Who do you know among your pairs that don’t like to have even and glowing skin?

For some reason, you can’t think of anyone, right? Even when you don’t care so much about skin color, you still don’t want uneven skin.

Sometimes even when you try as much as you can to make your skin look beautiful, it still appears to be uneven.

Your facial skin getting darker than the skin on your body is a result of different things.

The thing about uneven skin and facial dark skin is that there are home treatments for it. We will be given you some causes of facial dark skin.

  1. Problems From The Surrounding

We are all aware that apart from your face, hand, and legs, the other parts of your skin are mostly covered with cloth when exposed to the sun.

The parts of the body mentioned above are mostly victims of every environmental problem.

On a sad note, the sun doesn’t know when you are being hurt by it, so it continues to shine as much as it can.

The parts of the skin that are exposed get a lot darker than they used to be. Cloth is the most natural way to protect your skin from sunburn.

Scientists say that when you expose your skin to the sun, that area starts attracting all the melanin cells in the body making that particular area very dark.

On most occasions, these parts that are exposed suffer from this a lot.

On a related topic to this sun exposure, some people don’t even expose themselves that much to the sun but still, they get darker.

There is nothing wrong with you or your skin, it is the heat, whenever you feel too hot, the melanin cells in the body tends to become agile.

  1. Hormonal Problems

The hormones, mostly for women are also part of the factors that affect your skin.

When women suffer from this problem called melasma, mostly referred to as pregnancy masks because it occurs during pregnancy.

This happens because estrogen is being increased in the body and studies have shown that heightened degrees of estrogen correlation to a lower degree of progesterone can cause high skin pigmentation.

This study has been able to explain further and make us understand the reasons why pregnant women, contraceptive users, and hormone replacement therapy face facial darkening issues.

Estrogen isn’t the only hormone that causes skin discoloration, cortisol which is also a hormone that causes it too.

When you are stressed both physically or emotionally, the body produces a hormone to keep you at ease, this hormone is called cortisol.

When your cortisol level is high, it causes an unbalance in your estrogen levels which at some point enhances melanin production resulting in your skin getting dark.

  1. Bad Skincare Products

Many times we utilize some skincare products that are too strong for the skin or possess some features that cause us to get darker faster.

Most times some particular processes or occurrences that either cause too much heat or friction on the skin that causes damage that at some point makes your skin dark.

Some of the processes include high rate light therapy, microdermabrasion, and some chemical capsules.

  1. Genetics

There is something about genetics that makes it stand out, genetics affects nearly everything in our body. Therefore, it also affects your skin appearance.

If for some reason, a lot of people in your house experience discoloration, there is a high chance that you will experience discoloration.

This is why most times it is good to know more about your gene so that you could be careful and know how to treat some issues.

Some Minor Causes

  1. Exposure To UV Rays

The face is the most open area in your body. Normally, what happens is that sun rays reflect during a direct hit.

Harsh rays that come from the skin result in the instigation of melanin production in your skin.

Of course, this should be very obvious, everyone should know that when your skin produces more melanin than it does in normal situations, that area where it produces vastly becomes darker.

This is the main reason why your face gets darker than the rest of your body as quickly as possible.

Sunlight causes age spots and sunspots on your face that are able to cause hyperpigmentation.

  1. Inflammation

Inflammation of your facial skin frequently results in discoloration. This is caused by different things like acne, lupus, eczema, and sometimes injury.

These kinds of skin conditions can result in skin inflammation and as soon as the inflammation decreases, you may realize that you start developing hyperpigmentation.

  1. Melasma

Melasma is a skin issue that is caused by hormonal alterations sometimes and sometimes it is caused by high sun susceptibility.

This problem is very common with pregnant ladies. Colors like gray, brown spots begin to come out on areas like your cheeks, nose, and chin.

When this happens, the tone of your facial skin turns out uneven and dull.

  1. Some Capsules

At times, some medicines or capsules result in direct hyperpigmentation in your facial skin.

Some particular medications such as tricyclic antidepressants and some anti-malaria capsules can cause discolored skin tone.

Sometimes it causes your skin tone to develop an unusual grey tone.

  1. Sickness

There are several small and harsh sicknesses that most times result in hyperpigmentation problems.

For instance, a disease referees to as Addison’s disease affects your adrenal gland and with time it causes discoloration of your lips and cheeks.

  1. Harsh Cosmetic Products

Your face goes through a lot when you apply cosmetic makeup products that possess harsh chemicals inside.

Sometimes these chemicals can result in severe skin issues such as dry patches, spots that come with age, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Most cosmetic products do so much as result in acne issues causing your skin to experience discoloration.

  1. Age

Commonly, people know that as you age, melanin production in your body is reduced.

The only issue with this is that the melanocytes enhance the size and their removal turns out to be focused on one area.

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