What is a Favourite page?

This button saves a website or web page that a user likes visiting often or as a means to bookmark it for future uses. The favorite button is essentially a bookmark but as the name dictates, it is meant for the favorites.

A fav or favorite button is an added feature on countless website browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and even good ‘ole Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Depending on the browser you use, you can easily access your favorites simply by clicking the star icon that’s generally found in the upper right-hand corner (Internet Explorer), on Safari you can select the tab marked “Bookmarks” the dropdown menu should include your saved favorites, while the same method can be applied on Chrome.

To find your favorites faster, you can always have a dedicated favorites tab displayed on your browser toolbar.

Navigating Google to find Favorite pages

With so many browsers, websites, and search engines cropping up it can be difficult to keep track of the latest updates being made. Sometimes these new additions can be confusing even to the most computer-literate person.

However, if you find yourself having difficulty locating the pages you had marked as “favorite,” these are the simple steps you can follow:

When using your Android gadget (tablet or mobile phone), begin by launching or opening the Chrome app.

  • At the topmost right portion locate “More”
  • Next tap on “Bookmarks” For devices where the address bar can be found at the bottom, access it by swiping in an upward motion on the bar.
  • A Star icon should be visible, select or tap this to view your favorites.
  • If you created folders in the past to categorize your favorites then simply locate the folder corresponding to your search to find the same page.

Restoring your Favorites when you accidentally hide it

Messing up your browser’s toolbar and tabs can happen to anyone. With so many gadgets and devices designed to be extra sensitive, it’s not uncommon for people to unknowingly delete apps, send a pocket message, butt dial, or even remove a button or tab from their browser. So how do you get it back? 

Favorites restoration in Windows 10

If you are a Windows user and somehow find your list of favorites missing, don’t fret because you can easily get it back. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On your taskbar locate Edge. This is the blue letter “e” icon.
  2. When you have successfully launched Edge, select the Hub button which can be found in the top right-hand corner. The hub icon is made up of three horizontal lines.
  3. Once you access this, select the settings or Favorites. This was the link that used to be labeled as “Import Favorites.”
  4. From this point, you can click on Internet Explorer in order to get to the Import option.

Putting your Favorites tab back in place

Now that you have your favorites list back, it’s time to ensure that the tab designated to it, is in the right place. This can simply be done by looking into the Settings menu and then clicking on Appearance.

  1. After you have selected Appearance, look under the section where you can Customize the toolbar.
  2. Toggle the selection under toolbar customization. A drop-down menu should show up and from there look for the option Show Favorites bar.
  3. Click on “Always.” Doing this ensures that the favorites bar will always be visible. If you select “Never” this will activate the option not to show your favorites tab on the toolbar.

Restoring Favorites in Google Chrome

Tinkering with new settings or updates can cause a few accidents. One common mistake is deleting or removing a tab on the taskbar. If this is something you are struggling with, here’s how you can rectify that minor issue.

A deleted bookmark folder or bookmark can be restored by hitting Ctrl+Z on the sidebar for Bookmarks or while in the Library window. Another trick to try is to simply go into the “Organize” menu and then prompt the command to “Undo” the action. Of course, these work best when the deletion happens within minutes, because these methods may not be as effective if the deletion happened several days ago.

Understanding how Chrome bookmarks can disappear

More often than not, a user can lose bookmarks accidentally. However, it is not unheard of for them to disappear after an update is done on your Chrome browser or even when you update your Windows operating system to the latest version.

Uninstalling and reinstalling your Chrome will not affect your saved bookmarks as long as you have the sync settings switched on. Do this simply by going into the settings, and under sign in, double-check if the “Advanced sync” is selected. Do so if it isn’t.

Searching for your Chrome bookmarks

Are your bookmarks nowhere to be found? The quickest way to try and locate them is by searching for them. These are the steps you need to take:

  • Launch the Chrome browser and then open “Settings.”
  • Under the Settings menu, locate the “Sign in” option.
  • “Advanced sync” settings can be found under it.
  • From here, toggle the control until you are able to unsync your bookmarks.
  • Exit Google Chrome.
  • Go into the user data folder designated by Chrome and then look for any other file named “Bookmarks.”

Locating where the bookmarks file is being stored

Manually searching for files is not a difficult process. Files can often be found in directories. The path to follow when searching where the bookmarks are being stored is as follows: “AppData\Local\Google\User Data\Defalt.”

In the event that you wish to change or completely delete a bookmark file, you can simply select “Bookmarks” or the bookmark file with a “.bak” extension. It should be noted that for this to work you must first exit your Chrome browser before making the necessary modifications.

Installing and uninstalling Chrome

The most command advice tech support will give users who are experiencing issues with software or app is to uninstall and then reinstall it. Chrome has an Uninstall button that users can click to remove the browser instantly. To reinstall it just search for the app download page on Google Chrome or the Play Store.

However, if you are looking to do a clean install, you need to go into your operating system’s control panel. Windows users can add or remove programs with a pre-installed feature on Windows XP. Make sure that the Hidden Files view is enabled before moving on to the next part of the process of deleting the assigned folders for Chrome that can be found on your computer.

In some instances, uninstalling Google Chrome requires a little troubleshooting. If you find yourself in a position where the app is not uninstalling you can launch your Task Manager. An uninstall option is available here but make sure that all background processes that are related to the app are closed. Along with this, ensure that any extensions from third parties are exited completely.

Don’t be worried about any of your saved passwords getting deleted. As long as you have them backed up then it shouldn’t be a problem. Installer programs on computers can be removed with no problem. However, if the browser is preinstalled on your tablet or phone then this is not an option.


Without knowing computers can become infected with malware. Malware can come from the website you visit, the links your friends sent, or from an email you received. It’s possible to remove malware from your computer just by removing and resetting the entire system.

Uninstalling and reinstalling a browser can help, but only if the infection is not within your Google account. The minute you log into your user account then your cloud backup simply reinstalls the malware that’s saved in your files. Wiping the sync data completely can solve this issue, note that it will also delete any backups on the cloud along with the pesky malware.

To avoid malware and other types of viruses make it a habit to have antivirus software installed. Use ad-blockers and have your firewall set up. When in doubt, seek the assistance of a professional.

How do I find my favorites on my phone?

With the advancement of technology and the increasing functionality of smartphones, it is common for users to accumulate a wide range of apps, contacts, songs, and other digital content on their devices. This abundance of information can sometimes make it challenging to quickly access your favorite items. However, fear not! This essay will guide you through simple steps to find your favorites on your phone, allowing you to streamline your digital experience.

  • Organizing Apps: a. Home Screen: Start by customizing your home screen by rearranging app icons. Place your most frequently used apps in prominent positions for easy access. b. Folders: Group similar apps into folders to save space and create a more organized layout. Create a folder specifically for your favorite apps and place it on the home screen for quick retrieval.

  • Bookmarks and Favorites: a. Web Browsers: Most mobile web browsers offer bookmarking features. When you come across a website you enjoy, tap the bookmark icon (usually represented by a star) to save it to your favorites. Access your bookmarks through the browser’s menu or a dedicated bookmarks tab. b. Contacts: Mark your favorite contacts by selecting the star or heart symbol next to their names. This will enable you to easily find and reach out to them, even in large contact lists.

  • Music and Media: a. Music Apps: Music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music allow you to mark songs, albums, or playlists as favorites. Look for the heart or star icon next to the content you enjoy. Typically, your favorites are conveniently grouped under a “Favorites” or “Liked” section within the app. b. Video Streaming Apps: Platforms such as Netflix or YouTube often provide a “Watch Later” or “Favorites” feature. Tap the designated button when you find videos or movies you want to revisit later. Access your favorites through the respective app’s menu or library.

  • Email and Messages: a. Email Clients: Many email clients allow you to flag or mark important emails as favorites. Utilize this feature to ensure essential messages remain easily accessible. Look for options such as flagging, starring, or marking as important. b. Messaging Apps: Popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp or iMessage usually have a feature to mark specific conversations as favorites. This ensures that your most frequently used or important chats are readily available.

Finding your favorites on your phone can greatly enhance your digital experience and save valuable time. By organizing your apps, utilizing bookmarking features, marking contacts, and leveraging favorite options within music, media, email, and messaging apps, you can streamline your interactions with your phone. With a well-organized digital environment, you’ll be able to access your favorite content with ease, leading to increased efficiency and enjoyment in your mobile usage.

What determines website popularity?

The popularity of any website is determined simply by the number of people who regularly visit the page. All websites make an effort to monitor these numbers. Data for both incoming as well as outgoing visitors are recorded daily. The same goes for the duration they stay on a site. Other factors such as the number of pages they visit on a website, links they click on, and ads they watch or skip are also closely observed.

If you are a content creator aiming to boost your YouTube channel’s growth, it’s important to consider strategies to increase your subscriber count organically.

Information collected can include the time of day a person visits, the country of origin, gender, and age are also noted. This info is vital because it helps site owners and developers determine whether their website or business is doing well or if any adjustments need to be done.

That said, it is clear that there are some websites on the internet that are more popular than others. According to Search Engine Optimization company, Moz, these are some of the most visited websites today.

Website Rank

Root Domain

Domain Authority
































This data is based on Moz’s current list of the Top 500 Most Visited Websites on the Internet.

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