12 Essential Tips to Get Perfect Eyebrows

We all know that our hair or mane is what frames our face and make us more attractive. It takes great maintenance so that the hair will remain luscious and would really match with our style or the look we are trying to go for on a certain day. Now that the hair is already checked, groomed, and taken care of, what about what frames our eyes? Our eyebrows are what frames our eyes. People tend to have fun and try something new with their eyebrows to see what kind of shape suits them, best.

But of course, what is beauty without a little bit of struggle? Shaping one’s brow is not an easy piece of work. Especially if the person is still a newbie when it comes to exploring what suits their physical appearance best. Having a distinct style takes a long time to understand and it finding out one’s distinct taste takes a lot of trial and error processes.

Brows are quite hard to shape since one wrong pluck, shave, or wax of the brow, things could go downhill and the person might have a mental breakdown due to the cosmetic error on their faces that could take a long time to grow back, so the best thing they could do is to fill in their brows.

Basically, knowing one’s style is a pretty tough journey before one could be satisfied with it. In this article, you might get some help in achieving a perfect pair of brows.

Tips on How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Perfect:

  1. Decide on a shape you want to apply for your brows

The first step in making your brows look better is to find a shape suits your face more. You can either just make minor adjustments in your brow’s real shape or you can fully change its shape, whichever you prefer. But before getting with the eyebrow shaver, waxes, or tweezers, make sure that you use an eyebrow pencil to have a guideline to how you are going to shape your brows. It is really easy to mess up the brows so be careful. Remove the stray hairs outside the outline you created on your brows with any preferred hair-removal tool. To check your progress, wipe off the outline with a cotton pad and makeup remover.

TAKE NOTE: Do not overpluck your eyebrows!

  • Invest in brow products

Our skin and hair are not the only ones that need maintenance but our brows as well. One of the keys to making your brows perfect is to invest in brow products such as castor oils in order to grow out your brows thicker and strong. This might also help in promoting hair growth in the sparse or bald areas of your brows.

The next product you can invest in is an eyebrow shaver. This is one of the most common eyebrow hair removers but take note that you have to change these blades every time it becomes rusty and is not sharp enough to shave off stray hairs of the brows which will make you drag the blade across your skin and could cause cuts and infections. This leads to another reminder that you should be careful with using an eyebrow shaver because it can cut you.

The next eyebrow products are tweezers and wax strips. These products are used to pluck the hairs so it could get a little painful with removing hair. You can apply a numbing cream on the area you want to pluck some hairs on or you can just rub ice all over the brow area. But if you have high pain tolerance then you are good to go.

A bonus! If you do not want to invest in brow products, you can also try threading, wherein you use a thread, form it into a shape of infinity by twisting it multiple times to form the remover part of the thread to remove the excess brow hair.

  • Brush your Brows Up with a Spooley

Another part of making your brows look perfect is to brush them upwards with a spooley. The brushed-up look or flicked look of the brows makes your eyes pop out more or be accentuated because brushed brows somehow give an illusion that makes the eyes open up even more. Use a spooley to brush your brows and if you want it to stay longer, use a brow gel, a bit of mascara, or a clear soap.

  • Less is More

In doing your brows, one must not go overboard with filling in the brows. Use more natural colors that will much your brows and not make them look too thick. In filling in your brows, use gentle hairlike strokes instead of completely coloring them. Make the makeup look like it is your hair so that it will give off a natural look. The next step to do is to blend the makeup in the brow by brushing it upwards. After brushing it, apply eyebrow gel to seal the makeup in and maintain the brow’s shape for longer periods of time.

Besides an eyebrow pencil, you can also use some natural-colored eyeshadows and use an angled brush to apply the makeup to the brow.

  • Use Concealer Underneath the Brows

Another important thing to do in making your brows look perfect is to apply concealer underneath them. This is to make your brows pop up more, give a clean finish, and really define the shape of your brows. This tip also makes the eyes pop up more because the concealer gives an illusion of a high eyebrow bone.

  • Trim Your Brows

Except for our hair on the head, eyebrow hairs can grow long as well so you need to trim it to maintain a neat shape of the brow. Use small scissors that are only used for the hair so you can still control your hands and be nimble with the cutting. First, brush your brows up and if you notice some uneven lengths of the hairs in your brows, trim them so they will be even. Keep doing this process until you are contented with the trim of your brows.

  • Blend the Product

Do you remember one of makeup’s golden rules? That is to always blend your product! Sure, in some makeup looks, there are some cutting-edge eyeshadow looks that look futuristic but when it comes to brows, try to blend into a softer look to get rid of the harsh lines. Blending will also make your brows natural looking due to the ombre effect and smooth edges that the blending caused. You can use an eyebrow brush to blend in the product and buff it out.

  • Mix Some Colors

Paints are not the only ones you can blend. You can also try blending eyeshadows on your brows in order to achieve the right color you are going for that a single brow color could not just achieve. So try to mismatch some shades that you think will suit your skin tone so that you will get the desired color you want. Just remember to always go with natural color so that your brows would somewhat match your hair. But if you are someone who has dyed hair, well no one is stopping you from putting that electric pink eyeshadow on your brows! You do you as long as you think it suits you and you feel great in it!

  • Try Microblading

Ever heard of microblading? It was a buzz during the 2018s and it kind of seems like an eyebrow tattoo. Fear not, the professional microblader will make sure to apply numbing cream to your brows before diving into the microblading part.

Having a semi-permanent tattoo will help you save some time with all the makeup you must apply on your eyebrows on a daily basis. An eyebrow tattoo is surprisingly quite natural-looking so you do not have to worry about your brows looking extremely sharp.

If you get an eyebrow tattoo, the first few days after the session will cause some dryness on the skin of the brow because it is starting its healing process. The tattoo will also appear extremely saturated or thicker in color but as time goes by, it will subside into a more natural look. Most eyebrow tattoos could last about 1-2 years until reapplication of the ink.

  • Massage your Brows

You may not consider this as a way of improving the look of your brows but trust me, here. Working the insides will greatly affect the surface as well. What does it mean by that? If you start massaging your brow area, the mild pressure from the massage will induce blood flow in that area that you are massaging and blood flow also stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is known for its glorious effect that is making the skin plumper and firmer.

With the help of massage, the skin of your brows will no longer get saggy, and added to this, blood circulation also promotes hair growth. You can use your fingers to massage your brows. Just apply a dollop of castor oil on your fingers, warm them up to increase their rate of absorption to the skin, and massage your brows gently in a circular manner.

If you are feeling a bit fancy, you can also use some facial massagers such as face rollers, gua sha, or face lifters. Just be careful not to press the skin of the brow too much or else it will cause bruising and crush your blood vessels in the face.

  • Be Mindful about Both Ends of the Brows

In applying makeup to your brows, you have to make sure that you are also paying attention to where your brow starts, which are the ends around the nose area, and the tip where it ends by the tip of your eyes. There is a proper measurement for these ends so make sure you utilize them in doing your eyebrows to get them done perfectly.

At the start of the brows, make sure that you do not make a harsh shape because it will make you look angry and that is not something you would want. As for the tip of the brows, remember that you must not draw it long until it reaches the end of your eye. Remember that it is only aligned to the end of the eye but it is not directly beside it; only above it.

  • Do Not Brush Them Off Too Much

I know, you may have gotten used to brushing your eyebrows up pretty often but you need to make sure that you do not do it exaggeratedly because it will risk you pulling out a hair or two.

Too much force and dragging motions by the brush can really pull off the brow and tug the skin which will cause wrinkles. This is why you are massaging your eye area, you need to make sure that you are only using light pressure and gentle motions because the skin in the eye area is sensitive and is susceptible to wrinkles.

The Takeaway:

Those are the 12 essential tips on how to make your brows look perfect and nice. Always remember that in doing makeup, a tutorial could not work or help much with most of the makeup looks you are trying to go for since every person has different features so it is really up to you to try and make things work out for yourself.

But do not feel down because learning how to do makeup and learning what look would best suit you is a fun journey full of trial and error processes but that makes it worth it. Allow yourself to have some errors because these are chances or opportunities for you to reflect and learn from. And in makeup, there are no limits to it. Be creative, have fun, mess up, until you finally achieve the techniques and looks that would suit you best!



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