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 About Rafa Cannavale

Rafa Cannavale is another celebrity child in the books, he is the son of Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale. They are both very famous, Rose is an Australian actress while Bob is an American Actor. They have both been on the scene for years now and have become very famous.

There is no way the son of these two people wouldn’t be famous, Rafa has had a spotlight of fame shining on him since he was born.

Both his parents have acted in films around the world. For example, the mother Rose is known to be in the movie bridesmaid as a leading character.

She was also on the cast of Get Him to the Greek, she is well known for her roles in both of these films that have been mentioned. His father who is known as Bobby Cannavale is known for his role on Ant-man, Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle, Blue Jasmine which was produced by Woody Allen, and many other films.

Both of his parents have been successful so far in their careers. They have a happy family and Rafa was born in 2017.

Rafa Cannavale Wiki

Rafa was born in 2017, in the month of November. He was born in America and he has a mother and a father. Rafa has an older sibling known as Rocco Robin Cannavale. They are both half Australian and Part American.

Although Rafa is a full American citizen he is just starting to talk and he sounds like he is going to be having those Australian American accents.

Rafa has no choice but to live with his parents as for now, he is just four years old, and so his parents have to be the ones to care for him at this time.

He was born with those beautiful brown eyes and blonde hair. He is a very cute kid. Rafa Cannavale’s parents have both been in their relationship for some years now. They have been together since 2012.

They were both in previous relationships with other people before they met each other and started theirs. For instance, Rose was in a relationship with a celebrity known as Brendan Cowell while Bobby had gone all the way before.

Bobby used to be married to Jenny Lumet, they were both married for nine years, from 1994 to 2003.

Bobby even had a son with his former wife, his son is known as Jake Cannavale. Rafa is currently with the family, they all live together in harmony. The father, mother, and then both children.

Rocco is Rafa’s elder brother and is just a year older than Rafa. The family stays in New York. Rafa currently has no social media account because he is too young to be on social media.

His parents are not that young though, they both have their Instagram accounts working and active. Rose is blessed with more than 400k followers on Instagram, she updates her Instagram account steadily mostly about her work and the movies she is staring.

Bobby also keeps an active Instagram account, it cannot be as active as that of his wife but it is active. He has above 100k followers on Instagram with more than 1000 posts on his page.

Rafa Cannavale’s Net Worth

Rafa cannot have a net worth now as he is not into anything right now. He is a child who lives with his parents and is dependent on them for everything.

He is currently just four years old and both his parents are known to be at their best as far as the entertainment industry is concerned. Bobby is also very famous based on the stage, film, and television parts that he has embarked on.

We have seen him on roles like Master of None, Boardwalk Empire, third watch, and many others. He has also won an Emmy Award in the category of outstanding guest actor on a comedy series. This award was given to him because of the role he played on Will and grace in 2005.

Cannavale also got the part to play as Officer Vincent D’Angelo which also gave him another Emmy Award in 2013. As for rose, she was in every episode of thriller show damages. They had 59 episodes and she was on all of them. She played her role in this series for five years.

She has nominations at the Emmy Awards and at the Golden Globe but didn’t get the award. Rose should be averaged to own assets worth at least 16 million dollars. Her husband is also a rich man, he is estimated to have 10 million dollars.

Rafa Cannavale’s Father, Bobby Cannavale

Bobby whose real name is Robert Michael Cannavale is a well-known American actor who was born in 1970, on the 3rd of May. He is very popular, today because he has played several roles in different movies that have given him a huge audience.

He is very popular for his different films, stage, and television performances, also the recurring roles he played in films like the third watch, Broadwalk Empire, Vinyl, Mr. robot, and many others.

He also has this recurring role in an NBC comedy series called Will and Grace where he played the role of Will Truman’s boyfriend called Vincent. This is the role that gave him that sweet Emmy Award.

Bobby’s Career

Bobby started acting in the theater at a young age. This was what built his whole acting career because he had no acting experience or knowledge at the time.

Just as he was building his career, he was able to get some film roles in his early days. Films like the night fall in Manhattan aired in 1997 and the bone collector that aired the next two years 1999.

Bobby Cannavale became a very popular act on TV when he got the role to play Bobby Caffey in the series third watch for two seasons. After he got this role, he was starred in a movie alongside Alan Arkin, the movie was directed and written by his wife’s father Sidney Lumet.

Then came 2002, he also got to join in a film and played the role of Alley McBeal for five episodes. This show was later canceled. He later got a role again to play in the miniseries called Kingpin. He starred in this role with Yancey Arias and Sheryl Lee.

In 2003, he got the gig to show up in two episodes of Oz. He also made an appearance in the film called the station agent as a man who becomes friends with a little person that was thrown out by society.

From 2004 down to 2006, his big role came, he got to act in the series called Will and grace. An NBC hit series back then. He played the role of Vince D’Angelo who was the boyfriend of Will Truman.

In the reboot, Will and Vince were not married. This is the role that got him his Emmy Awards. He was also on many other comedy films like a snake on the plane, the guru, shall we dance, romance and cigarettes.

He played some of these roles as a guest star. He was also on sex and the city, six feet under, Oz, Law and order, and a lot more.

In 2008, he got a Tony Award nomination for playing on a Broadway show called Mauritius. He got another CBS gig, he played the role of Det. Eddie is on a television show known as a cold case. He played this for three episodes where he started from the third episode in the 7th season.

Cannavale was also included in the film called the other guys that aired in 2010. He was also given the role to play Terry Delfino in a film called Win-Win. And then later on he was on the Broadway show known as the motherfucker with the hat.

He was mainly a comedian actor. He got some of his roles and played alongside some big comedians like Chris Rock and Annabel Sciorra.

On the 3rd of May in 2011, he also got a nomination for the Tony Award as a leading role in the production.

Rafa Cannavale’s Mother Rose Byrne

She is an Australian actress who was born in 1979 on the 24th of July. She made her major movie debut with the film Dallas Dolls in 1994.

She continued to be on Australian TV throughout the 90s. She got her first major role in the movie Goddess of 1967. This was in 2000.

She won an award for this film called the Volpi cup. She was given the award for this role as the best actress.

After this, she managed to move over to the Hollywood scene where she began by playing a role on star wars as Dorme in an episode called Attack of the clones. This was in 2002.

She also got bigger parts after this role in star wars. She got to be on films like Troy in 2004, 28 weeks later in 2007, and knowing in 2009.

Her role which she played as Ellen Parsons in 59 episodes of the series Damages was also one of her biggest because she managed to bag golden globe nominations and Emmy nominations too.

The two movies that have placed her in the line of a comedic actress are getting him to the Greek and bridesmaid. They were both aired on consecutive years.


She got her first role on Dallas dolls when she was just a teenager at 15 years old. It was a 1994 movie. In the 90s, she continued to appear on different Australian television shows like Wildside in 1997 and Echo point in 1995.

She was also on Two hands in 1999, she also got the role to be in an award-winning film called my mother Frank in 2000. After that role, she got to be in her first big role in one of Clara Law’s films called the goddess of 1967 that aired in 2000 too.

The 2000 films were her breakthrough films because she won awards for her roles in those movies before she started her journey to Hollywood.

He first starred in a Star Wars series as Dorme who was the handmaiden to a senator.

She also got a role to play with Matt Dillion in 2002 on a thriller known as City of the Ghosts.

In 2003, she had to fly to the UK to shoot the movie capture the castle in 2003. In the movie, she played the role of Rose Mortmain who was an elder sibling to Romola Garai’s Cassandra.

In 2007, Byrne started getting very significant roles as a major cast. She first started by playing the role of a space vessel’s pilot in a movie called sunshine.

After her role there, she got to play the role of an army medical officer in the movie called 28 weeks later. The former movie she was in called sunshine was a floor, but this one managed to gross about 64.2 million dollars.

It became a global movie in no time. She became a global star because her role was a significant one.

She shines bright in whatever movie role she takes. She moved in and started playing the role of Ellen Parson who was a young attorney in the series called damages.

Her performance as a supporting actress in this film was outstanding, she also got a golden globe award nomination for this role.

She got a role on a series known as Ministries where she played from 2008 to 2010.

She played this role in more than fifty-nine episodes of this series and followed until the series came to an end.

After this, she got several roles in several different movies and series to play different roles. Today she is a global actress.

Final Words

This is all about Rafa Cannavale, his family, and all there is to know about them. Rafa Cannavale is a boy who at a young age is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle given to him by his parents.

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