Everyone nowadays adores full and thick eyebrows just like it used to be before. Some people are born with this feature while some have thin eyebrows. For those with thin or sparse eyebrows, on their quest to being adored, they have to undergo a difficult process to achieve thicker eyebrows.

Micro lading comes in at this point, although, it isn’t the only way to achieve this. You can use pencils or powder, these other methods don’t give it a more natural look, unlike Microblading. This article is going to answer most of the questions you have about Microblading, in other words, tell you everything you need to know about it.

Describe Microblading

Microblading can be described as an updated method that has made its way into the market with ease. It helps apply a natural look to the eyebrows of those who don’t have them naturally.

Microblading is said to be an almost permanent makeup remedy whereby different pigments are applied under the main layer of your skin almost like a tattoo, although not as subtle.

An instrument similar to a pen is utilized. Seven small needles or more are inserted in different configurations to get the look you want.

Another technique used in microblading is the shading technique. This technique is done by plucking the skin and inserting the ink manually.

Microblading Stays Temporarily For How Long?

Microblading according to most people is the closest thing to permanent. This is true but most people don’t know how long it can last. The truth here is, there is no fixed amount of time for microblading to last, it depends on the individual and the different skin types.

Although, there is a minimum amount of time of which it has to last for, approximately two years if applied correctly. Through the help of touch-ups, you can get an additional half-year. We strongly recommend touch-ups alongside microblading. Some people, have to get touch-ups more frequently than others.

Everybody gets a different reaction to the microblading procedure because we all have different skin types. Based on this information, your brow artist does the first session to get a reaction and afterward create the best touch-up routine for you.

Can Anyone Do Microblading?

Microblading doesn’t work perfectly for everyone. For example, people who have some health or skin illness might not react positively to it. Also, some people might have undergone certain procedures which make them bad candidates for microblading.

Here are some examples of skin infections or conditions that can create a negative outcome for you after the microblading procedure:

  • Eczema
  • Shingles
  • Diabetes
  • Recent peels or waxing
  • blood thinners prescription
  • Ink allergies
  • Acne medications

Before you can undergo the microblading procedure a very important factor is keeping healthy skin.

Is Microblading A Painful Procedure?

You need to see an experienced brow artist when going for microblading because a newbie might give you a very painful experience and there is a chance of not even getting a positive outcome.

Most skilled brow artists work continuously to make sure the procedure is prosperous and painless. A numbing agent is used on the brow area to before the procedure begins.

Experiencing a little pain afterward is normal, regular pain killers would do the job and strap you off the pain.

Is It Safe To Microblade?

Microblading processes are not supervised and the inks used are mostly not tested, it is vital to make sure an experienced brow artist performs the procedure.

Some issues faced after microblading can sometimes be small, let’s say your eyebrows are shaped wrongly, that is a small case. A major case is when you start getting infections afterward. A way to avoid this is by making sure your brow artist is good.

After Microblading you could experience things like minor redness and itchiness, when it becomes abnormal is when you start getting serious pains and swelling.

The Minor Cases You Encounter After The Procedure Takes How Long To Heal?

The healing stage depends on the person’s skin type, although, the aftercare procedures could take weeks. Rounding it all up, we could say the healing process should take at least a month.

After the procedure, the area treated might go dark and then cause that area to soften and peel. The main skin color should come out around one month.

Your brow artist will recommend the exact skincare product that would be best for your skin type. People with oiler skin should avoid moisturizing for a while. As for those with dry skin, they need to keep moisturizing after the procedure.

Are There Different Methods In Microblading?

Basically, most microblading methods are similar because they follow the same steps. Stretch the skin, insert the ink, and then use the blade to perform the microblading procedure. There is no going around these steps. The only difference is the patterns used by different brow artists.

Different patterns in the sense that different brow artists do their hair stroke mapping differently. Different artists use different mapping, this all depends on where they trained. Apart from the patterns being different, nothing else is different. They all have one aim.


Things To Consider Before Undergoing The Microblade Process

As a client, you have to consider the shape and color before going ahead with the decision. As an artist, you have to consider the needle best for the client, the drawing of every hair stroke, how to insert them, the color to use, and some other factors.

Is Tattoo Same As Microblading?

The difference between a tattoo and microblading is the same as differentiating it from any semi-permanent makeup. The difference is how far the different inks are being put into your skin.

Microblading is when the pigment is implanted into the outer layer of your dermis and below your epidermis just in between.

This is how to develop crisp and realistic effects like hair strokes or delicate pixilation which makes it nearly permanent.

Normally, tattoos are applied in your skin deeper into the dermis and more closer to the hypodermis causing tattoos to be a permanent body art.

Does Microblading Make The Big Eyebrows Look Natural?

For aspiring clients who have never gone through the microblading process, this might be a border but when the artist is experienced and follows the correct technique and the right pattern, it is next to impossible for someone else to guess that your eyebrows are not natural.

Most people admire your brows more and believe it’s natural when there are hairs that go with the strokes. This is what expert brow artists do to make them look more realistic.

When a client with little or no brow hairs wants to undergo microblading, the outcome of this is that the work looks flat because there is no hair to show for incorporate with the strokes and to develop depth.

Although this doesn’t mean that microblading won’t be possible for these people, it can be done and there is even a slight chance that the outcome would be positive, enhancing the shapes and color density.

When microblading brows with little or no hair, it is better to put in shades that go with the strokes, just to aid the development of hair fullness.


Microblading Processes

The microblading process isn’t as easy as it seems, most times, clients have to spend hours with us, especially for new clients. It is mandatory that the artist at the spa can answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable.

Most spa parlors have a rule that each client will have to show confidence and sign of comfort first before they can proceed to microblading.

After the whole talking and confidence extravaganza, the first thing that is done is to cleanse the client’s skin and draw out a suitable shape and thickness using inked strip.

This process is done to create a balance that aligns with the brows and find something that is favorable to the shape of the face.

Immediately the paperwork is done and the client is prepared for microblading, firstly I do some outline strokes, make the skin numb, and move on to fill the brows until it is over. When done this way, most clients sleep through them process.

Does Someone With Full Eyebrows Need Microblading?

Not really, but there isn’t any fashion law against it, if you want your brows done, you could go get your brows done. Microblading helps create a more defined shape for your brows.


A piece of very crucial information for those that are new to the microblading processes, for it to get healed fast, as fast as 10 days or less, make sure to keep that area dry, completely dry, no water in any form is allowed to come near that spot.

Most people refer to microblading as getting your brows done and sometimes based on the effects and the rules that are attached to it, many people are scared of doing it. The truth is, as long as you don’t have any of the skin diseases or complications that could cause you any harm, it is completely safe when done by an expert.

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