How Eyebrows Can Transform Your Face?

It is a known fact that a person’s hair or mane is what frames the face and softens the face shape. As for the brows, they completely change the look of your face in terms of facial expression as well as framing the eyes.

A person’s brows are located on the top and the center of the face which is why these are one of the main foci of a person’s face and what immediately grabs other people’s attention. This is why a lot of people invest so much time and money in order to get that perfect pair of brows to flaunt and to go well with their looks.

Some people would undergo trial and error with makeup to get that perfect brow look, some would have a semi-permanent tattoo on their brows, some would wax, tweeze, and shave their brows in order to maintain them and make them appear good because they know that their brows could carry their look and their face.

There are many different types of brow shapes such as straight, rounded, and arched. Each shape plays a vital role in transforming a person’s shape and these are the reasons how a person’s eyebrow can transform their face.

1.   Brows Can Balance Out the Facial Structures of a Person

Believe it or not but our brows play a huge role in changing the appearances of our faces in a way that our eyebrows harmonize our features altogether. For example, if you are someone who has delicate or soft features, you will have to opt for an eyebrow style that is soft and not harsh because harsh lines could overpower your natural soft features. ‘

The same rule applies to other people who have sharper features and facial structures. The recommended eyebrow style for them is something sharper and fuller because it accentuates their feature more if they have sharper brows. Sharper brows would make them look fiercer wherein soft brows do not because it only mutes the sharper features of the person. In addition, if a person with sharper features has soft brows, chances are that their eyebrows would not even be noticeable and it does not match at all.

There is a way in order to achieve that perfect brow style that will suit your features. For the soft brows, all you need to do is to apply light-colored brow makeup such as gray or brown. Make sure that your brows are brushed up and have been neatly trimmed. Do not make any harsh lines when it comes to outlining your brows because it would make it less soft-looking and that is not the look you will be going for. Just remember to blend it thoroughly.

For the sharp brows, this does not mean that you have to fully color your brows with a dark color to make them look sharper. What you must do is to just simply outline your brows and fill them in with a darker color such as black or dark brown. Again, remember to always blend your makeup! After that process, highlight your brow bone with a concealer or highlighter in order to accentuate your sharp brows.

2.   The Shape of the Brows Matter

This is like the continuation of the previous item about how brows can balance out a person’s face. The shape of the brows makes a big difference on the person’s face because the shape also has a way of framing the eyes. If you opt for a brow shape with an arch, it will make your eyes pop out more because of how raised up the brows are from the eyes.

If you are someone who has straight brows, it will make you appear more neutral or have a generic face. Straight brows would also make the eyes appear more narrow or droopy. Some straight brows would really start really low and closer to the nose bridge which gives off a fiercer look to a person.

3.   Brows Will Impact Your Facial Expressions

In correlation with the previous item, the brows will also impact a person’s facial expression. For example, if your brows look arched and you have a higher brow bone, it will somehow make you look fiercer or angry and in order to tone it down, make sure that you are also doing your makeup in an accurate way that will suit your default eyebrow shape and not let it overwhelm your face shape.

If you know that your natural eyebrow shape is sharp looking, make sure that you do not apply your makeup too thick because it will only make you look angrier. But also make sure that you do not make your eyebrows thinner because it will certainly underwhelm your face and would only make your forehead bigger.

Another example is when you have straighter brows. Straight brows are more generic and common. If you have straight brows, your facial expressions appear more neutral, emotionless, or innocent. It really depends on how blended your brows are with your facial features. If you are someone who has sharp features and you have straight brows, you will appear fiercer. If you are someone who has softer features, you will appear doll-like or innocent.

When doing your brows, try not to do it too much or too little. If you do it too much, for example, drawing your eyebrows too much with a color that is really dark. It will make your eyebrows appear unnatural and you will look like you have constant anguish. On the other hand, if you make your eyebrows look thinner, it somehow makes your facial features larger and just overpowers your eyebrows which does not create any balance at all.

The Takeaway

Even if brows only take up a small space on a person’s face, they still play a major role in transforming a person’s face since the brows are located around the middle part of the face. This is the reason why most people are really caught up about their brows because brows do indeed carry the whole look of a person. Most people invest a lot of time, money, and effort in order to make sure that their brows look at their best most of the time and it would really suit their faces.

With the help of this article, take heed of the advice so that it will be applicable to you and you can also utilize them when you try to make your brows look neat and suited for your look. Always remember that finding what suits you and what is best for you could take some time but it will truly be worth it if you keep on trying and allow yourself to make mistakes. And with this blog post, will certainly make your eyebrow crisis, easier.

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