Paul James Qualley is relatively unknown today. But he has been a part of the show business during the height of his career.

Paul Qualley is the ex-husband of Rosalie Anderson “Andie” MacDowell, a reputable actress. Aside from this, he was a model.

Paul Qualley’s biography

Paul Qualley got born in 1958 in New York with Norwegian ethnicity. He grew up with stunning looks and body, so he found modeling as a suitable career. With his loved ones’ support, Paul Qualley applied for jobs at advertisements and fashion shows. He became successful in his job, but he decided to try ranching. Paul Qualley has an estate in Montana, which he manages and runs.


Paul Qualley’s marriage with Andie MacDowell attracted media attention. During the years they got married, Paul Qualley become popular as well, although he retired from his modeling career. He has an Instagram account for those who want updates about his life. He has straight, brown hair and blue eyes.

Paul Qualley’s net worth

Online sources say that Paul Qualley has a net worth of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). He owns several properties, including a ranch in Montana.

Paul Qualley’s business and job

Paul Qualley used to work as a model and celebrity husband. He represented fashion brands and luxury goods for men during that career. But he has already retired from modeling, and he has been divorced from Andy MacDowell for over two decades. Currently, he leads a peaceful and private life in his Montana ranch.

Paul Qualley’s family

Paul Qualley’s parents are Lee James and Patricia Ann. As mentioned earlier, he got divorced from his famous wife, Andie MacDowell, from 1986 to 1999. They met while Paul Qualley worked as a GAP model. Nobody knows if Paul Qualley got married again.

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell have three children:

  • Justin, their eldest son, got born in 1986. He enjoys a private life; there is sparse information about him online.
  • Rainey, born in 1990, became a recording artist. During interviews, she said that she likes recording blues, country, and pop songs. Rainey Qualley became Miss Golden Globe in 2012.
  • Sarah Margaret Qualley, their third child, got born in 1994. She recently got her first nomination for the Emmy Awards with her role in The Leftovers. Then, she appeared in Once Upon a Time. Sarah prepared for several years before her acting debut. She studied at the American Ballet Theatre and the North Carolina School of the Arts. Moreover, she worked as a fashion model for luxury brands. Since 2013, Sarah Margaret had minor roles in Netflix shows and advertisements.

Paul Qualley’s wife, Andie MacDowell

Rosalie Anderson MacDowell, more popularly known as Andie, got born on April 21, 1958, at six in the morning, in South Carolina. Since 1977, she has been an actress. She has won an Independent Spirit Award and got nominated for the Golden Globe Award. Meanwhile, as a model, Andie MacDowell represents Calvin Klein and L’Oréal.

Andie MacDowell’s youth

Andie MacDowell’s ancestry came from Great Britain and France. Her parents are Pauline (a music teacher) and Marion (a lumber company executive). Unfortunately, her parents divorced when she was six because Pauline was a drunkard. Andie even had to take care of her alcoholic mother even when she was a young child.

But Marion remarried two years later. Their relationship remained until Marion passed away. Andie MacDowell has a stepbrother and stepsister from them.

In 1976, Andie MacDowell finished her high school education in Gaffney. She worked at fast-food chains during this time. Then, she attended college at Winthrop University in California. Andie returned to South Carolina two years later. During a trip to California, a modeling agent found her. Through this representative, she became an elite model in New York in 1978.

Andie MacDowell’s career

During the 80s, Andie MacDowell worked for Vogue, where she represented luxury brands and clothing brands in advertisements. She became popular after appearing in Calvin Klein ads on Times Square billboards and nationwide commercials. Her first movie was Greystroke, a movie about Tarzan. She then appeared in St. Elmo’s Fire.

After successfully fulfilling these film roles, Andie MacDowell attended acting school. She worked with coaches for four years before getting chosen to star in an independent movie called Sex, Lies, and Videotape. From that time, she had high-paying film projects, nominations, and awards. Most of her movies became box office hits. In 1986, Andie MacDowell became the representative of L’Oréal.

Andie MacDowell got selected in People’s magazine’s most beautiful people in 1991 and 2000. She reached the height of her career in 1994, where she became the  female highest box-office earner. She was famous at the time that Walmart used her images without her permission, causing a lawsuit.

In 2001, Lander University gave her an honorary degree because of her support and help towards the Graham Children’s Health Center. She also received a medal of honor from Winthrop University, where she attended two semesters of acting classes during her college years.

Two of her movies got admitted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress because of their cultural and historical impact. These films are Groundhog Day and Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

These are her other accomplishments:

  • In November 2003, Andie MacDowell became a guest speaker at the inauguration of the Asheville Film Festival.
  • In 2010, Andie MacDowell attended the international film festival at Beverly Hills, California.
  • In 2011, she got included in the Hair Fan’s Hall of Fame.
  • In 2015, the state of South Carolina gave her the first Spirit and Pride Award during the Beaufort International Film Festival.

Andie MacDowell’s relationships

As mentioned earlier in the article, Andie MacDowell’s first spouse was Paul Qualley. They had three children together before getting divorced in 1999. Then, she had a relationship with Dennis Quaid (a musician and singer). But their bond only lasted for a year. Soon after this, Andie MacDowell got married to Rhett Hartzog, her high school friend who became a businessman. Their marriages lasted from 2001 to 2004.

In 2006, she got engaged to Kevin Geagan, another businessman. Unfortunately, their relationship failed.

Andie MacDowell today

Currently, Andie MacDowell lives in Marina del Rey, California. She is 5’8” tall with curly dark hair and a Southern accent. Andie MacDowell still makes people laugh through her classic roles that typically laugh and smile a lot.

The following are the movies, television series, and shows where Andie MacDowell appeared through the years. (Some of these entries are yet to get produced).

  • The Other Zoey is about a genius high school student who got involved with a popular boy who thought that she is his girlfriend. Andie MacDowell stars in this romantic show still under production.
  • Good Girl Jane, another drama show under post-production, portrays a teenage girl who fell in love with a drug seller. She gets involved in the black market in Los Angeles because of her relationship. Andie MacDowell is one of the lead characters in Good Girl Jane.
  • My Happy Ending is a comedy film about a forgotten actress who has cancer. Andie MacDowell is Julia, the protagonist.
  • Along for the Ride is a romantic film about two teenage insomniacs who had adventures during the night. Andie MacDowell is Victoria, one of the lead roles in Along for the Ride. This show is about to get released.
  • Maid is a 2021 mini-series about a young mom who escaped an abuser. She cleans houses to support her child and make their future brighter. This show got nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the AACTA International Awards, the Golden Globes, the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, the Satellite Awards, and many more. Maid also won an AFI Award. In this series, Andie MacDowell is Paula Langley, the mother of the protagonist (who is also her daughter in real life).
  • Andie MacDowell also appeared in Mr. Mayor, a 2021 comedy television series about a rich Los Angeles mayor. This lead actor here, Ted Danson, won the Hollywood Critic Association Television Award that year.
  • Dashing in December, a 2020 Christmas television movie, stars Andie MacDowell as Deb Burwall. The plot revolves around a family that argues about selling their ranch or converting it into a winter attraction.
  • No Man’s Land is a war series on Hulu about a family that got affected by a suicide bombing incident. Andie MacDowell appeared in an episode of this Hulu show as Monica.
  • Wireless is a ten-episode drama/thriller series about a young man who got stranded in the mountains during the winter. He only has his phone to save himself. In this show, Andie MacDowell is Elaine Braddock, the mother of the lead character.
  • The Dress Up Gang shows the life of a childish yet responsible man who received advice from his friend. Andie MacDowell appeared in many episodes of this comedy series.
  • In 2019, Hulu adapted Andie MacDowell’s famous film, “Four Weddings and a Funeral.” She appeared in this series again. Andie also portrayed Carrie in One Red Nose and A Wedding, another adaptation. This movie won three Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards in the United Kingdom.
  • Ready or Not is a comedy/action movie about a scary wedding game. Andie MacDowell is Becky in this film that won awards in 2019. These accolades include the CAFTCAD Award and the Fright Meter Award for Best Actress and Screenplay.
  • The Last Laugh is about two old people who fled from their retirement home. Andie MacDowell appeared as Doris Lovejoy in this Netflix film.
  • Cuckoo is an ongoing comedy series about an eccentric neighborhood. Here, Andie MacDowell is Ivy Mittelfart, one of the lead characters in the show.
  • Paper Year is a 2018 movie about a newly married couple and the hurdles they faced during their first year together. Andie MacDowell is Joanne Winters in this movie.
  • The Beach House shows the story of a college couple who went to a vacation spot. But they encountered a mysterious disease as they get stuck there. Andie MacDowell is Joanne Winters in this horror film.
  • Andie MacDowell is Debbie Collins in Christmas Inheritance. The movie is about a wealthy heiress who wants to receive her Father’s inheritance. To do this, she had to go to a small town, but she got stranded there.
  • Only the Brave is a biography movie about the Granite Mountain Hotshots, who died while fighting one of the largest wildfires to hit their state. Andie MacDowell is Marvel Steinbrink here. Only the Brave got nominated for the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards and the Visual Effects Society Awards in 2017.
  • At Home in Mitford casts Andie MacDowell as Cynthia Coppersmith. It portrays her as a writer who moved to a peaceful town after a terrible divorce. There, she meets and falls in love with an Episcopal priest.
  • Trial and Error is a 2017 crime documentary parody series. Andie MacDowell appeared in one episode as Margaret Henderson.
  • Cedar Cove shows Andie MacDowell as a court judge in a small town. This show got nominated for the Leo Award and the Prism Awards.
  • Andie MacDowell appeared as Nancy Davidson in Magic Mike XXL. This restricted movie shows the life of a former male stripper who wanted to start a furniture enterprise. It won the Dorian Award and the Teen Choice Award. Furthermore, it has nominations from the Golden Trailer Award and the Women Film Critics Circle Awards, among others.
  • Breaking at the Edge is a 2013 restricted horror film about a pregnant woman who fights an evil entity. Here, Andie MacDowell is Dr. Ghozland.
  • In Jane by Design, a series about a bullied high school student who became a fashion icon, Andie MacDowell is Gray Murray. She appeared in several episodes of this 2012 show.
  • Mighty Fine depicts a family that got buried in debt and expenses. Andie MacDowell’s name is Stella Fine in this comedy show.
  • Andie MacDowell appeared in an episode of 30 Rock, a comedy series that ran from 2006 to 2013. This show won 16 Emmy Awards and multiple nominations for this prestigious title. It also received the Screen Actors Guild Awards, AFI Awards, and the American Cinema Editors.

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