Are you a working parent and hardly find enough time to spend with your kid? Do your children have their vacations but are busy playing mobile games? But now, no more of that! In this article, we bring a few exciting and interesting indoor games for you and your kids to participate in and enjoy. 

You can choose to enjoy various kid-friendly recreational activities like adventure-themed parks and pools, escape room Breakout, picnics, and backyard parties with your kids on a bright and sunny day. But if you are looking to enjoy yourself indoors, check out the list below:  

1. DIY Detective Game  

Allow your kids to get creative as they play an exciting DIY detective game at home! The game is very simple, and more than one child can play it together. All your kids need to do is find something they can hide inside the house. 

While one child will go ahead and hide the chosen item, the other(s) need to search for the hidden object. The child who hid the object must provide the other kids with clues to help them find it.  

2. Balance Beam 

This indoor game is easy to play at home and requires only some colored mask tape (bring more colors for more fun!). First, you must clear up ample room space to play this game. Then you can stick the length of the tape as much as you want, in straight or curved lines, so that you can walk on them. 

Using multiple-colored tapes and adding new rules for walking in each color adds more fun and excitement to the game! For instance, to walk on blue tape, players need to walk with one hand on their head, or if it’s yellow tape, they have to hop. Everyone must follow these rules at all costs. And if they fail, they will get disqualified from the game.  

3. Family Treasure Hunt Game 

Bring home this amazing treasure hunt game that will keep your child engaged and intrigued for a long time! 

It is the best kind of game for kids who love scavenger hunts or treasure hunts! The Family Treasure Hunt Game comes as a board game, offering players the perfect thrill of playing a detective-themed game. 

In the game, you will get riddles that will act as clues to help you solve the challenge. The puzzles are either made up of pictures or words, mainly depending on your child’s age.  

4. Keep the Balloon in the Air! 

This particular indoor game is probably the easiest to play. Simply blow up a few balloons of either the same or multiple colors. Tell your kids to keep the balloons up in the air and let them get started!  

As the kids would be fumbling and jumping here and there as they play this game, there remains a high risk of fragile things getting broken. Thus, while you blow in the balloons and get ready for the game, make sure to keep your breakables away from the space where the kids will be playing.  

5. Betrayal at House on the Hill 

Betrayal at House on the Hill is yet another exciting detective-themed board game suitable for kids 12 years old or above. Playing this game at family gatherings or parties can be the perfect way to spend time. The game is most enjoyable when played with approximately 3 to 6 players. 

In this tile game, you need to make your way to the spooky house and search every room there. Each of your team players will enact the role of one of the six possible characters. With one of your team members betraying the rest, do you think you can solve the mystery and discover the traitor in time?  

6. The Listening Game 

While this game is quite fun and engaging for your kid to play, it also has an educational impact on them. The game works by harnessing your child’s listening abilities and compels them to concentrate harder on what they are hearing. 

For this game, you first need to gather different objects like toys, clocks, bottles, pens, etc., that make unique or catchy sounds. And after that, simply place those objects on a table and let your child take a mental note of all the things. Once they are ready, remove all the objects from the table. Then ask your kid to turn away or keep their eyes closed. Now, pick one of the chosen objects randomly, and make a sound with it once or twice. Allow your child to guess the object and award them 1 point if correct.  

7. I Spy 

It happens to be one of the most popular indoor games and activities ever known to date. There are several unique and equally exciting variations of this intriguing game that you can try out now. If your child has never played this game, go slow and pick an object from your surroundings. For instance, if you pick up a red-colored notebook, say, “I Spy something red.” Then see if your child can correctly guess what the object is! 

Now, if you are playing the game with many children, allow them to take turns as they look around and guess what the object could be. Once your child has a grasp over the gameplay, you can limit the number of guesses each player gets, making the game more interesting! 

8. Outfoxed!  

For children who are five years old or above, Outfoxed is an exciting detective game to check out. You can play this game with approximately 2 to 4 players. The game lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and is thus great for kids who cannot focus on one thing for long. 

The objective is to catch the fox before he escapes with Mrs. Plumpert’s award-winning pot pie. So, do you think you can work together with your kid and catch the thief before he runs away?  

9. Bubbles 

When you read the above title, images of beautiful soap bubbles of different sizes come to mind and make us feel nostalgic for our childhood. 

This one is an indoor game you can try out with your kid this weekend. Firstly, you need to get hold of a plate and a straw for each of the kids playing the game, and then put a few drops of dish soap on the plate. 

Mix the soap with some water until you see suds coming up. Now, each player needs to put their end of the straw straight up and down into the suds, such that a layer of soap forms under the end of the straw. Then, they need to blow on their straws very slowly and let a single bubble grow bigger and bigger gradually! 

To spice things up, you can make it a friendly competition to see who can blow a giant bubble and whose bubble stays for the longest time!  

10. Sock Basketball 

Do you think you can bring in basketball indoors? Well, with this game, you indeed can! Join your kids in this game as they take turns trying to throw the socks right into the laundry basket! All you need to make are a few ‘snowballs’ out of your old pairs of socks and a laundry basket, and you are ready to play. 

You can even give a slight twist to this easy game variation. Once players can score one point by throwing the sock correctly, ask them to move one step back. The player who can score from the farthest distance is the winner! 

11. Ball and Cup Game 

You will need a plastic water bottle, a ping pong ball, some string or yarn, a screw eye hook, and a knife to play this game. Pick up your plastic water bottle and ensure it has a wide bottom and a narrow mouth. Keep the opening of your bottle closed with a lid while you cut the bottom to create a wide opening. Poke and make a small opening in your ping pong ball and insert the screw eye hook in it. 

Now, you need to tie up one end of the yarn to the hook while keeping the other end attached to the bottle. You can even open the bottle cap, put the thread inside, and place the lid back again. Your DIY ball and cup game is now ready for playing! You can just make this DIY toy for your kid once, while they can keep playing with it as much as they want!   


So, there you have it, some fantastic indoor games to keep your restless little ones engaged in doing something creative, fun-filled, and requiring physical activities. 

In current times, when it is a tricky job to keep your children away from digital screens, these games can come in handy for you. You can help them overcome their gadgets addiction and engage in more lighthearted and age-appropriate recreational activities. 

And to make things more enjoyable, you can also tweak the game’s difficulty levels based on your child’s age. Therefore, in this way, you can help them learn new skills while bonding with the family! 


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