Do Eyebrows Make You Look Younger?

At this time, most people fear aging but of course, aging is inevitable. But that does not stop a lot of people to try on products to defy their aging such as applying collagen-rich products like moisturizers, serums, or creams. Other people do countless facials or spas to retain that youthful face.

The others do their own facial spa by using serums and massaging their faces with facial rollers, gua shas, or face lifters that use electricity to shock the layers of the skin.

If they are still not contented with the milder ways of making themselves younger, some people opt for going through vampire facials, a type of facial that uses your own blood, and the process of constantly puncturing the face with tiny needles. And lastly, we could not forget the popular usage of botox to ensure that the face does not get any wrinkles.

Beauty is indeed always associated with a little bit of pain. But of course, we also need to acknowledge our own attributes that could by default, make us look younger.

Some people possess skin that makes them look exceptionally younger than their age which makes people mistake them sometimes as someone who is young.

Rosy and glass or glowing skin are what make someone look extremely youthful because as we all know, infants or toddlers possess that natural rosiness in their cheeks and glow as well, thus calling a person with glowing and rosy skin, baby faced. Some people have smaller face shapes and we all know that a small face is somehow associated with dolls and dolls look young and youthful.

But besides the face shape and the skin of a person, there are also features that make a person look younger than they really are. Just like the eyes. If a person possesses eyes that are big or resemble that of a doll’s, they would most likely look younger and baby-faced.

The same goes with squinted eyes that most of the Asian race possesses which is why they really look younger than their age. But despite these types of eyes, if a person has dark circles under their eyes, naturally or due to stress, they would seem more mature or older than their eyes because of the smokey look that the natural shadows and intense pigmentation of the under eyes.

But focusing on a very specific part of a person’s face, specifically the brows, the question comes to play– do brows make a person look younger? In what way do brows make the person’s face look younger? In this article, we will be differentiating the effect of dark-tinted brows and light-tinted brows on a person’s face.

Dark Tinted Brows

It is no lie and it is a known fact that dark and thick brows are on-trend these days and are also the standard in beauty but if we were to observe carefully, dark and thick brows somehow make someone look really mature as well angrier or serious.

This observation will also make sense especially if the person has dark, thick, and angled brows that would make them look like they are furrowing their brows and we all know that furrowing one’s brows could lead to wrinkles on the face. Added to this, the dark and thick brows of a person somewhat add more depth, shadow, and contour to a person’s face, making them look like they have harsh lines on their faces, thus making them look wrinkled and mature-looking.

Dark-tinted brows usually come in the colors of black, dark brown, dark orange (if a person is a redhead). Although the benefit of having dark and thick brows is that they do not have to try so hard to fill their eyebrows in.

But if someone really wants to alter the way their eyebrows appear, some people would opt for bleaching their eyebrows in order to lift up their tint and so they can fill their bleached brows with the tint that they desire or what would look best for them.

Light Tinted Brows

As for light-tinted brows, surprisingly, if the person has very light brows, they tend to look mature as well just like if a person has dark-tinted brows because light-tinted brows, especially to blondes, would also be close to a white color or grey hairs starting to form on a person’s brow, and we all know that grey hairs are associated with aging.

Having light-tinted brows would make someone look old and mature because their brow hairs are tinted very light. Not only that it gives an illusion of a person having grey hairs on their brows, light-tinted brows if reflected on the sun, but it also would not appear that much and it would look as if the person does not have brows due to its light tint against the shining light.

This is why light-tinted brows on a person’s face would make them look more mature and old. Added to this, without the dark contours, shadows, and depth of light-tinted brows, a person who possesses this type of brow color would make them look like they have a very wide forehead.

The colors of light-tinted brows usually come with blonde and white (if a person is an albino). But take note that some people are just born with really thin hairs which is why they appear less or it is not that obvious.

But of course, just because someone has thin brows, that does not mean that their brow situation could not be rectified. I mean, we have makeup products for a reason anyway. All a person needs is the skills in makeup and knowing what the perfect eyebrow look would suit them best and would make them appear younger than what they look like.

Medium Tinted Brows

Lastly, since too much tint and lesser tint could not guarantee someone a youthful look, I bet we can all agree on having medium-tinted brows, wherein it is not too dark or thick or light and thin. A lot of people have this type of brow and the only alterations they do is to enhance their shape.

The Final Thoughts

Aging is inevitable which is why we must come to terms that at some point, we will start to look more mature as we age and aging should not be shamed. The reason why some people would look mature or older than their age is that they do not incorporate great skincare products or makeup looks on their routine which in return, damages their skin and changes their faces drastically.

So it is really advisable for every person to invest some time in taking of themselves in order to be the very best version of themselves, in terms of being physically attractive. But always remember that starting in the inner self could also show in the physical appearance.


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