Every person is attractive in their own way. Every person has their own attributes that make them stand out and be considered attractive. It could be their eyes, their color, their lips, nose, or it could be their brows. The said features are located at the center of the face which is why these are the focal parts that draw another person’s attention.

In this article, we will be specifically talking about brows. Every person has different brows in terms of shape, thickness, length, and color. Brow shapes range from straight, angled, arched, and rounded. For the thickness, some brows are thick and bushy, and thin, and sparse. Talking about the length, some eyebrows could be short, some could be long, some could be just the normal length that starts from the inner corner of the eyes and ends at the outer corner, while some brows actually form a straight line, joined together in the middle and this is called the “unibrow”.

As for the color, the color really depends on the race of a person. If they are from the Caucasian race, these people tend to have brighter-colored hair which is why their eyebrows are light brown, blonde, and others have red or orange-colored brows. As for the other races, they tend to have darker-colored brows such as dark brown and black.

Like what was previously mentioned, every brow of every person is unique in their own way, and in this article, we will be talking about one of the most attractive eyebrows and what makes them attractive.

What Are The Factors That Make The Brows Attractive?


  • Angled/Arched Brows. The angled or arched eyebrows are dubbed to be the most attractive eyebrow shape in both females and males because it is generic and it frames the face really well. Angled brows really accentuate the eyes of different shapes by making them look more prominent and brighter. Arched brows also make someone look fiercer which is dubbed to be attractive and sexy.


  • Symmetrical Brows. It is a known fact that our eyebrows do not look exactly the same. Eyebrows are not twins but they are sisters. There are some instances that we like the other brow more than the other and would hate the other one. But despite the differences between the brows, a person could try and make them look symmetrical by applying makeup, or grooming them according to their natural shape; removing the stray hairs around the main shape of the brow.


  • Thick Brows. Thicker brows were very much in trend around the year 2015. Some people would not even pluck their brows to maintain their thickness. Some people, if they do not have naturally thick brows, would apply castor oil to their brows to increase their hair growth, or they would go to parlors to get their brows done and get them tattooed with semi-permanent ink. From being one of the disliked brow types, thicker brows became a trend and have become one of the standards in beauty, beating thin brows back in the 2000s.
  • Bushy Brows. Added to this segment, a bushy brow style is also on-trend and is one of the standardized eyebrows looks. Having bushy brows or wispy brows gives off a natural look and relaxed look because it emphasizes the natural direction of the brows. Added to this, bushy brows and wispy looks add drama to the brows. Bushy brows also have a way of making the eyes of a person be more prominent or pop out even more because the brows are brushed up, giving it an illusion of having a ‘constant surprised’ look.


  • Trimmed or Sleek Brows. Although it is previously mentioned that bushy or wispy brows are trending and considered attractive, you still could not go wrong with the classic trimmed and sleek brows. Trimmed and sleek brows are attractive because it gives off a very neat and clean look which also reflects the personality of a person who has this eyebrow look or style. Perfectly trimmed brows can make someone look clean, put together, and also serious. I mean, who would not find a clean person attractive, right?


  • Natural Look. For the last segment, we all know that makeup has become a huge part of our lives starting from about a millennium or millennia ago. From using kohl, charcoal, block of eyebrow makeup, to eyebrow pencils, we have been using makeup as an essence for beauty. But to this day, unlike the previous trending and demanding makeup looks throughout the time, ranging from multicolored looks, smokey and dark makeup looks, natural makeup looks are in and are hot in trend in the present.

Natural makeup looks focus on only enhancing the features of a person which is why only a minimal amount of makeup is used when doing these looks. Some people would only smudge a brown eyeshadow on their lids to add depth to the eyes, some would only apply mascara or light or natural-looking fake eyelashes for the purposes of emphasizing the length of their eyes, some would only apply gloss or a little bit of tint in the middle of their lips to only bring out their natural lip color even more, and as for the brows, some would only brush them up with a brow gel to give off a wispy and bushy brow look. If they only have thin or sparse brows, they use mascara as a brow gel by first scraping off the extra amount of product in the brush and applying only small amounts to the brows to give it some tint.

Some Final Thoughts

Regardless of what shape a person’s eyebrow has, it still has to be cherished and embraced and not try to completely alter the way it looks. Instead, they could try to enhance it, just make minor adjustments and little by little learn along the way with what type of eyebrow look best suits them.

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