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Vanessa is a very popular retired porn star. This is what she is known for, her pornographic acting.

Vanessa Del Rio as people know her is not her name, this is just a name she used for acting. A professional name that sounded sexy as she was a porno actress.

She was born and raised in New York, Harlem to the precise. Her parents were both immigrants, they were from Cuba and Puerto Rico.

According to her, her mother used to take her to see some movies that were in Spanish languages, most times, a recurring Argentinian actress named Isabel Sarli kept appearing in these movies. So Vanessa spent her days watching this actress show a lot of willpower over men, she watched the actress get her way with men and even use them as she liked.

Vanessa loved the fact that a woman could do that, she said that Isabel became a role model to her because she just wanted to be like her and have that kind of power over men.

She saw how Isabel was able to manage that in most of her scenes, so she knew what she had to do. According to Vanessa, her mother was too religious to see the sexual life that Isabel was living. She couldn’t comprehend the whole thing.

Vanessa stopped going to school in the eighth grade as she didn’t want to keep living that life with too much shelter in her house.

After leaving the house, she managed to learn how coding works, she learned how to be a computer programmer, she got good at it too. She learned all of this when she was just 18.

She then left computer life again and started living in different stolen Volkswagens on the street. She was dating a street boy at the time, he was a criminal.

After that life came to an end, she must have enjoyed the thrill enough so she moved on to start working as a waitress before she became a topless barmaid. Lastly, she became a go-go dancer.

After moving to these different sexist jobs, she then agreed to work on a role that required her to have sex just because it was going to pay her the sum of 150 dollars.

She said that at the time, 150 dollars was half her rent, she also wanted to go and meet a boyfriend of hers in Europe. Also, when she was asked about her jobs in an interview, she said that she has worked as a call girl and a streetwalker before. She said that she did all of this before getting roles in adult films.

Source: Wikipedia


She got her stage name using different names from her past, firstly, she got Vanessa from the name of one of her friends, she said it was a childhood friend.

She took the other part of the name Del Rio from an actress back then known as Dolores Del Rio. She said she didn’t think about this part, a friend of hers who loved movies gave her the suggestion.

Vanessa was cast in her first adult film in 1974. She has received a lot of accolades for this because she is the first non-white female to get to this point in the adult film industry.

She is popular for a lot of things though, firstly, she is popular for the enthusiasm she possesses, she is also very popular because she just likes this stuff and has always wanted to do it.

The producers who worked with her noticed her drive. She had the talent for this stuff. She also possessed a large clitoris with the kind of sense of humor that a man wants in a woman.

Lastly, she is a very beautiful woman. She did this for 13 years and she was able to show up on 81 pornographic films.

She had an unbelievable number of 10-minute film clips that were used for just normal peep shows. She is so popular that even her different scenes are made as compilations and sold on the market.

Her talent is one to always talk about. Even if she is a porn star and the world doesn’t see you as much when you are a porn star, her passion, and talent kept her in the books.

So many artists have spoken about her talent in their music before. For instance, Just the two of us by Chubb Rock, Fuck you by Gangsta boo, and a lot more. She had a Cameo that showed up on the video for the song Get money by Junior Mafia.

Vanessa said that she had quit making porno movies in the year 1984, she did because, at the time, the issue of AIDS was increasing.

She didn’t want to contact that kind of a deadly disease, so she stayed away. She later came back though. She came back in 1986 and 1987 to make her last six films before she retired from it finally.

After she stopped making adult films, she switch careers and became a feature dancer, and began modeling for magazines until 1996.

She stopped all of that in 1996, then she used the skill which she learned at a young age, she coded her website and started making unique content, and appeared in some magazines and award shows sometimes.

After her career in porno movie-making, she started appearing on some TV shows as herself. For instance, an episode in NYPD blue in 1996, also, in 2008, a film named Soul men.

Yearly Activities Of Vanessa


She created a featured film called the Latin from Manhattan. The movie was based on Vanessa’s life.

It was written by Thomas Mignone, and also, it was directed by him too. The movie had Vivian Lamolli act as young Del Rio.


Vanessa got published by a German art book publisher TASCHEN, a deluxe that was first released and is mainly based on the lifestyle of Vanessa. It is her biography and it covers the fifty years of Vanessa’s slutty self. The deluxe was edited by her best friend Dian Hanson.


This same year, the pornographic actress got herself to retire from acting adult films, she had left based on the widespread AIDS during that time.


She returned from retirement and started making more adult films again. She made six last films.

Some of the films were, following a stint as a bodybuilder, the faux biopic, and Miss Jones 3. After the six last films, she started a new career, a magazine model and a feature dancer.


She stopped doing the magazine thing and then started her website, this wasn’t difficult for her because she knew how to code.

She continued to appear in some magazines too, the pay was good. Aside from that, she got to make her raw content on her website. After her career in porno movie-making, she started making appearances on TV shows and normal films too.


This was when she created her very first porno film which was in 1974. She was given accolades because she was the first woman who was not white to achieve what she did in the adult film industry.

Her popularity was because people saw the passion she had for what she did, her enthusiasm, she had the talents for this. She also had an oversized clitoris, which got her a lot of attention too. She is also known for her amazing sense of humor and of course, the beauty she possessed.

In just 13 years, she managed to appear in 81 pornographic films and some 10-minute clips used for peep shows.

She is so popular that even the compilations of her different scenes have been edited together and sold like a real movie.


The pornographic actress came to this earth. On the 31st of March in 1952, the pornographic American actress was born.

Here is Vanessa’s View On Different Things

Vanessa was on an interview some time ago and she was asked some questions about herself and some of her views on things. Nothing helps you to know a person more than when you know how the person thinks. Here are the questions and answers she gave.

How did a nice and beautiful young lady who grew up in Harlem end up becoming a porn star?

Well, this nice girl sitting next to you was born with a rebellious side, she has a free spirit. I grew up in a catholic school that didn’t let me do any of the things I wanted, I didn’t like that. Also, my parents always left me isolated, I didn’t have anyone to talk to. So many things started popping into my head and I got tired of leaving them in my head. They always said the streets were too dangerous for me, I wanted to see how dangerous.

What Prompted your decision to start staring in adult films, what put that idea in your mind?

As I said, I had a free spirit, so I wanted to see everything that I was warned against. I was warned against a lot of things because they always thought it was best to keep me inside.  Left my parent’s house at a very young age because I was tired of being restricted so much. I went straight into the streets that I was warned against and did everything with them, drugs, sex, and rock and roll. I also did the disco in the East Village back in the 70s.

This was how I progressed after I left home, I started as a keypunch operator, then to a computer programmer, and then I continued as a waitress before becoming a topless barmaid and a go-go dancer. I started working as a call girl before I was offered a part and became a porn star.

You did a lot of adult movies, we could count more than one hundred. You started getting noticed by rap stars and then your name began to appear on their lyrics. How did that happen? Also, how did you get to appear in Junior MAFIA’s song video?

I feel like porn and rap are both raw and wonderful ways to express yourself. Some might say that both of them go hand in hand.

I was the first none white woman to ever make it in the porno industry, I was called the black Marilyn sometimes. The fact that I was popular wasn’t surprising, I was the only one. The first time I heard my name in a rap song, I was shocked, but since then, it became something that happened frequently. No matter what the rapper had to say about me, I always saw it as a compliment.

You have a signing event with TASCHEN for your biography, they call you the first Latina star, do you like that title? Also, do you like the Latinas in the scene now?

Well, I was the first Latina to get noticed in the porn business. I don’t know if there were people before me but I know that I love that title a lot. I don’t watch porn like I used to because I know what is going on in the background, I have been on the scene before. Although the Latinas that I have seen on the scene are very beautiful. Let’s leave the pornographic world, I love Rosario Dawson, her religion is not so far from mine, if anyone would do a documentary about me, I would beg her to play me.

Do You Get Disturbed On The Street When People Recognize You?

I have never been disturbed or hassled on the street, but I have been recognized by different people. One of the incidents was when a guy noticed me at the subway and started yelling my name. I just continued walking and smiled at him once.

PS: These questions and answers are not the exact words from the interviewer and the actress. It was twitched a little.

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