About Praise Mary Ella Simmons

Praise Mary Ella Simmons, a celebrity kid born on the 18th of April 2005. She is the daughter of a late rap legend known as DMX, Earl Simmons. It was said that DMX had 15 children before he finally went to meet his maker. After procreating 17 people on earth, he is dead now and has left them behind.

15 is a lot of children but it wasn’t done by one woman. Ella is the only daughter among all the children that her mother gave birth to for DMX.

How many kids did Tashera Simmons have by DMX?

DMX got married to her mother 11 years before he died and among his children, Ella who was the only daughter of this woman was a favorite because he seemed to be around her most time before he died.

It was said that she had a father who was mostly there and it was all over the media too because he was seen accompanying her many times.

DMC is her father, he seemed to like her, also, her mother who was DMX’s wife seemed to like her too. Better still, she shows how proud and happy she is to have Ella.

We know this from her social media page because her mother who is Tashera Simmons regularly posts photos of her on Instagram talking about how fortified and warm she is. Ella as we said before is one of those kids who didn’t ask to be famous but got lucky and was born into the spotlight that the world shun on her parents.

In April 2021, the rapper DMX passed away, he was 50 years old, and also he was Ella’s father.

His death hit the world in a bad place because he had a lot of fans who showed him, love. When he died, so many social media platforms had him trending as the number one story in the world.

Many fans took out their time to pay respect to the man for his impact on the hip-hop world. He died as a result of a drug overdose, just like most hip-hop rappers nowadays, he was on drugs and his body snapped after a long time.

The point is that he had a cardiac arrest and lived on life support for a week before he finally gave up the ghost.

The American rapper had 15 children and Ella is one of them. Although he had already divorced her mother and had another fiancée at the time he was dying.

Ella is a topic today to talk about because of her father and so we don’t have much on her. This is just like everyone who is a celebrity because of their relationship with someone.

Ella was born on US soil by her mother and at the time she had three brothers born by her mother and different step-siblings born by her father.

Just as she was turning 16 in 2021, she lost her father. That is not something anyone should go through. Her father was an American rapper, actor, and songwriter. He started his career in the early 90s when he dropped his first debut album called it’s Dark and the next one He’ll is hot in 1998 which sold up to 251000 copies just in one week.

The world went through a lot when DMX the OG rapper died. People sent love and condolences to those who he had left behind, people like Ella, her siblings, and her mother.

Because of her father’s death, she also got to be more popular because people wanted to know what she was up to most of the time as she spent most of her days with DMX when he was alive.

Ella’s Age

Ella as we know was born in 2005, which means that in 2021 April, she is 16 years old. Her zodiac sign is said to be Aries.

Studies show that people with Ella’s zodiac sign are always beautiful and optimistic, she has proven the studies to be right because she is all of these things mentioned.

Ella’s Instagram

So far we haven’t found any verified Instagram account of Ella. This might mean that she is a very personal person because her Instagram profile is hidden and not accessible to everyone.

Ella Net Worth

Well, she is a very young girl and has no fortune to inherit so she has to make it on her own. Based on that, we cannot say that she has any such amount of money.

Also, she might have gotten her father from her father if he had the kind of money that could be inherited. They say he had less than a million dollars when you check the celebrity’s net worth.

Ella’s mother is very much richer than he was and is able to take care of her children.

Ella Family

Among the children given birth to by her mother, she was the only daughter that she had there for him.

After her mother and DMC split, Ella had no choice but to move to New York with her mother. She was also blessed with siblings who loved her. Her three brothers are known as Xavier, Tacoma, and Shawn.

About Ella’s Father DMX

Late DMX was born in 1970, he was named Earl Simmons. He changed his name as a hip-hop musician to DMX, the meaning was Dark Man X.

He was known famously to be an American rapper and actor who started his career at a young age in the 90s.

He released a debut album back then in 1998 that gave him a lot of audience. This album made 251000 copy sales in just one week of its release.

Immediately he saw how hot he was getting, he made another album to match up to this one the following year. This quickly became his best body of work throughout his career as a hip-hop artist.

He also used this album to break a record as the first rapper in history to have an album on Billboard number one five times in a row.

As we all know, some hip-hop stars act in movies, DMX was a successful rapper so it was only sensible for directors to want him in their movies.

He starred in different movies, we have films like the belly, Romeo must die, exit wounds, cradle 2 the grave, and last hour which was released in 2003. Before he died he also published a book that had his memoirs in it. The book was E.A.R.L: The Autobiography of DMX.

According to his autobiography, he had more than 10 children with more than five women.

Who is DMX’s ex-wife?

The first woman he settled with was Ella’s mother who he called his first love. He and Tashera were married for 11 years before they split.

DMX was a true Hip-hop artist as he was busy having sex with different women even as a married man. These women gave him children all over the country. Tashera as a human being couldn’t withstand the whole thing so she filed for a divorce in 2010 which marked the end of the relationship that they had.

DMX was known to struggle with financial and legal issues when he was alive which led him to file for bankruptcy three different times.

He was sued a lot by different baby mammas because he wasn’t meeting up on the child support payments that he was obligated by law to pay. When the rapper died in 2021, there was no lawyer with a will for what he had left. This became an issue among his children.

Ella’s Father’s Death

On the 10th of February 2021, they found DMX unconscious in a Ramada inn parking lot located in Yonkers, New York.

The people who found him were able to resuscitate him and gave him Narcan which was used to reverse opioids in his system and then give him his consciousness back. The rapper was taken into a critical care unit after he suffered an attack that was caused by a drug overdose.

There were reports later again that DMX had overdosed in his New York home on the 2nd of April in 2021. This happened by 11pn New York local time when he was rushed quickly to an emergency unit is nothing but the white plains he got on.

He got some medication at the time but then his case was worsening and so he has to be transferred to a hospital intensive care unit.

People also gave out information that DMX was on the verge of losing his life and the doctors don’t know how they can save him completely.

While he was there at the hospital on life support, the news came out and so many people started showing love and sharing prayers for him.

Different brands and other hip-hop stars who had worked with him and alongside him were all rooting for him not to lose his life. He was suffering from lung and heart failure before they decided to put him on life support.

Early in the morning, on the 9th of April in 2021, DMX reportedly lost all his functions of different necessary organs like his kidney, livers, and lungs then he was later pronounced dead.

Who gets DMX money now?

It was later placed that based on a diagnosis that was carried out that he had lost his life to an overdose of drugs which caused heart failure.

Ella’s Mother

She. Was born on April 10, 1971. She is a reality TV star that is popular based on the time she has on the TLC series called starter wives confidential.

She is also very popular today because she was once married to the popular rap legend known as DMX.

Both of them met when they were very young, at the age of 11 and 12. They both started dating at the age of 18 and 19 before they both got married in 1999. They have been lovers since they were little kids so one would think that when people like this get married, they get together and it is forever and blissful.

But no, they didn’t have that kind of marriage because DMX was a disturbed man who had a lot of shortcomings. Every marriage has its shortcoming and it isn’t very easy to remain married in this time and age when human beings have unleashed their dark sides. Imagine a marriage that was being monitored by the media because of the people involved in it.

Her husband was a rapper, a very popular one at that. She was a talk show host who had become more popular than she used to be because of their marriage.

They would of course have hundreds of cameras watching them from afar. They stayed married for 11 years and in 2010, she couldn’t fake the whole thing anymore so she files for divorce from him.

She had four children for DMX before they separated and he died 11 years after.

Xavier Simmons

He is the first child that was given birth to by Tashera for DMX. A boy, he is currently an actor, a voice-over actor, and was an author of a book titled peril and promise that talks about the human condition, encompassing addiction, faith, and a lot of things.

Tacoma Simmons

Tacoma is an American-born musical composer who was born in 1999. He is a very private child unlike his elder brother but just like his younger sister Ella. He doesn’t come online on social media as he is very reserved. His mother says that he is a complicated child.

Sean Simmons

He was born in 2003, just two years older than his sister Ella and he is the third child that DMX had with his wife Tashera. He is also not very active on social media but he is mostly seen sometimes on his mother’s Instagram page. His mother describes him to be a good person who has a good heart. This isn’t just something she says because it’s her child but she said this is something she had seen in him.

The last child happened to be Ella Simmons.

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