Are People Born With Perfect Eyebrows?

We always see in industries such as fashion, modeling, and film that celebrities are breath-taking. Most people also deem these celebrities as the definition of perfection.

From their golden standard of a body figure to every detail in their faces, the features, like the eyes, nose, lips, and their brows.

This is why most people especially their fans try to recreate or copy their celebrity idols to look like them. Take the famous Kim Kardashian for example.

The famous socialite, celebrity, and reality television star, Kim Kardashian is known to possess all of the perfect attributes a woman should have. An hourglass figure, symmetrical face, plump lips, narrow nose, big eyes, and perfectly shaped angled brows. Kim Kardashian became one of the faces that most people are trying to copy and are really popular in plastic or cosmetic surgery clinics.

Is eyebrow shape genetic?

Every single thing about them seems to be perfect, might they be born already perfect? Especially when it comes to the eyebrows, which is one of the hardest features to maintain since it is very hard to shape it. Not just pertaining to celebrities, do you think normal people are born with the perfect brows?

How do people get their eyebrows so perfect?

In this article, we will be talking about whether perfectly angled brows are an innate feature in every person.

Stray Hairs Are Everywhere!

Remember when it was indicated in the introductory segment that eyebrows are one of the hardest features to maintain and to shape? That is because whether we like it or not, we have natural stray hairs around our brows. No person is born with brows that do not have stray hairs around the natural shape of the brows.

How do people have naturally good eyebrows?

Although some people may have already defined brows, that only a little bit of cleaning and refining around it can easily accentuate their brows.

Never fear! Stray hairs can be removed of course. With the help of tweezers, you can pluck the stray hairs one by one. It might be painful but what is beauty without a little bit of pain, right? Next, just like the plucking motion of the tweezers, waxing is also used in removing the stray hairs around the brows, although it is much more painful than tweezers because wax strips can easily remove most hairs all at once.

Another less painful option for removing stray hairs is shaving them using a shaver, or an eyebrow shaver. With only just cutting the hairs, but not entirely removing the roots underneath the skin, an eyebrow shaver can guarantee you a painless hair removal, just be careful not to cute your skin! Lastly, some people also opt for a chemical way of removing their stray hairs such as a hair cream remover.

Apply a line of hair cream remover over the part wherein you want to remove the hairs from and let the cream saturate the roots of the hairs for several minutes. After waiting, wipe off the cream and along with the chemical, your hairs will also come along with it.

Eyebrows Are Sisters, Not Twins

As for the next segment, in relation, again, to what was previously mentioned about eyebrows about how they are one of the hardest features of a person’s face to maintain is because that eyebrows are not originally symmetrical and will never be despite trying to alter its shape. Only makeup or plastic surgery can make the eyebrows appear symmetrical.

Just like what the heading of this segment says, a person’s eyebrows are sisters and not twins. Eyebrows are not symmetrical. There are some instances that we like the other brow more than the other because it might be easier to manage, easier to shape due to how defined the shape already is even if there are stray hairs, this specific brow must really define the eyes pretty well, and they are not sparse. As for the other brow, the disliked one, well the reason must be the opposite of the favored brow.

Do guys notice eyebrows?

But since we live in the modern world wherein technology and some objects can make almost every aspect of our life easier, such as makeup for the face.

The asymmetry of the brows can be easily fixed with a little makeup such as an eyebrow pencil to fill in the brows and redefine its shape.

An eyebrow stencil for a guide if you are a complete beginner with doing your eyebrows, an eyeshadow palette that ranges from different colors so you can play with and serves as a substitute for the usual eyebrow pencil, an eyebrow gel to ensure that the shape of the brows that you have brushed up using an eyebrow brush remains intact and last for long periods of time, an eyebrow semi-permanent tattoo to ensure that you do not have to waste your time doing your eyebrows every single day when you can have perfectly tattooed brows that could last for a year or two until reapplication, and lastly, plastic surgery, that could alter your face from mild to completely different.

What type of eyebrows are attractive?

Plastic surgery could really help in making your brows symmetrical by implantation off hair on the sparse parts or perhaps botox or an eyebrow lift.

All the previously mentioned asymmetrical brow remedies can help you with managing your brows and help you achieve the perfect brow shape that is tailored for you.

The Final Thoughts About Perfect Brows

Hopefully, these tips and reminders could help you with dealing with your eyebrow problems and help guide you with your journey to really get to know your preferences and what caters to your needs and wants when it comes to vanity and achieving your best self.

It can be really hard to feel confident about one’s skin especially when we live in a judgemental society that constantly puts pressure on us to look a certain way or to look the way society wants us to be. But you should remember that is not up to society or what other people want that you should follow and let their opinions direct your life. Live your own life with pride and whatever sees you fit, not because of how society wants you to because not only that defiance against the delusional and useless standards of society to live your own way can influence other people to do the same and encourage practicing self-confidence.

You will be living your life with the glory that you did not live under the influence of others but by your own. So be confident with what you have, work on yourself, and focus on your own growth and stop comparing yourself to others.

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