Are Thick Eyebrows Attractive?

For as long as the human race had begun, beauty standards had always been the rage for every single person. People are forced to follow certain beauty standards from different parts of the country that were made by society in order to try to pass the standards and be acceptable in their region.

Are thick eyebrows pretty?

These so-called beauty standards trigger every person to try to compete with other people and do their best to be the standard of beauty. Some people would even go to lengths such as going under the knife or having plastic surgery in order to reach a certain standard.

But of course, there is no shame with wanting to undergo some alterations on oneself if it is a way to boost their confidence. Only society thinks of going through plastic surgery or a drastic change in appearance is stigmatized because at the same time, how hypocritical society is, they expect us to accept what we already possess. But that is not always the case in every person.

What are the perfect eyebrows?

The most common standards of beauty are plump lips, as what had been mostly capitalized by one of the most popular people in the world, businesswoman, socialite, and influencer, Kylie Jenner.

After countless selfies posted on the internet, Kylie Jenner’s fans are all up for the rage of wanting to have lips like hers which is why they did one of the trends such as, “The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”, a challenge that will guarantee a person plump and full lips like the socialite by sucking inside a glass after a few minutes then taking out once the lips are fully puckered up and swollen.

Are thick eyebrows more attractive on guys?

However, this trend does not really rectify the lip shape of every person who is willing to have plump lips like Kylie which is why, like their idol, they undergo lip fillers in order to get their desired plump lips permanently.

Added to this, since the plump lips beauty standard had already taken its place on the throne as one of the beauty standards that a person must acquire, Kylie Jenner had started to create her empire with the trend she set, thus Kylie lip kits had begun and is continuously expanding.

Another one of the beauty trends that is still trending up to these days, is thick eyebrows. Notable people who possess this feature are model and actress, Cara Delevigne, Natalia Castellar, and Lily Collins.

These women are not just known for their standing in the industries they are in but they are also known for one of their most prominent features and those are their eyebrows. Thick eyebrows became a rage or a trend because of them, which is why thick eyebrows have become one of society’s standards of beauty.

But the question comes to play– are thick eyebrows really that attractive? Or is it only capitalized because of how some celebrities have them?

What Makes Thick Eyebrows Attractive?

It is true that thick eyebrows are indeed attractive, as long as it kempt and not that messy. A person’s brows can be really fussy which is why it is really hard to maintain them or find the perfect shape that will best suit a person’s face. But with the skill and maintenance, a person can look good with their brows.

Thick brows, as has been mentioned earlier, is one of society’s beauty standard. Thick eyebrows are considered attractive because it somehow gives off a person who has them look stronger, fiercer, and very sultry due to how the thickness and dark tint of the brows give a natural smoky look, depth, and shadow on the person’s face.

As you may have noticed, celebrities who possess this brow type are models because models are expected to be fierce and sultry on their shoots and their thick angled eyebrows can help them achieve the energy they are trying to give during their photoshoots.

Yes, thick eyebrows may be a trend and are considered attractive but there are a lot of factors that are being considered when a person has thick eyebrows is first the maintenance.

Before having perfectly trimmed, angled, and thick brows, the person who has thick eyebrows always starts with a messy canvas due to the number of stray hairs that surround their natural eyebrow shape, and removing these pesky extra hairs can be a pain.

It takes great skill and awareness to be able to maintain one’s thick brows because since their hairs are thick, it can be tough to pluck out of the skin, some stray hairs can also be tough to remove due to how close it is to the desired line of your brow shape, and the sensitive about this part is that even the smallest removal of the hair on unwanted places can make a huge difference on a person’s look, which is why it is really hard to maintain thick eyebrows.

But the benefit of having thick eyebrows is that there are less likeliness for a person to have any sparse parts of their brows due to how the thickness mostly cover the brow area and some people who have thick brows do not have to go all the way to put makeup on their brows because of how perfectly trimmed, tinted, and thick they are, that additional makeup could only make them look bad.

How To Get Thicker Brows?

If you are someone who does not have thick eyebrows, you must fear but you can still rectify your eyebrow problems with the help of castor oil, a kind of oil that is known for its hair-thickening and hair-lengthening agents, thus making the person’s hair who uses this miracle oil look luscious and shiny.

Do good eyebrows make you prettier?

A person could apply castor oil over their brows with the help of an eyebrow brush or they could just apply it with their fingers and it would be better this way too because through rubbing the fingers together, with castor oil, it will heat up and the product will be absorbed much more effectively since heat induces for blood to circulate even better.

But of course, last but not the least, thin eyebrows can also be fixed even if it is temporarily by makeup. Just use any color that would best suit your face and apply the makeup onto your brows, it could either be eyeshadows or a brow pencil. If you are looking for a more long-term fix, then you can opt for having an eyebrow tattoo and this will last for about 1 to 2 years until reapplication.

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