. They all mainly praised her vocals in the album. She had a very nice voice which she used to gain the fans she has today.

June 3rd, 2013, she was at the front of the stealthy women during the nationwide campaign to join the nation. All of these things were added as part of the commercials.

During the campaign, she was employed to sing the jingle for the nation in August 2012. In 2014, she was also invited to another commercial, this one featured her character replacing items.

At the end of 2014, she also reprised her nationwide role, this time she did it as a set Santa Claus figure.

Personal Life

Kramer got married in 2004 to Michael Gambino. The couple got a divorce some months after marriage though.

The charge of the divorcee was domestic abuse. She was being abused by her husband. This took Michael to jail in 2005 for attempted murder.

She also got engaged again in 2009, to the actor Jonathon Schaech. They had met on the set of a movie where they were being cast together.

After the engagement, they both got married in 2010. Just after a month of living together, the couple got separated, and their divorce got finalized the next year. After all of that, she dated some other men after them.

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