Stuff toys or plushies or soft toys, regardless of what you call them, everybody loves them! Stuffed toys are soft toys because they are made out of cloth and stuffed with different types of stuffings such as cotton, wool, bamboo, fabric scraps, polyester, shredded old clothes, or old socks. The majority would use them as an object to hug whenever they fall asleep or some people would collect them and then place them in an organized way on their bed or on a shelf. But if you think that stuffed toys are only for indoors well then you are wrong. Some people bring them in public, especially in traveling to make themselves comfortable and probably something that could calm them down.

Some stuff toys are not just random soft toys in a form of an animal or other forms but it can also come in different types such as chibis or a tinier version of a famous character from a book, series, or film. This is why some stuffed toys actually cost more than other stuffed toys. Some stuff toys are probably merchandise from a popular anime, cartoon, a famous celebrity, or singer. As for other stuff toys, some of them has a whole line of the same forming stuff toy but with different designs.

An example of this is a Squishmallow. A Squishmallow has become all the rage these times and they are known for being made to be one of the softest stuffed toys ever! Its characteristics came from the name itself which is as squishy and soft as a marshmallow.

In this article, you will know more about Squishmallows, their characteristics, and some other interesting facts about them!

What are the Main Characteristics of a Squishmallow?

Do you ever wonder what makes a Squishmallow so incredibly soft? Well, Squishmallows are stuffed with polyester fiber and their prices usually range from $2.99 up to $59.99 in stores but could change in online stores. Squishmallows also come in a diverse size range, starting from 2 inches which could be a perfect desk decoration, or keychain up to 24 inches which is perfect as a cuddle buddy.

It is also a no-brainer that Squishmallows would make a perfect gift for your friends, family, and partners, I mean come on, now, who does not like some fluffy friends to cuddle to?

It is also quite a shock that these fluffy toys took the world by a storm with just their soft materials, and better form. The Squishmallows market was reported to have earned $57.98 million! Quite a shocker for a bunch of fluffy friends!

What are the Different Types of Squishmallows?

It was previously mentioned that stuff toys are not just narrowed down to a single-looking model because it ranges up to multiple different colors, shapes, sizes, and characters.

For Squishmallows, being one of the rages recently especially when the pandemic began, it is expected they offer a variety of Squishmallow models in order to appease the consumers’ wants. It is an effective strategy to grow the business and of course, it encourages consumers to buy the newest addition to the collection – and so they do!

What are the Most Popular Squishmallows in 2022?

Here is the list of the most popular Squishmallows that you can add to your collection!

  • Fantasy Squad

Add the Fantasy Squad to your collection now! You can order them online or buy them at Claire’s.

  • French Fry Floyd

We all know that one of the most favored snacks is french fries and now, you can hug your favorite snack by adding French Fry Floyd to your collection, now!

  • Hello Kitty

How can you ever miss such a classic character? Hello Kitty has always been a rage for so many years amongst children and adults as well! You could not really pass up on such a cute character which can also be used for cuddling.

  • Surprise Squishmallow

If you could not decide which Squishmallow should you add to your collection, you can always purchase a Surprise Squishmallow to let it decide what your first or next one is to be under your possession.

  • Citrus Squad

This Squishmallow Squad offers a variety of citrus as well as veggie friends so make sure to add them to your collection as well!

  • Disney Squad

Another classic is the Disney squad! Your favorite and classic Disney characters are now squishy and extremely cuddly plushies. With Lady and the Tramp, and Dumbo as one of the favorites!

  • Pompompurin Burger

Another snack Squishmallow takes the list and this is also an all-time fave! You can pair Pompompurin Burger with French Fry Floyd.

What is the Cow Squishmallow Called?

Besides the previously mentioned Squishmallows, there is also another favored Squishmallows and those are the Cow Squishmallows. And here is the list of every Cow Squishmallow.

  • Armie
  • Belana
  • Belozi
  • Bubba
  • Caedia
  • Caedyn
  • Calton
  • Calynda
  • Candess
  • Claire
  • Clover
  • Colin
  • Connor
  • Drella
  • Evangelica
  • Kalina
  • Marina
  • Nightingale
  • Patty
  • Perni
  • Reshma
  • Ronnie
  • Wilfred

Is the Cow Squishmallow Rare?

Only a real collector of things such as merchandise will know that there is such a thing as a “rare collectible” and they would go to all the lengths and sometimes risk so many things just to acquire that rare collectible to put it under their possession and no one could ever have it or just a few people will.

Squishmallows are no exception to having such rare collectibles as well and the cow Squishmallow is one of them.

Why is the Cow Squishmallow so Popular?

Do you ever wonder about the craze with the Cow Squishmallow? Well as you can see, cows are one of the favorite animals of most people and of course, Squishmallow decided to make a stuffed toy based on the consumers’ favorite animal which is a cow. Another reason why cow Squishmallows are so popular is that people mostly buy them for the sake of having one.

Seeing all the other people, maybe their friends or others reviews of how lovely the cow Squishmallow is, they could not help but buy them, too. Pretty much so, the popularity of the cow Squishmallow is primarily based on people just wanting to join the bandwagon.  Nevertheless, it is still no surprise that this kind of Squishmallow is popular since it is also adorable and extremely fluffy like its other Squishmallow friends.

What is the Rarest Squishmallow in the world?

Being a collectible is no joke but is also fun to know so much about the things you want to collect. You know every little detail of them and you are just so eager to acquire them because it seems like it is such a big honor to have possession of such a rare prize. Added to that, they are also quite expensive than the other collectibles.

In this segment, you will be shown the list of the rare Squishmallow and the rarest of them all.

  • Fania the Purple Owl.

Squad: Valentine

Sizes: 3.5 in (clip-on), 11 in, 12 in, & 16 in

Price: $2,999.00


  • Jack the Black Cat

Squad: Select Series

Sizes: 5 in, 12 in, & 16 in

Price: $1,500.00


  • Santino the Platypus

Squad: Down Under

Sizes: 2 in & 12 in

Price: $1,450.00


  • Ben the Teal Dino

Squad: Fantasy

Sizes: All available sizes

Price: $1,000.00


  • Philippe the Frog

Squad: Valentine

Sizes: 8 in & 16 in

Price: $999.99


  • Willy the Wolf

Squad: Wilderness

Sizes: 3.5 in (clip-on), 5 in, 7 in, & 12 in

Price: $750.00


  • Avery the Mallard

Squad: Classic

Sizes: 2 in, 3.5 in (clip-on), 7 in, 8 in, 12 in, & 16 in

Price: $499.00


  • Dakota the Pink Dragon

Squad: Valentine

Sizes: 2 in, 5 in, 12 in, & 16 in

Price: $499.00


  • Peter the Pig

Squad: Easter

Sizes: 8 in, 13 in, & 16 in, & Stackable

Price: $489.95


  • Celine the Chicken

Squad: Farm

Sizes: 12 in

Price: $460.00


  • Blossom the Lamb

Squad: Easter

Sizes: 5 in, 8 in, & 16 in

Price: $400.00


  • Stacy the Squid

Squad: Adventure & Valentine

Sizes: 3.5 in, 5 in, 7.5 in, 8 in, 12 in, 16 in, & 24 in

Price: $400.00


  • Emily the Bat in Pumpkin

Squad: Halloween

Sizes: 3.5 in, 5 in, 8 in, 12 in, & 16 in

Price: $400.00


  • Sheldon the Blue Seahorse

Squad: Summer Fun or Fantasy

Sizes: All sizes available, stackable

Price: $350.00


  • Belana the Cow

Squad: Easter

Sizes: 3.5 in, 5 in, 8 in, 12 in, 16 in, & Stackable

Price: $350.00

What is the Name of the Blue Cow Squishmallow?

Now that you have seen the previous list of all the rarest Squishmallows out there, you might have noticed that you will notice that one of the Cow Squishmallows was there and that is Belana the blue cow. Amongst all of the Cow Squishmallows in their squad, Belina is the only one that takes the list as one of the rarest and also one of the most expensive Squishmallows out there.

The reason why Belina is one of the rarest Squishmallows is because of how unique her characteristics are and her backstory. Belana the Cow Squishmallow is a white cow with spots in the color of aqua blue found on her lower right side, and on the left side of her ear. She also has mint green or pale blue horns and has Robin’s egg-blue nostrils.

Belana the Cow Squishmallow is a creative cow. She loves to paint and she has always dreamt of attending art school. She loves to paint furniture as well as woodwork crafted by her brother, Ronnie the Brown Spotted Cow squishmallow. Once she finishes art school, she plans on opening a gallery to showcase the furniture she and her brother had made and designed.

What is the Name of the Brown Cow Squishmallow?

As for this segment, we will acknowledge another Cow Squishmallow and his name is Ronnie! Fun facts about him, are that Ronnie loves to build birdhouses and his sister, Belana the Blue Cow Squishmallow also loves to help him build them.

Ronnie the Cow squishmallow is actually a white cow with brown patches at his lower left region and on his right ear as well. He possess small, yellowish horns, and has cute black eyes. The inner part of his ears are in the color of pastel pink and has light brown muzzle.

What is the Oldest Squishmallow?

As you have already known, the Squishmallow enterprise had become so successful with the 800 hundreds of fluffy friends they have launched globally. And of course, behind every success, there are always small beginnings and in this case, there is a prototype for Squishmallows, the first Squishmallow.

Cam the Cat Squishmallow was the first Squishmallow to be manufactured and released by the Squishmallow company. His full name is actually Cameron the Cat but most people call him, Cam. He is a cat Squishmallow in the color of cream, with brown and black spots. The brown spot is located on the right portion of his head, covering his right ear, while the black spots are found on the opposite side of his head and the other black spot is found on the left side of his body.

Cameron the Cat Squishmallow is a hyper friend who loves to jump around his boxes, he also wants to build forts with his Squishmallow friends, Hoot and Wendy. Cam the Cat is also great at riding his skateboarding across town. Besides that, since Cam loves to go on adventures, which basically entails that he also loves travelling, he loves to go on the beach to take his cat naps with his great Squishmallow friends.

His birthday is on December 18, and he also took a trip all over the world to celebrate. But as of the moment, he is taking the time to learn a new hobby which is sailing!


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