About Kennya Baldwin

With the mention of the name Baldwin alone, your mind instantly goes straight to the major family that is looked up to in the world of entertainment.

Kennya Baldwin first started to shine in the industry because of her relations with Stephen Baldwin who has been a very popular actor in Hollywood for a long time.

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She is also known because of the reputation of her father. She is a child of the big Brazilian composer known as Eumir Deodato.

She is mostly referred to as Kennya Baldwin or sometimes her father’s name could be included and they refer to her as Kennya Deodato Baldwin.

On the 25th of October 1969 was when she was born and her father was a respected man in Brazil she wasn’t born there, his daughter was born in the city of New York USA.

She has automatic American citizenship because she was born there, and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Somehow she is of Portuguese and Italian descent which makes her a Christian by religion.

Although her father was never a Christian before, she became a Christian on her own, and later on, her father joined her in her religious beliefs.

Most people do not know who Kennya Deodato is but might know her via the last name which she was given in her marriage to the famous actor Stephen Baldwin.

She is known in the media as Kennya Deodato Baldwin, she is a public figure because she is married to a well-known actor we have talked about before Stephen Baldwin.

She is professionally a graphic designer in the United States and also an artist who belongs to Brazilian ancestry. She is also the mother of two popular supermodels who you might know, are known to the world as Hailey and Alaia.

Although she is the mother, wife, and daughter of different public figures, she is known to keep herself away from publicity and all of that charade.

Kennya Baldwin First Family

Her dad who we all know as Eumir Deodato is a famous legend, a Bossa Nova musician, he was also a pianist, record producer, and composer.

In 1974, he got the award for the category of best pop instrumental performance. Kennya’s mother Ellen Deodato was married to her father for so many years before they got divorced for reasons they have refused to share with the public.

It was also stated that her dad had started seeing another lady, although we don’t know if they are married or not.

Kennya has a brother who is doing his own thing, his name is Cassius Deodato. Kennya Baldwin’s elementary education was done at the York preparatory school located in New York. She graduated with the set of 1984.

She always wanted to become a professional artist so she took it upon herself to ensure that she furthered her art education by studying Graphic Design at the Parsons School of design.

Kennya Baldwin – Coming Up

During the early 2000s, Kennya Baldwin’s father divorced his wife and her mother Mary, and shortly after that he was seen to be dating another woman.

When we refer to the early life of Kennya Baldwin, her elementary education was done at the York preparatory school located in New York City.

After that, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an artist and started attending the Parsons school for design where she majored in graphic design which earned her the degree she has now.

After graduation, she began a career in art as an IT professional and made sure that she focused more on graphic design.

Presently she is a professional graphic designer and her career is solely built on that foundation.

Social Media Doings Of Kennya Baldwin

There is something special about her character, why I say this because we all know that with the people she is surrounded by and probably most of her friends, she would be a shining star in the world of entertainment.

No, she doesn’t want to be part of the entertainment industry, for some reason she has decided to stay away from being a public figure, and so even with the beauty she possesses, she has decided to become a professional Graphic designer.

Graphics designers are meant to be beautiful, we are not saying that they are not, but with her status and beauty combined, she could be a model or actress, maybe even a musician like her father.

Her social media life is barely active, and none of her accounts on any of the social media platforms are working well.

For now, we know that she has no active Instagram account, for someone like that you would think that she won’t be living without an Instagram account, but she doesn’t have one.

Although, she has a Twitter account that her daughters had to force her to open and use but even that she never uses it and it has remained inactive since 2015.

We can only deduce from this that Kennya Baldwin is a very private person and loves to keep her life in a very secure area without being involved in any shenanigans.

Kennya Baldwin is the caring type, she always has been. She was at first a caring daughter, but she became a caring wife, and her daughters say that she is a caring mother.

When her family faced tough times and has issues with some things, her faith and what she believed in were what helped them get through so many times.

With what we have said, it is very obvious that her daughters followed in their father’s footsteps, and with the way they both put in work and dedicated what they do to their lives, they became very successful.

Presently, both daughters have their careers set and both have successful relationships and so now they have their own thing going.

With the help of a good woman, every successful man would make it without any trouble.

Talking about Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, they are both right for each other and have been living each moment of their life.

Kennya Baldwin Profession

As a young girl,  Kennya Baldwin was used to being in the spotlight, of course, her life was like this, her father was a Grammy winner, and his daughter would sometimes make the press right?

Even when she was surrounded by the press and people who always wanted to know about her and everything. Even though she had been in the spotlight all her life and would have been able to take advantage and enter the entertainment industry like her dad but she did what she knew was right for her.

After getting her degree in college, Kennya made her move to become a professional in Graphics design.

She started first as an IT student or amateur while putting her main focus on graphics design.

Up until today, she is still a graphic designer and she takes her job very seriously too even while she is living with her very famous and rich spouse.

Kennya didn’t use the name of her father or her husband to get any favors from anyone, she had always used her talents and she has gotten to higher heights with them. This is what makes her an exceptional person.

We don’t know where she works, maybe they are leaving that out of the public so she doesn’t face any security issues.

Kennya Baldwin’s Net Worth

Because of her love for art and the passion she has for what she does, she is just enjoying her career because she is doing what she loves.

With her job and everything, she has been able to get a good amount of money not counting what she receives from her husband, the gifts, and other things. Kennya’s estimated net worth is about $300,000 from being a graphic designer.

With proper investigation and destination of all her accounts and possessions, she is placed at a whopping sum of three hundred thousand US dollars, she got this from graphics design.

Her husband is worth a million US dollars, he is a movie star so this is what Hollywood was able to give him.

Kennya Baldwin’s Marriage

Kennya and Stephen first met on a subway a very long time ago, in the year 1987.

Taking a wild guess, we would say that they must have hit it off on their first meeting because not too long after that day, they started dating, and as time went on, they both fell in love.

Their relationship according to them was as healthy as they come and when they thought it was time, they both decided to tie the knot and let the world celebrate with them.

In the year 1990, they both got married, June 10th to be precise.

At this time, Stephen was already a famous actor and was playing a role in one of the popular TV series on air back then. Talking about The Young riders.

Back then, news about Stephen being a struggling drug and alcohol addict and had been trying very hard to leave that behind.

He tastes cocaine in high school, he said that it has been given to him during prom so then he got addicted to the stuff.

This was before he ever met Kennya, although he still had the issue when he started dating Kennya, she might have noticed but he convinced her and said he stopped ever since they got married.

Well, enough about that, they must have sought themselves out.

Stephen and Kennya Baldwin always moved together as a team to most of his TV sets and other events, this made them love each other unconditionally they were almost always together.

Because they moved together for most of these events together, they both got to travel to many places as a team and all this happened during the first years just after they tied the knot.

The love they shared both outside and inside now had something to show for it as they has their first baby, this child drew them closer than ever.

They named their child Alaia Baldwin, she was born in the year 1993. On the 24th of January.

Approximately three years later, the couple was put to birth again and this time it was Hailey Baldwin born in November 22, 1996.

They were both such fun people, so much so that even after having these children, their love or way of life didn’t get compromised. They still traveled a lot like they used to and all because of what Stephen does for a living.

Kennya went ahead to get a home teacher for both kids at the first stage of their lives.

About Kennya’s Daughters

How time flies, so many years have gone by and the couple still has that burning flame for each other, they might have even known that their children are now all grown up.

The couple was both supportive of whatever their children would do when they grow up.

They both went into the entertainment industry just like their father did, their parents were happy for them and supported their careers from the beginning.


Their first daughter by the name of Alaia Baldwin is now 28 years old and being a big model is working great for her.

She has done a lot of modeling for some of the biggest brands in the game, she currently is under the supervision of VNY models and The squad. She is a fire model with goddess beauty which makes her stand out. She is married to a big CEO, the president of Pocket Ace productions, LLC, his name is Andrew Aronow.


The 24years old runway stunning model with a fire body and beauty. She is mainly one of the models that IMG models represent.

She has currently modeled for many big brands just like her sister. Also, like her sister, she has done some things on an international runway.

Hailey is currently married to one of the most successful musicians on earth, the famous Justin Beiber, they have a child together. Their wedding was an epic one, they love each other and hopefully, it is like that of her parents.

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