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In the past years, Among Us became an iconic force in pop culture. As streamers and influencers promoted the game, friends and families had fun playing Among Us. But what is Among Us, and who are the characters in this game? In this article, you will find out.

What is the history of Among Us?

Among Us got developed by Innersloth, a tiny development team in Washington. They released what would become their most famous game yet on  June 15, 2018, on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. As it became more popular, Among Us got tailored for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Among Us reached the height of its fame. It consoled and bonded millions of players as they remained at home due to quarantines. Gamers on Twitch and YouTube also featured Among Us, attracting more users to try it. The game inspired a million-dollar enterprise of merchandise, collector’s items, and related media.

This game became trending also because of its irony. Its sci-fi aesthetic is cartoonishly cute, and the gameplay it offers is simple. But at its core is an eerie mystery, murder, and suspicion. This message gets coupled with an easy-to-understand visual interface for anybody to play.

Innersloth has been treating Among Us as complete since 2020. They tried creating a sequel game in August that year, but the team discontinued the project. Innersloth announced that they will continue enhancing Among Us instead. The developers will increase features, maps, stages, and support for colorblind gamers. They will also provide more servers and updates.

Experts warn that Among Us rip-offs will emerge in the online markets and merchandise stores. But consumers must be careful, so they will not waste their money on inferior products.

There are other fun-to-know facts about the history of Among Us:

  • In the developers’ original plan, they wanted the map to stay in crisis mode. However, they discarded this idea because it might make the game too stressful.
  • The project name of Among Us during development was “Space Mafia.”
  • Typical glitches in Among Us includes random disconnection and Impostors getting stuck with the mechanics of crewmates.
  • It took Innersloth over half a year to leave their beta testing stage.
  • The crewmate characters in Among Us resembles the Morolians.
  • Among Us first became trending among Koreans.

How to play Among Us

The game involves up to fifteen crew members, some of whom get randomly chosen as impostors. Their role is to sabotage the ship, causing obstacles and problems for the other players. For example, they can switch off the ship’s lights, communications, or oxygen supply. They should also kill their crewmates without getting caught. The impostors will win if they kill enough crewmates that they can no longer get voted out.

Meanwhile, the other players should finish their game tasks, such as clearing the trash and fixing the ship’s wires. Most importantly, they must report if they find a killed crewmate. If they find someone suspicious, they may also call an emergency meeting to discuss. There, they will vote out the apparent impostors. That way, they may expel the impostors. After ejecting a player, the game will reveal if their guess is correct.

Crewmates can visit different rooms on the map to help them throughout the gameplay. The ship or the center has sensor and camera systems that help them map the players. There is also an administration room. These features may give crewmates clues about the whereabouts of their fellow players and potential impostors.

All of these players move on a specific game location, which includes a spaceship, airship, or planetary hub.

The large map offered by Among Us and the diverse mini-games allows players to have different strategies. Impostors can either become aggressive in killing crewmates, but they can also remain passive throughout the game.

What are the characters in Among Us?

It seems that Among Us crewmate characters will stay iconic and remarkable for this generation of gamers. These cute humanoid sprites will remain as a defining mark of mobile gaming history, like Angry Birds and Om Nom.

Players can customize these characters. The game provides them with eighteen colors they can choose for their sprites. They can also give them clothes, wigs, and hats from the game’s wardrobe. Pets, skins, and sprite styles can also enhance their looks. Hence, they can make the characters look stunning, cool, and cute. They may also reflect their personalities and preferences while playing with their friends.

What is an Among Us character called?

There is no specific name for Among Us characters. Instead, players name their sprite. Before the game starts, they can enter a display name on the Online menu. They may also configure game settings.

What are Among Us characters based off?

Among Us got based on different genres, but the characters look like science fiction androids. The game maps got derived from spaceships, a planet, an airship, or a space building. Moreover, the crewmates have different roles. November 2021 added jobs like engineer and scientist.

Why is Among Us so popular?

Among Us became trending so rapidly that even the developers struggled to keep. This multiplayer game is relatively young compared to other hits in the genre, making this achievement even more monumental for its developers. There are several reasons behind the success of Among Us:

  • Among Us reached its peak popularity because of Twitch gamers. Since the game allows collaboration and intriguing content, many streamers hopped into the trend. Hence, more viewers tried and fell in love with Among Us. Moreover, the rise of Among Us happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, when millions of people got stuck at home.
  • Internet trends have a snowball effect. The same can be said with Among Us. Since the app got downloaded over a hundred million times, more people became interested in this game. Memes and words related to this game also resounded on social media. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a congresswoman in the United States, even played it on Twitch to engage with her supporters.
  • Among Us is free, and the premium purchases are optional only. Hence, the game does not require commitment or investments. But they can pay to remove advertising and have pets besides their characters.
  • Gaming sessions in Among Us are quick; they do not exceed ten minutes. Then, they can quickly participate in another room. Because of this, gamers get enticed to play more.
  • The premise of Among Us gets typically seen in horror films like The Thing and mature games such as Werewolf and However, the game has a cartoonish and adorable design. This look makes it attractive for both young and adult players.
  • The gameplay of Among Us is engaging, but it is easy to follow and understand. The simplicity of its aesthetics and narrative makes it appealing. Compare it to advanced games like Fortnite.
  • The game also has mini-games and tasks that allow players to contribute to their teammates. Meanwhile, impostors have additional privileges to make their part exciting. They can hide in vents, for example.
  • Among Us has a unique and fresh concept compared to currently popular games. Its premise on teamwork and sabotage makes Among Us fun among friends and peers.
  • Because it is a mobile game, players can connect anywhere.
  • Among Us promotes strategic thinking. While the crewmates are vulnerable to the impostors, they may discuss and vote during emergency meetings. These players must determine the impostor’s identity, or else, they will lose. But the impostor must operate stealthily and carefully for him to win. Staying alert, being aware of your surroundings, and being observant of other players give you an advantage.
  • This game involves manipulation, lying, and suspicion. Players, especially the impostors, may blame somebody else. Crewmates can even deceive their fellow players if they want. This factor makes it fun for friends to play together whether online or in person.

In 2020 and 2021, Among Us received several awards and achievements. The game won the Golden Joystick Award, the Game Awards, the Easy Allies Awards, and the Kids’ Choice Awards from Nickelodeon. Among Us also garnered the Unity Showcase Awards, Webby Awards, Pocket Gamer Awards, and App Store Awards.

Why is red sus?

Among Us players empower their logic and reasoning by looking for hints and odd behaviors to find the imposters. Color provides them with a clue in judging and investigating. So, for example, they may think that their pink crewmate is gentler than the black one since pink means softness and cuteness.

This makes the red crewmate most suspicious. This color represents danger, warnings, blood, and stopping. So Among Us marketers and artists usually use the red crewmate as the sinister impostor in their designs.

But do not get deceived: any crewmate could be an impostor! Color does not play a role in the odds of a crewmate becoming one. Thus, when you play Among Us, do not vote against a player only because of his sprite’s color. Who knows if the pink player is the killer in the game?

What is cyan in Among Us?

Cyan is also known as blue-green or the color between the two. It is a primary color in printers and paintings. Furthermore, it includes colors like teal and aquamarine. In optics, cyan complements red, so it can appear once you remove the spectrum of red from gray. Perfectly mixing light-colored with red and cyan brings out white light.

The name of this color came from the Ancient Greek word kyanos, which means dark blue enamel. Cyan got first used in the English language in 1879. It is also not considered a fundamental color in most cultures and languages.

Cyan can get found throughout nature. Physicists say that water is nearly colorless, but it bends light towards the middle of blue and green—cyan. In chemistry, cyan is infamous for its association with cyanide, a poisonous chemical.  But it is the color of concentrated methane, so flames with natural gas are cyan. The planet Uranus has this color for the same reason.

What color is least sus?

If a player becomes an impostor, he must stay in the game as long as possible to win. The meanings of colors may influence other players in voting. So which color should your character have to last longer in Among Us?

While red is the most suspicious based on color alone, gaming experts believe that brown and green are the least suspicious. First, they are the least favorite character colors. Second, they typically do not get associated with violence and negativity. Lastly, they are not as popular in the gaming world.

What’s the ugliest color in Among Us?

Red is the most notorious color in the game as mentioned earlier. The artists and developers of Among Us marketed the red crewmate as the culprit. Red is also the color of blood, violence, and crime. So many gamers have a negative hunch about the player with this color. Unfortunately, impostors with different colors use this tendency as a decoy.

How sus is red?

Since Among Us is a psychological game, the dynamics of its gameplay depend on the players’ mindset and attitudes as well. Red got deeply ingrained across cultures as the color for sabotage and damage. For example, games represent a player’s depleting health, wounds, and alarming alerts through this color.

Again, if you are a crewmate, do not judge impostors based on the color of their character. Look at their behaviors on the map and how they interact with fellow players. Do not immediately trust the characters in the game. That way, you will win in Among Us. Remember also that even the pink sprite with the cutest hair can be the killer!

How can I be forte green in Among Us?

If you want to customize your Among Us character, you cannot find the settings for that in the game menu. Instead, you should enter a game. You may set your character’s hair, color, and attire in the lobby. To do this, you should approach the laptop by the left side of the room.

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